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March 14th 2006


Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission
Meeting Minutes - March 14th 2006

Meeting came to order with a quorum at 7:05 pm. Members present were Denise Lord (Co-Chair), Jim Harper, Amy Mercuro, Kathleen Foley and Joel Cooper. Councilman and liaison Mike DiCicco, and alternate member Rosa Crowley were in attendance. Guests from the public included Residents Kitty Philipp and Peggy Buccino. Members absent, with prior excuses, were Anne Lightburn and Rob Autenrieth.

Secretary’s Report / Review of Minutes
Minutes of the February 14th meeting were reviewed and corrections were discussed. Ms. Mercuro moved to approve the minutes, pending those few changes. Mr. Cooper seconded the motion. Ms. Foley made those minor corrections to the minutes and distributed the corrected version to members. In Rob Autenrieth's absence, Ms. Foley agreed to take the minutes of the March meeting.

Financial Report
Joel Cooper provided a condensed financial report, stating that $100 was spent to cover the HS Envirothon application fee.
Denise distributed Financial Disclosure forms, required to be completed and turned in to either her or Maryann Ellsworth by April 30th.

A. Ocean County Shade Tree Grant – Residents living along County roads will receive a letter inquiring about their interest in receiving and caring for a tree. Mailing fees will come from our budget. A press release w/ photos and possibly door to door campaign will be done to garner interest.
B. Moving trees around the Boro must be done by mid-April. A Pine Tree thinning project at the Little League field w/DPW and the possible placement at the Sun Oil property are a few areas being considered. It was suggested that the trees may remove pollutants at the oil property. Members discussed soil condition requirements for select trees. Resident Kitty Philipp expressed her concerns of the size of the trees, relating quality with quantity.
C. Free Tree Project - Joel updated the group on the status. The trees should be in a couple weeks from today. From one article, he received 7 requests for 11 trees. The total charge for trees was $29. Recipients must show where they want the tree, proof of ownersip, and a promise or comittment to care for and plant the tree properly. They should receive info packets as a reminder.
D. Parking Authority & Trees – Member Joel Cooper informed us that he'll be meeting w/the Mayor and Beautification to discuss our ideas. Member Jim Harper asked Joel to ask the P.A. how many trees they cut down at Silver Lake to put in concrete pads? He and Ms. Foley counted at least 7 killed.
E. Expert Witness - Kathleen will coordinate at least one expert on Tree Ordinances and their success in local communities to make a presentation at an upcoming Council Caucus meeting. History of our Tree Protection Ordinance: is that no affirmative action has been made on either proposal. Council meets the 1st and 3rd Tues. of each month.
F. Tree Budget for 2006 - labor costs and next steps were discussed.

Lake of the Lilies - Councilman DiCicco updated members on their response to Mr. Tombs inquiry, including a 2002 letter from James Ewalt of NJDEP forbidding clearing, etc. without prior permission from the Department.

Engineer's Study: March 20th a public meeting will be held at 8:00 with representatives from Shore DePalma of their preliminary findings and to get comments from the public.

Water Conservation - Joel suggested that the timing of this topic be aligned with the first introduction of increased rates for the Borough. Outreach efforts will be geared toward both residents and businesses, primarily through the media and perhaps a public presentation/forum.

Dunes - research needs, our goals, and relationship to flood insurance and beach replenishment. Not much discussion on this. Amy Mercuro is leading this effort.

Education and Outreach

B. New Opportunities – lake, dune, other education opportunities: Earth-friendly gardening presentation was discussed. Kathleen would possibly work out something w/Jane McCrohan who vol. at the library.

A. A $20,000 Grant is being offered by ANJEC (matching) for Open Space and Recreation Planning. BRS has been appointed to write our Grant.

Old Business/Status Reports

A. Recycling Task Force – Ms Foley (Liaison) was absent from the last PPBRAC meeting and has not received minutes on that meeting. Primarily the team is working on increasing our recycling rates both on paper and in actuality.
B. Ms. Foley reviewed the results of the Stormwater Outflow station. Sampling and analysis was not conducted in conformance with requirements, therefore, results cannot be confirmed on the data presented. The SWRO consists of oils, heavy metals, solids and bacteria which accumulate on streets and make their way to the SW outfall, essentially without any treatment. This is typical of SWRO, but our pump station has a large reservoir which holds the water until sufficient water is available to be discharged. This time of quiescence presumably adds to the bacteria and solids levels, and concentrates the oils at the surface. Timing of sample collection can impact the results of sampling very heavily.
C. Pontoon Boat Tour - Sept. 8 - 10 activities will be going on in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Manasquan Inlet. Ocean County Parks and Recreation and Cattus Island will be coordinating and planning the boat and Eco-tours. We will, again, assist them with their project where needed.
D. Earth Day Poster Contest – Member Cooper informed all that posters are due 3/31. The prizes will be awarded prior to Earth Day, to each of grades 4 - 7 at Antrim and St. Peter's.
E. Envirothon Update – Member Rob Autenrieth received a check for the registration fee and mailed it in to the contest location. Advisor Kristine Tooker discussed her team and how this contest is a test, not a project that will occur on Saturday 5/5. The school district will provide transportation. Additionally, Kristine informed all that her club High School club is seeking to refurbish the school Greenhouse, which will ultimately be used as a true greenhouse. Member Kathleen Foley suggested growing dune grass seedlings in the greenhouse.
F. Free Trees – Member Joel Cooper has 8 requests and is in the process of sending the order out. A press release will be drafted once these are obtained and given to the people who made their requests, giving them recognition as well as letting others know of the program as we will continue it in the future.
New Business

A. Gull Island land bridge possibility was discussed. Ms. Foley is not in favor of this due to rampant disregard for cleaning up after oneselves, primarily kids. She cleans up enough trash in that area without an access point. It will just be a place for kids to party and ruin. Also, other discussed the nature of the land as dredge spoils and their inherent dangers and smells. Endangered species may also inhabit this area.
B. Guest Peggy Bussino inquired about the Tree Removal ordinance and the formation of a Lake committee.

Member Joel Cooper made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Ms. Foley.

Meeting Adjournment – 8:45 pm

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