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February 6, 2017

Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Commission
Meeting Minutes

Present: Elaine Hennessy, Peter Richings, Clem Bremer, and Peter Renner
Absent: Anne Lightburn, Councilman Vogel
Guests: John Meehan, Ray Vender from JCP&L

Peter Renner called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Minutes from the January 2, 2017 were distributed for comment. Approval will be voted on at the March 6th meeting.

John Meehan from JCP&L spoke to the commission about pruning work to be done by JCP&Lís Tree Contactor, Aspen , in 2017. Ray Vender, JCP&Lís Forrester for PPB also attended the meeting. There will be two kinds of pruning work in 2017; Four Year Cycle work and Lock Out Pruning work. The Four Year Cycle work will be done in 2017 on Saint Louis Ave, Atlantic Ave. and Route 88. Mr. Meehan told the Commission that we should get in touch with him if we had concerns about the pruning. Elaine Hennessy told Mr. Meehan that she had trouble with the pruning that was done last year. Mr. Meehan asked her to take pictures of the trees and send them to him.

No further Information yet on Brave New World replanting.

Anne has contacted Mel Rausmesn, Masonic Lodge, regarding their memo putting the
newly planted trees under Shade Tree protection and planting a third Holly on the property to satisfy terms of the removal permit. Anne will update in March.

Peter Renner has requested the $3,000 Grant received for consultant work
on the Forest Management Plan, transferred to the Shade Tree Trust Fund. Peter will update in March.

The STC approved the letter to be sent to Mr. B. Miles of 117 Trenton Ave. The letter states that STC will ask for the bond to be forfeited so that the tree can be replaced. Elaine recommended that we try again to get the replacement planted on the front lawn.

The Shade Tree Ordinance needs updating. No time frame has been set for this work.

Clem provided Hazard Tree report. The tree at 300 Chicago has been removed and needs to be replaced. 35 Parkway has three trees in a row, two need to be trimmed and one stump has to be removed. 307 Central and 309 Central both need to be removed and replaced.

Lizzie Renner could not find any interested parties at the high school for Shade Tree activities.

No progress on Facebook Site.

Elaine will check about Arbor Day activities at the high school.

Meeting Adjourned 8:40 pm

Published March14, 2017 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 2511

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