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January 2, 2017

Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Commission Meeting Minutes

Present: Elaine Hennessy, Anne Lightburn, Clem Bremer, and Peter Renner
Absent: Peter Ritchings and Council Liaison Tom Vogel
Guest: Lizzie Renner
Anne Lightburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Minutes from the December 5th meeting were approved as submitted.
In response to the Commission’s December memo regarding Brave New World’s intent to forfeit their bond in lieu of planting seven removed trees at their location, Anne reported that Mayor Reid will contact Mr. Lamers to discuss replanting.
Anne has contacted Mel Rausmesn, Masonic Lodge, regarding their memo putting the newly planted trees under Shade Tree protection and planting a third Holly on the property to satisfy terms of the removal permit.
Peter Renner reported that the Shade Tree Endowment Fund has received two generous donations from Sharon and Lou Cadalzo for $1,000 and Kelly Previte, owner of The Jewelry Joint, for $1,500. Peter Renner has requested the $3,000 received for consultant work on the Forest Management Plan, transferred to the Shade Tree Trust Fund. No action has been taken on this request.
The commission discussed using the generous donations and forfeited bonds to target streets where trees are noticeably absent. Peter Renner will draft a proposal.
The commission voted to accept the 2016 Annual Shade Tree Commission report for submission to the governing body for their approval and submission to the state Shade Tree Federation. Anne thanked everyone for all their efforts watering trees and conducting permit reviews.
The commission accepted the revised street tree list for distribution with removal permits for suitable replacements. Anne will work to get the list in presentable form. Lizzie Renner may help Anne with the formatting.
The commission reviewed and approved the draft memo, as edited, to Code Enforcement regarding replacing the tree removed at 603 Richmond Ave. The condition is unsightly and hazardous. Anne will send to Code Enforcement.
Lizzie Renner agreed to get the addresses for tree removal companies so the commission can send letters apprising them of the street tree removal permit requirements and penalties. Peter will be sending the letters.
Peter Renner agreed to draft a plan for replacing trees where property owners have not met tree removal permit requirements to replant trees. In particular he will look at 401 Arnold to check the street lawn size for an appropriate replanting.
Clem Bremer agreed to look at the 2013 hazard trees to see if they have been removed. No permits were requested and if the trees are gone, the commission should follow-up with code enforcement to replant or issue fine. Addresses are: 307 Central, 119 Atlantic, 300 Chicago and 35 Parkway.
Lizzie Renner, guest, discussed getting students involved through community services. She will be contacting the high school to determine if there is an active environmental club and what other clubs might be appropriate to work with. The commission would welcome student help in conducting a street tree inventory. Clem brought up the I-tree program for use for conducting an inventory. He will research this for the next meeting.
Elaine Hennessy has taken responsibility to work with Elaine Petrillo regarding tree removals at the Uniform Shop.
Lizzie Renner will also check out the Commission’s Facebook site, which no one has touched since Kitty resigned.
Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm

Published March14, 2017 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 2510

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