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February 14th 2006


Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission
Meeting Minutes - February 14th 2006

Meeting came to order at 7:30 pm and concluded at 9:20 pm. Members present were Denise Lord (Co-Chair), Amy Mecuro, Robert Autenrieth, Kathy Foley and Joel Cooper. Mayor Tom Vogel and Councilman Mike DiCicco were also in attendance. Guests from the public included Residents Chuck Johnson, Peggy Buccino, and Kristine Tooker. Members absent were Rosa Crowley (excused), Anne Lightburn (excused) and Jim Harper (unexcused).

Secretary’s Report / Review of Minutes

Minutes from the January 10th meeting were reviewed, discussed, and approved pending one change (Rosa Crowley was appointed as an alternate, not Peggy Buccino). Additionally, Member Rob Autenrieth agreed to take on the role of Secretary, responsible for recording meeting minutes and distribution.

Financial Report

Member Rob Autenrieth reminded the Commission that our budget request is currently being reviewed. Any expenditures (under $500) made during this time will be approved by Council and deducted from the allotment we eventually receive. Previously, ANJEC membership dues were paid (taken out of the 05 budget surplus) and $100 was spent to cover the Envirothon application fee (to be taken out of the 06 budget).


A. Election of Chairperson & Secretary – Since the last meeting, Rob Autenrieth resigned as Chairman. Denise Lord and Anne Lightburn agreed to Co-Chair, with Rob taking over the duties of Secretary. Mayor Vogel went ahead and appointed the Denise and Anne as Co-Chair once Rob informed him of his decision to resign. Member Joel Cooper didn’t question the result, but motioned that we follow the state ANJEC guidelines in regards to member selection. Rob seconded, all were in favor. This will be researched so we know the exact procedures that should be followed in the future.
B. Nomination of Open Space Committee Representative – Co-Chair Denise Lord motioned to nominate Member Anne Lightburn. Member Rob Autenrieth seconded (along w/ member Joel Cooper). All were in favor.
C. Commission Meeting Dates – Member Kathy Foley made a motion that our meeting night be changed from the second Tuesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the month. This will prevent conflicts with night court and other events in Borough Hall. Councilman Mike DiCicco said that this wouldn’t affect his ability to attend. Member Rob Autenrieth seconded the motion, all were in favor. Rob will e-mail Maryanne and all members about the change. Next meeting date will be Wednesday 3/8.
D. Commission Policies/Procedure/Behavior – Co-Chair Denise Lord took time to address all members/guests about how all future meetings will be run. Members will recognize guests and inquire as to why they are attending. If their topic is in regards to an Agenda point, they will be asked to contribute when it comes up during the meeting, or the agenda may be revised to accommodate them. Also, guests will be able to comment on other matters at the end of the meeting (under New Business). Additionally, all members were informed that any inappropriate behavior will be grounds for removal from the meeting and possibly result in removal from the Commission. This includes, but isn’t limited to, interrupting the Commissioner and/or any member while speaking, using inappropriate language, disrespect to any member and/or guests, etc. This was also relayed to the Mayor, who agreed and offered his assistance in any way and at any time. Denise also discussed the use of a tape recorder in order to improve the accuracy of the meeting minutes. These could be kept on file for a month and possibly longer if there was an issue regarding member/guest behavior. There was no objection from anyone in attendance. In regards to press releases, all letters to be published with the Environmental Commission association must be forwarded to the Co-Chairs (and other members) prior to being submitted. If writing as a citizen on a matter that doesn’t relate to the Commission, no additional approval is requested. Attendance policy will be followed, which calls for removal after two unexcused absences within the calendar year. If anyone needs to miss a meeting, a call/e-mail must be made to either a Co-Chair or another member who can relay the information. Prior notice is requested, but members realize that unforeseen things come up and will accommodate the best they can.



A. Ocean County Shade Tree Grant – Members will meet w/ Co-Chair Anne Lightburn later this week in order to check for grants and discuss possible locations where trees may be needed, especially along County roads. The meeting will be held @ 7:30 Thursday (February 16th).
B. Parking Lot Trees – Member Joel Cooper informed all that the soil was tested by a professional and has come back healthy. This means that most trees would survive if planted. With other town committees, Joel is looking to beautifying the lot – which constitutes removing dead/dying trees and replanting. Important to note is that the Parking Authority may be re-doing the pavement in the lot, although this shouldn’t conflict with the areas that trees could be planted. Joel will attend the next Parking Authority meeting and report to us next month.
C. Other – Councilman DiCicco said that any Memorial Tree plantings would have to be implemented through the town (we’d discuss, Council would draft/place on agenda).Member Kathy Foley expressed her dissatisfaction w/ the Tree City (Arbor) program. Member Rob Autenrieth informed the Commission that the town water truck is inoperable and will soon be sold/discarded. Mayor Vogel informed all that the town is now using underground sprinkler systems in the areas where trees exist. Co-Chair Denise Lord said that she will be able to water/care for the newly planted trees on Niblick Avenue.

Education and Outreach

A. Pontoon Boar Tour – Mayor Vogel will reach out to the County and will inform the Commission when info is received. Member Rob Autenrieth will follow up. The goal is a two day window for tours, with a longer trip one at least one day.
B. New Opportunities – Member Rob Autenrieth discussed the idea of working with Member Kathy Foley (who serves on the Recycling Task Force) in order to place recycling information and related info onto the town website. The two will meet and draft something that can be added.


A. Tree Removal Ordinance – Members and Councilman DiCicco discussed this and may form a Sub-Committee in order to draft a new ordinance that includes enforcement on public property. This would be presented to Council at a future Council meeting and would include experts/guests.
B. Oil Leak Scare – In regards to a prior incident at a local residence where a non operational tank had a cap come off and leaked whatever was inside, the Bd. Of Health/DEP asked that Point Pleasant Beach have absorbent materials available. Councilman DiCicco asked public works if we had these, he was told that we don’t. This will be followed up upon.
C. Mayor Vogel – Mayor Vogel took a few minutes to thank all members on the Commission for the work that has been/is being done. In regards to the budget and vegetation study around the Lakes, the Mayor said that we should hear back after the 2nd Council meeting in March.
D. Other – Member Kathy Foley is reviewing the results of the Stormwater Outflow station. OCEA meeting minutes were never received.

Old Business/Status Reports

A. Recycling Task Force – Member Kathy Foley (Liaison) informed all the Task Force meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of the month. As stated earlier, Kathy will meet with Member Rob Autenrieth in order to discuss ideas for education. Kathy also stated that Bob Meany (Public Works) wants $2000 budgeted for a Recycling Coordinator.
B. Lake Study – Noted above under “Mayor Vogel.” No further information discussed.
C. Resubmission of Tree Ordinance – Noted above under “Tree Ordinance.” Members again discussed the need to seek advice from Member Anne Lightburn (absent from meeting) along with the need for guests and speakers to prepare for Caucus presentation.
D. Earth Day Poster Contest – Members Rob Autenrieth and Joel Cooper informed all that permission was received in each school (Antrim/St. Peter’s) and discussed the contest parameters/prize awards. A flyer will be drafted by Rob and presented to each school, so that the teachers have something to work off of and display. It will also be needed as Joel officially obtains the prize awards. The contest will end at the end of March with prizes to be awarded prior to Earth Day.
E. Envirothon Update – Member Rob Autenrieth received a check for the registration fee and mailed it in to the contest location. Advisor Kristine Tooker discussed her team and how this contest is a test, not a project that will occur on Saturday 5/5. The school district will provide transportation. Additionally, Kristine informed all that her club High School club is seeking to refurbish the school Greenhouse, which will ultimately be used as a true greenhouse. Member Kathleen Foley suggested growing dune grass seedlings in the greenhouse.
F. Free Trees – Member Joel Cooper has 8 requests and is in the process of sending the order out. A press release will be drafted once these are obtained and given to the people who made their requests, giving them recognition as well as letting others know of the program as we will continue it in the future.
G. Board of Adjustment – Member Kathleen Foley announced that an engineer checked the situation regarding dunes/outdoor showers. The showers request was dropped from their plans. It was clarified that sand was being piled up from the former parking lot, and not cutting into the actual dune.
H. Adopt a Beach – Member Rob Autenrieth announced that there was little response from a local Girl Scout Troop in regards to this program. Rather than press the issue, another alternative to a beach project will be focused on – such as future clean-ups and exploration of the dune ordinance.

New Business

A. Dunes – Members discussed the need for a Dune Inspector, which was held years ago. Citizen Jane McCrohan will be approached to gauge her interest and to seek advice for the situation. Member Anne Lightburn e-mailed the local dune ordinance to all members, which is now being reviewed.
B. Water Conservation – Members discussed publishing tips on improving this issue in the Ocean Star. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
C. Sea Coast Oil – Member Joel Cooper inquired about updates at this location. An environmental impact study was completed in August 2005. One idea discussed was to expand the maintenance/recycling yard in this area.
D. Dogs on Beach/Ordinance – Resident Chuck Johnson express concern about dogs being let loose on the beach. Although there is an ordinance, it isn’t enforced. His concern is pet waste not being properly disposed of. Member Joel Cooper made a motion that the Council bring this up on their agenda and as that police begin monitoring the beaches in order to enforce this. Also, it would allow for the publishing of names in the Police Blotter section of local papers, thus allowing all residents to see the consequences. Member Kathy Foley seconded, all members were in favor. Councilman DiCicco said that he wouldn’t bring it up at a meeting but would speak to the Police Chief (DePolo) privately. An update will be given at the next meeting. Additionally, Chuck informed all that the town doesn’t have much of a plan and/or response to unforeseen accidents such as an oil spill. This is something that needs to be looked into so that a better plan can be put into place if/when it happens. To care for injured animals.

Meeting Adjournment – 9:20

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