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February 7, 2017


The Governing Body reserves its right to amend and supplement the purposes of executive session by motion at the public meeting.
7:30PM – Regular Meeting:
1 OPEN MEETING: Public Meeting Notice & Roll Call
3 APPROVAL OF MINUTES: January 17, 2017
a ZO Petrillo RE: Curb cut requests
1 66 Harvard Avenue
2 70 Harvard Avenue
8 FIRST PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: agenda items & ordinances on 1st reading (5 min limit)
1a Approval of release of dumpster bond to E. Seaberg for 136 Randall Ave
1b Approval of payment to PPB Bd of Ed for March-June allocations ($4,008,452.00)
1c Approval of pymt from Open Space Trust Fund to Bird Const-Inlet Dr Bulkhead repair ($10,100)
1d Approval of payment to Sungard HTE for annual NaviLine maintenance for PD ($17,398.06)
1e Approval of PO to Van Wickle Auto Supply for 2017 police vehicle parts ($8K)
1f Approval of PO to Tire Craft for police vehicle parts & tires ($5K)
1g Approval of PO to This & That Uniforms for 2017 police uniform supplies ($15K)
1h Approval of PO to Quill Corp for 2017 police office supplies ($5K)
1i Approval of PO to Pt. Pleasant Bicycle for 2017 police bike parts & repairs ($5K)
1j Approval of PO to McNamara Screenprint/Embroidery for 2017 police uniform supplies ($15K)
1k Approval of PO to Eagle Point Gun for 2017 police ammunition supplies ($20K)
1l Approval of payments (2) to D. Sweet from Pl Bd escrow account
1m Approval of PO to Downs Ford for 2017 police car parts ($2,500)
1n Approval of payments (3) to This & That-cross gd uniforms/SLEO gear/blue gun training ($6,288.48)
1o Approval of payment to Winner Ford for 2017 F350 with plow for water dept ($35,585)
1p Approval of Amethyst Beach Motel request to continue parking 2 emergency service trailers there
1q Approval of payment to Galvin Law Firm from Pl Bd & BOA escrow accounts
1r Approval of payment to T&M Assoc from Pl Bd & BOA escrow accounts
1s Approval of release of BOA escrow to M. Knehr
1t Approval of Antrim PTO request for fun run portion of Antrim on the Run event to be a color run
1u Approval of participation in NJ Safe & Secure Comm Grant Prog/auth for Mayor to execute appl
1v Approval of payment of Payroll #2 ($474,874.57) & Payroll #3 ($294,664.67)
1w Appointment of Councilman Santanello to LEPC, replacing Councilmen Vogel & Cortes
1x Approval of 2017 professional service agreements
1y Approval of payment to Devo & Assoc for bill acceptors & cancel boards ($4,864.64)
1z Approval of PO and payment to Jesco Inc for emergency DPW loader repairs ($4,147.11)
2a Approval of PO to All Covered for IT maintenance/support for Jan-Mar ($4,200)
2b Approval of payment to OC Landfill for tipping fee escrow through 1/9/17 ($50K)
2c Approval of payment for first half of 2017 to OC JIF ($252,009.59)
2d Approval of PO to Devo & Assoc for modem updates from 2G to 3G ($10,370)
2e Endorsement of Recycling Tonnage Grant app submission to NJDEP, with monies deposited in dedicated trust fund & designation of Recycling Coordinator to ensure app is properly filed
2f Certification of submission of expenditures for 2016 recycling taxes paid ($10,090.98)
2g Approval of W/S relief requests (3)
2h Approval of PO to Vehicle Tracking Solutions for GPS tracking on Borough vehicles (NTE $13K)
2i Appointment of D. Van Etten to the position of Administrative Secretary in the Police Dept
2j Approval of salary adjustment for V. Blauvelt
2k Release of performance bond to JCR Mgt Svcs for work at Bay Point Condominium
2l Approval of hourly contract, as needed, w/Barlo Governale Assoc for bath house (NTE $11,200)
2m Approval of payment to NJ Treasurer for annual site remediation fee ($2,895)
2n Approval of payment to Riggins for diesel fuel and gasoline for DPW ($17,411.40)
2o Approval of payment to Mid-Atlantic Truck Center for mechanic diagnostic software ($6,650)
2p Approval of payment to Atlantic Salt for 2017 DPW de-icing material ($3,109.37)
2q Approval of payment to State of NJ for employee & retiree health benefits ($144,509.49)
2r Support for OC representation on the NJ Turnpike Authority Board of Commissioners
2s Approval of Chamber S/E application for Downtown Sidewalk Sales, 5/18-20 & 8/10-12, 2017

3a Approval of payment to Motorola for portable radios for the fire dept ($38,111.99)
3b Approval of payment to Continental Fire & Safety for gloves & tools for Fire Co. 2 ($3,094.35)
3c Approval of PO to PAC Industries for laundry equip for fire dept turnout gear ($15,309.66)
3d Approval of payment of hand checks ($1,758,687.20)
3e Approval of payment of computer-generated vouchers ($210,139.35)
3f Approval of memberships (2) in Ocean Fire Company No 1
a 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2017-01 (Amend Chapter XIX at Section 19-7/Definitions & Section 19-11.14(c)/Encroachments)
b 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2017-02 (Amend Chapter XIX – Section 19-7/Definitions, Section 19-8.4/Provisions Applicable for all Zoning Districts, Section 19-11.4/Fences, Walls & Sight Triangles, Section 14-3.5/Driveways and Section 19-11.14/Yards)
13 SECOND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: meeting items & non-agenda items (5 minute limit)

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