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January 17, 2017


6:30PM - Caucus Session:

• Larry Morgan, Site Acquisition Consultant, Tilson Technology Management: Verizon Wireless request for non-site specific consent to locate/operate in right-of way by attaching to existing & new utility poles
• Mary Devlin, Site Acquisition Specialist - Network Building & Consulting: Request for consent to add Verizon Wireless antennas to existing utility poles at Lake Louise
• Shea Sennett, Real Estate Specialist - Mobilitie, LLC: Proposed new utility infrastructure installation of telecommunications network

7:30PM - Regular Meeting:

1 OPEN MEETING: Public Meeting Notice & Roll Call


a December 20, 2016
b January 1, 2017

4 PROCLAMATION: Peter Renner

a G. Harold Antrim Elementary School Gifted & Talented/Enrichment Students
RE: Emergency Preparedness - PPB Mobile App / Web Site Icon
b Public Discussion RE: Skate Park

6 DEPARTMENT HEAD MEMO: ZO Petrillo RE: Curb cut request at 108 Niblick Street




10 FIRST PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: agenda items & ordinances on 1st reading (5 min limit)

1a Appointment of newly-appointed 1st Aid Capt Schliep to LEPC to replace former Capt. Meaney
1b Approval of Banner Permit Application for Chamber Sidewalk Sales, 5/1-22 & 7/21-8/14
1c Approval of amendments to Resolutions 2017-0101 1B, 2Z, 6G and 7A
1d Approval and authorization for Mayor to sign the Shade Tree 2016 Annual Report
1e Approval of payment of Payroll #26 ($244,043.68) and #1 ($268,710.33)
1f Approval of Social Affair Permit Application for PPB Public Education Fdn event on 2/3/17
1g Approval of bulk pick-up dates for 2017
1h Approval of Banner Permit Application for OC Columbus Day Parade Cmte, 9/15-30/17
1i Authorization to cancel Verizon credit and transfer to MRNA ($2,728.16)
1j Approval of payment to Denise Sweet from BOA escrow accounts ($200)
1k Approval of payment to State of NJ for employee & retiree health benefits ($142,096.20)
1l Approval of payment to Galvin Law Firm from BOA & Pl Bd escrow accounts ($227.50)
1m Approval of taxi vehicle licenses for Briggs Transportation (13)
1n Cancellation of 1st and 2nd Quarter 2017 taxes for Block 32/Lot 1
1o Release of performance bond, letter of credit & inspection fees for Block 72/Lot 13
1p Approval of PO to Eagle Point Gun for police ammunition ($6,088.74)
1q Authorization to execute Schedule C agreement
1r Approval of Change Order #1 to M. Woszczak for Inlet Dr Water Sewer Replacement ($3,974)
1s Approval of employee insurance opt-outs for July-Dec 2016 ($23,098.86)
1t Release of de-watering bond from developer escrow account for 501 Maryland Ave
1u Award of 3-year contract to Muskrat Jack for animal control services
1v Approval of Water/Sewer adjustments
1w Approval of PO to Van Wickle Auto Supply for yearly auto parts for DPW ($3,107.33)
1x Approval of PO to Coastal Cleaning for floor cleaning for 2017 ($5,400)
1y Approval of PO to Cherry Valley Tractor for 2017 DPW tractor parts ($3K)
1z Approval of PO to Atlantic Salt for 2017 DPW de-icing material ($5K)

2a Approval of payment to BTMUA for December bulk water usage ($47,631.92)
2b Approval of payment to Service Tire Truck Center for DPW truck tires ($4,612.60)
2c Approval of PO to RN DeMaio for 2017 DPW janitorial supplies ($6K)
2d Approval of PO to Point Hardware for 2017 DPW repair parts & paint ($4K)
2e Approval of PO to the OC Landfill for 2017 tipping fee escrow ($60K)
2f Approval of PO to Newark Brush Company for 2017 sweeper brooms ($6K)
2g Approval of PO to Hutchinson Plumbing & Heating for 2017 plumbing & heating services ($6K)
2h Approval of PO to Glenco for 2017 DPW sign material ($3,500)
2i Approval of PO to Federal Elevator for elevator services for 2017 ($3K)
2j Approval of PO to Fastenal for 2017 DPW shop equipment ($2,500)
2k Approval of PO to F&C Automotive for 2017 DPW auto parts ($6K)
2l Approval of PO to Edwards Tire for 2017 DPW tires & repairs ($2,500)
2m Approval of PO to Winzer Corp for 2017 DPW shop supplies ($3K)
2n Approval of PO to Van Wickle Auto Supply for 2017 DPW auto parts ($6k)
2o Approval of PO to Turbo Electric for 2017 electrical work ($2,500)
2p Approval of PO to Tennant Company for 2017 DPW sweeper parts & service ($3K)
2q Approval of PO to Solitude Lake Management for 2017 lake treatments ($3,500)
2r Approval of PO to Service Tire & Truck for 2017 DPW rims, tires & repairs ($6K)
2s Approval of PO to Riggins for 2017 DPW fuel ($60K)
2t Approval of payment to the PPB Bd of Ed for February allocation ($1,002,113)
2u Approval of payment to the PPB Bd of Ed for January allocation & debt service ($1,453,690.50)
2v Approval of payment to the County of Ocean for 1st Q tax levy ($8,712,158.08)
2w Approval of payment to Edwards & Assoc for software & hardware maintenance ($12,646)
2x Approval of payment to Diamond Dave Auto Glass for window repair on Borough truck ($295)
2y Authorization to advertise RFP for concession stand/bath house lease/operation
2z Approval of Change Order #1-Final to Allstate Power Vac for Hot Water Cured In Place Emergency Sewer project (-$4,453.70)

3a Approval of pymt to Allstate Power Vac - Hot Water Cured In Place Emerg Sewer project ($6,666.52)
3b Approval of payment to Ronald Sutton for OC tax appeal judgement – 301 Philadelphia ($895.36)
3c Approval of payment to TREC for processing & mailing of tax assessment notices ($1,494.45)
3d Approval of payment to Mitchell Humphrey for annual FastTracGov software fees ($4,680)
3e Approval of payment to County of Ocean for added & omitted assessments ($45,109.32)
3f Approval of payment to NJDCA State training fees ($6,667)
3g Approval of payment to NJ Treasurer for Marriage/Civil Union License fees ($250)
3h Approval of payment to NJ Treasurer for Domestic Partnership License fees ($25)
3i Approval of payment to DMC Assoc for Randall Ave land surveying services ($800)
3j Auth to execute agreement w/Barlo for luncheonette/bath house architectural svcs ($11,200 + fees)
3k Approval of payment to F&C Auto Supply for December DPW auto parts ($6,560.85)
3l Approval of PO to Sensus Metering Systems for water meters (NTE $39K)
3m Authorization to apply for NJ DOT FY 2017 State Aid for Parkway, from Baltimore to Ocean Aves

4a Approval of computer-generated vouchers ($83,258.42)

a 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2017-01 (Amend Chapter XIX at Section 19-7/Definitions & Section 19-11.14(c)/Encroachments)
b 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2017-02 (Amend Chapter XIX – Section 19-7/Definitions, Section 19-8.4/Provisions Applicable for all Zoning Districts, Section 19-11.4/Fences, Walls & Sight Triangles, Section 14-3.5/Driveways and Section 19-11.14/Yards)

16 SECOND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: meeting items & non-agenda items (5 minute limit)


Published January13, 2017 | Council Agendas | 2473

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