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November 7, 2016

Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Commission Meeting Minutes

Present: Elaine Hennessy, Anne Lightburn, Clem Bremer and Peter Renner
Absent: Pete Ritchings, Council Liaison Tom Vogel
Anne Lightburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
Anne reported on the Shade Tree Federation Conference. Elaine, Clem and Patty Kile also attended. One important take away is the need for the borough to prune the newly planted trees on after they have been in the ground two years to ensure good growth and shape. This will be needed on Arnold Avenue in late winter 2017 or early spring of 2018.
July minutes were approved as submitted.
The commission discussed Brave New Wordís intention to forfeit its bond for removing 6 street trees rather than replanting new trees as they had agreed to. Because the removal permit was given with the understanding that they agreed to replant, it was suggested that the permit was null. Therefore they removed trees without a valid permit and should be fined. A motion to fine was defeated, as the commission wants to discuss the matter with Brave New World and Elaine Petrillo to see what steps could be taken to replant trees as originally agreed to.
The commission discussed the revised street list and recommended adding the Northern Red Oak. The commission voted to accept the revised list. Anne will circulate with professional nurseries and Marty Davies, CTE, for their input before giving to Elaine Petrillo to replace the previous list.
Anne agreed to contact the David Rasmussen from the Masonís to have them put in a third tree of 2-2.5 inch caliper as the two trees replanted were of insufficient caliper to meet the conditions of the permit.
Earthtones will be expanding and securing the pavers around the five Ginko tree pits on Arnold.
The property owner has agreed to not prune the Zelkova trees in front of the Dollar General store on Arnold Avenue. The owner had recently topped them, which is very detrimental for proper growth.
Anne will write a memo to Elaine Petrillo requesting that code enforcement send a request to the property owners of the Laundromat property on Route 35 south to remove stumps, level sidewalks and replace trees.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm

Published January04, 2017 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 2467

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