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November 10, 2016

Point Pleasant Beach Open Space Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Sal Pepe, Pete Ritchings, Dara Steiglitz, Maryann Ellsworth, Ed Crawford and Anne Lightburn
Absent: Kristen Hennessy and Councilmen Mayer and Toohey
Anne reported that the borough is issuing a revised bid request for repairs to the bathhouse. The bid structure will be broken down into segments. Bids are due November 30th for council review bids on December 6th. She also called the committee’s attention to the severe sand washout at Loughran’s Point.
The Committee approved the June 9th , minutes as submitted.
The committee discussed the Green Acres memo to Chris Riehl regarding the use of the borough’s Open Space Trust Fund to fund library repairs. The memo advised against using the borough’s open space trust fund for two reasons. The library does not meet state qualifications to be designated an historic structure and it is not admissible to be placed on the ROSI, which would also be requirements. The memo also recommended consulting the borough attorney on the matter. Ed Crawford will update the Historic Preservation Committee.
It was agreed that that the committee’s 2016 operating budget of $500 be used to pay for a bench, for public use, on the borough’s lot on Lake Louise and Randall Avenue. Anne will coordinate with the Environmental Commission that is spearheading the project. It was agreed to make a request for $500 for the committee’s 2017 operating budget.
Discussion on making Point Pleasant Beach a safer place to ride bikes was discussed. Among the suggestions are for summer season reductions in speed limits on State Highway 35 and Arnold Avenue east of the tracks. It was also suggested that “biking logos” be painted/stamped on the pavement to alert motorists that bikers maybe on the road. The committee agreed to make these recommendations to the council. Anne will check on the process for requesting reduced speed and “biking logos” with the state and county. She will draft a memo to the council for their consideration.
The committee discussed and agreed to a reduced meeting schedule for 2017. Meetings will be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month in February, April, June, September and November. For the remaining months the committee agreed to meet on an as needed basis. There will be no December 2016 meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm

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