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September 27, 2016

Minutes from the Beautification Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Gary Mecca

The following members were in attendance Mary Steiner, Dave Cavagnaro, Gary Mecca, Penny Mecca, Beth Cox, Sandy Pasola. Jacqui Reid, Sue Dietz, Jacqui Glass, Maryann Ellsworth, Dorothy Hadley, Maureen Kale, Barbara Russell, Andy Cortes

Minutes - Sandy Pasola moved and Beth Cox seconded approval of last meetings minutes. Approved unanimously.

Membership - New member Barbara Russell was introduced and the resignation of Sharpe Beaton accepted with regrets.

Christmas - Women's Club has agreed to our using the club house for assembling town Christmas decorations. Jacqui Reid and Barbara Russell to coordinate an acceptable date. Have checked and determined there is enough new garland and red tinsel for all sixty four poles. Wreathes all need new bows, Jacqui Glass will make them as we are ready to put them up.

Gary will be speaking at a Rotary meeting to explain the purpose and activities of our committee. He will send an email when the date is set .

Flags - Tough season on the flags, Gary to talk to DPW about taking them down, Need to buy additional straps and mountings. Will ask DPW to leave current straps and brackets in place.

Downtown Weeding - Sheriff's detainees will be weeding down town on Sep 29th. Discussion was held on who is responsible for maintaining property for weeds property owners, tenants, town .

Scarecrow contest - Children scarecrows to be assembled by Oct 14, merchants by Oct 21. Notices have been sent to the teachers and Merchants notified by Ocean Star and Chamber channels

Gardens and Barrels - Gary made a police report about destroyed barrel on Bay Ave. Penny will talk to Barlow's about flower options for next year. Penny also ordered fall bulbs for $250.

Christmas Greens - Jacqui Glass and Jacqui Reid to price out Balsam greens for forty barrels and delivery options. For the eight to ten bundles, looking for less than $40 per bundle, and will be looking for merchant who will take a purchase order

Sandy's Pont - Refurbishment ongoing, concern with regards to sprinkler system safety.

Budget update - Monies were mostly spent on flowers, soil, and fertilizer. Reviewed budget for the rest of the year

Jacqui Glass to price out Christmas tress to use on Arnold Avenue corners.

Report form Andy Cortes - Loughran's Point refurbishment is put on hold until bulkhead repairs are complete.Town now has an invasive species ordinance. Resident has reported a misspelling on the bird sanctuary sign.

No one from the public spoke.

Next meeting Oct 25, 2016

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.

Mary Steiner

Published November02, 2016 | Beautification Committee Minutes | 2428

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