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May 24, 2016

Beautification Committee Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by Co-Chair Gary Mecca.

The following members were in attendance Dave Cavagnaro, Sue Carey, Sue Deitz, Maryann Ellsworth, Jacqui Glass, Co-Chair Gary Mecca, Penny Mecca, Donna Palsi (7:35 pm), Sandy Pasola, Co-Chair Jacqui Reid and Mary Lynn Ritchings (7:20 pm).

Minutes from the April meeting were reviewed and approved as read upon motion by Sandy Pasola and 2nd by Jacqui Glass.

Barrels: There is no mulch left. All were reminded to stay on top of watering their assigned areas. Plants should be fertilized, again, in July and August.
There were complaints about cigarette butts in the barrels.

Barrel Back-Up: Someone took one of the barrels from the DPW yard.
Please make sure you have someone to water your barrel plantings if you cannot.

Gardens: The two new trees are being watered.
Gardens should be fertilized, again, in July and August.
Gary Mecca will stay on top of some problems with the sprinklers. Borough Administrator Riehl sent a letter to Bay Head Sprinkler. If you cannot get your garden watered, please let Gary Mecca or Jacqui Reid know.
Care of the garden surrounding the gazebo at Harvard and Baltimore was discussed. Residents used to totally care for it. Recently Jacqui Glass has taken over care with the help of a few neighbors. Committee should consider adopting this spot next year. Would have to complete forms – Jacqui Glass will advise.
If you are getting rid of anything from your gardens, please contact Jacqui Glass.

Flags: Installation of flags was completed in approximately 1.5 hours. Members were asked to keep watch on flags and notify either Gary Mecca or Dave Cavagnaro about any problems.

DPW lunch plan: Gary Mecca will check with DPW Superintendent Trout regarding the most convenient time.
Sue Dietz reported that she had asked DPW to aid the Committee by trimming some hedges, which they did. Sue Dietz and Mary Steiner baked them some cookies as a Thank You.

Budget Status: Was given extra money this year due to spruce up for inaugural boat race.
All budget funds have been allocated except for $226. Penny Mecca requested funds to replace bulbs. Maryann
requested that extra greenery be provided for planters at Borough Hall. Dave Cavagnaro suggested ordering more small flags soon, if needed, as they are seasonal.
Dave Cavagnaro reported that there was a need for more garden signs. More than one is needed at the ‘Butterfly’ Garden. Sue Dietz also needs one for the ‘Horseshoe’ Garden.
Gary Mecca will check on what is in the Borough Hall basement.

Need for summer meetings: Committee decided to cancel June 28th meeting. July 26th meeting may also be cancelled.

Public Portion: Opened, held and closed with no member of the public wishing to be heard.

New Business: Sandy Pasola introduced the topic of the new communications tower in the Silver Lake Parking Lot as an eyesore. Discussion ensued and a decision was made to send a letter to the Governing Body stating the Committee’s opposition to the tower as the Committee’s goal is to beautify Point Pleasant Beach and this tower does not.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm by Co-Chair Gary Mecca.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maryann Ellsworth

Published October20, 2016 | Beautification Committee Minutes | 2415

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