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March 22, 2016

Minutes from the
Beautification Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by Gary Mecca

The following members were in attendance Mary Steiner, Dave Cavagnaro, Gary Mecca, Donna Palsi, Jacqui Glass, Jacqui Reid, Penny Mecca, Beth Cox, Sue Deitz. Maureen Kale, Elia Desruisseaux, Susie Carey, Dorothy Hadley, Andy Cortes

Minutes: Minutes from the February meeting were reviewed and approved as read. Motion Penny and 2nd Sue Dietz

Annual flowers for ordering were confirmed. Three red dipladenia in the middle of the barrel, three yellow lantana and twelve red vincas for Arnold Avenue an Rt35 (thirty-two barrels). The remaining ten barrels will have six rudbeckia, lantanas and red vincas. Cost for the Arnold Ave barrels $27.34 /barrel and $17.76/barrel for the others. Total cost $1,052.48. Motion to approve purchase made by Donna Palsi, 2nd by Jacqui Reid Liz and Penny to put together purchase order, to be in by Mar 30

Barrel stations were discussed, have replacements for those existing barrels needing replacement but no more available.

Andy Cortes will inquire with DPW on soil delivery for the town yard and barrel for replacements to be put in place.

Discussion about additional soil and compost, question about costs for additional material

Butterfly garden needs work to be done.

Sue Dietz has chosen a willow oak as replacement tree in her garden spot

The gazebo needs two-three alberta spruce replacements

DPW took down Christmas wreaths in town. Many thanks to them

Planter at Borough Hall will be repaired by DPW when weather permits

Need volunteer labor for garden spots. Looking to Interact and Key Club, students needing community service hours for graduation

Budget We are asking the Town Council for $5,800. It looks like council is amenable to $3500. We have received $2500 from previous parade money for our use.

DPW will be asked to hang Anerican flags along Ocean Ave in April

Dave to check on small flags for middle of town, will need volunteers to climb for hanging, Elia to check with Rotary for help

The boat parade festivities will be May 19-22.

Gazebo needs power washing, painting and attention to the benches.

Next meeting April 26

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Mary Steiner

Published October20, 2016 | Beautification Committee Minutes | 2413

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