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October 20, 2016


October 20, 2016

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Application #2016-30 – Arthur/Kaitlin Gant – 506 Cramer Avenue – Block 91.01; Lot 9 – Applicant is requesting to alter the roof to create a full second story and construct a new open front porch and rear third story balcony.
(Gant carried from September 15, 2016 without notice)

Application #2016-32 – William/Kari DeFalco – 1507 Ocean Avenue – Block 13.05; Lot – 7.02 – Applicant would like to deviate from approved plans (home already built) and expand driveway/parking area.

Application #2016-36 – Gloria Focazio – 45 Inlet Drive – Block 175; Lot 23 – Applicant wishes to demolish existing single family dwelling and construct a FEMA compliant single family dwelling.

Application #2016-31 – Marcy Gendel - 225 Boardwalk - Block 120; lot 11.05 - Applicant would like to deviate from approved pan (home already built) and add a deck to the rear of the new single family dwelling. Also the applicant would like to amend previous approval. Original approval on second floor was for storage, and they built a bedroom and bathroom.

Karen L. Mills, LUA, Clerk of the Board

Published September19, 2016 | Board of Adjustment Agenda | 2400

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