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June 20, 2016

Point Pleasant Beach Recreation Meeting Minutes


Members in Attendance: Sean Hennessy, Allison Sheehan, Janice Aportela, Carolan Ammirata
Guest Visitors: Former Recreation Head/ Bill Ammirata, PPB Park Coordinator/Kerri Savage

Motion was made by Sean Hennessy to accept last month’s meeting minutes. Janice Aportela second.

Summer Park Program: much needed last minute discussion regarding applications received for Camp Director and counselors. Approved salaries and T-shirt promotion.
Pushed up meeting by a week due to the park program starting June 27th
It was anticipated that we require up to 15 counselors if the registrations are strong. It was noted that so far, the applications for counselors have been received at a higher level than previous years.

Head Director- at a salary of $3250.00

• Kerri Savage

2 Co-camp directors- $1850.00 each
• Victoria Fioretti
• Matthew D. Savage
Approved 5 Head counselors at a salary of $1650.00
• Ashley Angelucci
• Sarah Brodeur
• Lauren Capriglione
• Megan Sullivan
• Megan Cronin
Approved 10 counselors at a salary of $1500.00
• Amy Kwasnaza
• Weston Bargholz
• Sophia Eilbacher
• Bridget Cavanaugh
• Megan West
• Ana Riley
• Matthew B. Savage
• Riley O'Donnell
• Nicole Kwasnaza
• Jake Fioretti

Change needed to be noted, there is a $30.00 late fee for late park registration, not $35.00

Discussion regarding Summertime Surf (for one week only, June 27th) starting the same week as PPB Recreation Summer Park, which created a conflict.
Suggested for next year..to start PPB Rec Summer Park a week later. A maximum of 27 children signed up for surf camp with a waiting list. ($165.00 per child)

T-Shirt Art Contest // 3 winners chosen..winner's art work to be used for this years new summer camp T-shirt. Winners will be announced first day of camp, with prize for top winner and ocean star coverage......Money raised for the cost of t-shirts by gathering donations from local businesses, we will advertise each very much appreciated local business.

Camp director, Kerri Savage will have an email with a weekly schedule updating parents of upcoming activities and themes/trips, etc... and text reminders for all events and rain cancellation.
Rain days will be called that morning by text announcement.
Allison Sheehan will create a whole roster per child/per emergency care/ etc..

• Discussion of Pickle Ball- will be continued
• Committee would still like to hear from Council regarding their suggestions for activities they would like to see developed by the Recreation Committee.
• Committee is interested in off setting price increases by raising funds for the recreation committee.

Please update...new recreation members..

Janice Aportela
Vincent Cicalese...NOT LONGER
Barbara Seaman..NO LONGER
Maryann Ellsworth
Allison Sheehan
Jill Van Schoick..NO LONGER
Kelly Hertling
Judy Schaller
Keith Hertling
Sean Hennessy - Chair
Bob Santanello, Council Liaison

Motion to adjourn 9:00pm by Carolan Ammirata, second by Allison Sheehan.

Published June21, 2016 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 2352

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