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May 12, 2016

Point Pleasant Beach Open Space Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Greg Culp, Maryann Ellsworth, Kristin Hennessy and Anne Lightburn
Absent: Greg Cox, Glen Paesano, Sal Pepe and councilmen Mayer and Toohey
Guests: Deborah Kogan, Anna McNamara, Erin Nagle and Mary Steiner
Maryann Ellsworth, representative from the Recreation Committee, was welcomed to the committee.
Anne reported that the borough plans to issue a revised bid request for repairs to the bathhouse at the May 21st council meeting.
There was a discussion on the 2008 Point Pleasant Beach Bike Plan relative to updating the borough’s Open Space and Recreation Plan. The consensus was that the study did not provide additional goals for the plan.
Members of the Point Pleasant Library Association provided background information on the history of the library and its participation in the Ocean County Library system. The Association is a non-profit corporation, in charge of administering the Trust that holds the deed to the library property. The county operates and staffs the library. It also provides materials and books and covers expenses for insurance, ground upkeep and utilities. The Association is responsible for repairs and depends on donations, contributions and fund raising to meet those expenses. In the past the council, had provided annual funds of around $5,000. The Association plans a capital fund drive to finance repairs of what they estimate at $100,000. These repairs include: new cedar shingles, energy efficient windows and painting. They are seeking the use of Open Space funds to help fund those repairs. There was no action on that request.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Published June20, 2016 | Open Space Committee Minutes | 2351

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