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April 14, 2016

Point Pleasant Beach Open Space Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Greg Culp, Anne Lightburn, Sal Pepe and Greg Cox
Absent: Glen Paesano, Maryann Ellsworth, Kristin Hennessy and Councilmen Mayer and Toohey
The minutes from the March 10th meeting were approved as submitted.
The committee discussed the bid situation for restoring the bathhouse as the council will most likely reject the bids due to exceeding expectations. The committee discussed potential next steps if the low bid is rejected. It was agreed that a phased approach would work with a first step to establish a 2016 budget approved by the council. The first phase of repairs should be for the most critical repairs to secure the building from further deterioration and those least costly to get some use out of the building as soon as possible. The committee reaffirmed its support for restoring the property. Anne will draft a memo, with the committee’s recommendations for full committee review, prior to sending to the council in time for their April 19th meeting.
Dara Steiglitz made copies of a Point Pleasant Beach Bicycle Plan done in 2008. Sal and Greg Culp took copies to review in order to determine if there are opportunities to pursue to make Point Pleasant Beach safer and more biker friendly. The Plan will be discussed at the May meeting.
Meeting adjourned 8:15 pm

Published June20, 2016 | Open Space Committee Minutes | 2350

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