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April 4, 2016

Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Commission

Present: Clem Bremer, Anne LIghtburn, Peter Renner and Peter Ritchings
Absent: Elaine Hennessy and Council Liaison Tom Vogel
Guest: Mel Russen
Anne Lightburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
March 10th minutes approved as submitted.
Mel Russen from the Masonic Lodge discussed their tree removal permit application to remove two Norway Maples from the curb and replace them with two trees on the property. The committee agreed to the removals, with the proviso that the two replacement trees be of street tree caliber and near the sidewalk. Additionally the commission wants the Lodge would write a letter of agreement that the two replacement trees would be under the protection of the borough’s ordinance regarding street trees at the curb line or within the right-of-way. Mel agreed to get that letter of agreement and a planting plan to the Shade Tree Commission for their review. There was also discussion of a third tree of ornamental/sentimental value be planted.
Anne reported that the Arnold Avenue pruning (22 trees) and planting (15 trees) project will commence in April.
Peter Renner reported that three trees planted as part of the Big Beautiful Tree program. Two will be planted on resident’s properties and one memorial tree in Pleasure Park.
A review of three outstanding permits on was postponed until the trees leaf out. Peter Renner will inform Elaine Petrillo as to the postponement until the May meeting and the approval for the Masonic Lodge.
Clem reported no activity on hazard tree follow-up. Clem may attend the Native Plant Society to ask about potential Seafood Festival materials and/or participation. Clem reported that First Energy, JCP&L’s parent company, participates in the Treeline program. The commission agreed that it would be best to work with the company’s forester on their street tree pruning, which has been unsatisfactory in the past.
Peter Renner will be sending a letter to tree care companies regarding the borough’s tree removal permit requirement for street trees or in the right of way, when sidewalks are not present. Anne will try to get a list of pruning companies operating in our area.
Peter Ritchings is working on finding appropriate street tree pruning ordinances for the commission to study.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Published June07, 2016 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 2345

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