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April 5, 2016

Council Meeting Minutes

Mayor Reid called the meeting to order at 6:48PM. Present were Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey and Migut. Councilman Santanello was absent. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

The Municipal Clerk read the Resolution for Executive Session.
Motion by Councilman Migut to enter Executive Session to discuss 1 personnel (negotiations) and 1 attorney client matter was seconded by Councilman Toohey and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut…YEA

Closed Session began at 6:50PM and ended at 7:49PM

Mayor Reid called the meeting to order at 7:52PM. Present were Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut and Santanello. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Motion by Councilman Migut to approve the March 15, 2016 Council meeting minutes, was seconded by Councilman Toohey and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut ….YEA

PROCLAMATION: National Library Week

Mayor Reid: spoke about the library's April 30th fundraiser and presented proclamation to PPB Branch Manager Wilbergh, who invited all to visit the library – can access 21 branches with one card – many resources available. Councilman Vogel: is a former trustee – while partners with the Ocean County system, PPB library will always be owned locally – asked all to donate and support the association.

Mayor Reid: recognized two Georgian Court University students in attendance, doing research.


Councilman Cortes discussed curb cut requests: 700 St Louis Ave – approval to expand 2’ to the west, from 10.6’ to 12.6’, added as 2f-1; 110 Broadway – approval, per ZO Petrillo’s recommendations at 16’, added as 2f-2; 218 Washington – approval, per ZO’s recommendations at 16’, added as 2f-3.

ABC Social Affair Permit Application for Elks Octoberfest was discussed. Attorney Riordan: Elks applied through the State – State is looking for input from the Chief. Chief O’Hara: no issues – same site plan & guidelines; Attorney Riordan: no need to place on agenda; Councilman Mayer: questioned non-profit police rates; Chief O’Hara: don’t break even; BA/CFO Riehl: no one has figured the exact cost to the Borough; Councilman Mayer: would like to; Chief O’Hara: a complete bill is done for the actual day – post and pre work is not accounted for). No objection.


Councilman Vogel: Shade Tree thanks DPW for cleaning up dead trees – pruning/planting starts tomorrow (Chief O’Hara: asked if businesses were advised – heard about it today when cones were requested; Mayor Reid: BA/CFO Riehl will have Carol Vaccaro e-mail the businesses); Easter Parade was a success – he filled in for the Mayor.

Councilman Cortes: recognized April employee anniversary: Chris Burger 14 yrs; Beautification barrels have been placed around town – working w/DPW on top soil & mulch – prettying up for the Boat Parade; recycling stickers have been placed around town by the Environmental Commission to educate people about what should be recycled; Inlet bathroom is progressing well; sat in with the Engineer on the bathhouse repair bids (BA/CFO Riehl: it’s on the agenda to reject all – only 2 bids received – both too low – per Engineer, could be because of the short time frame – must decide if Borough wants to appropriate another $300K – suggests holding authorization to issue RFP (Councilman Mayer: big miss by the architect and Engineer); Police completed SWAT, State Police and radio technology training – 19 Special Officers were trained – Narcan was administered – Dept assisted the US Marshall in the search and arrest of a fugitive residing in PPB without incident – on April 1st, officers rescued an intoxicated subject at Wills Hole – suggested Code Enforcement/OSHA check the bulkhead by Laurelton Welding – controlled dangerous substance was found by Officer Drew and Canine Officer Loki, who participated in a multi-jurisdictional canine demonstration in Manasquan – March police blotter includes DWIs, possessions, assault, theft, harassment, contempt of court and failure to register for Megan's Law.

Councilman Mayer: No report.

Councilman Toohey: No report.

Councilman Migut: Animal Welfare Committee fundraiser at The Ark was a success – he and Councilman Mayer attended – next one in July; Planning Board meets tomorrow on Spano’s expansion.

Mayor Reid: Calvary Church’s Pastor John has people to pitch in labor to bring the band shell back to where it needs to be (BA/CFO Riehl: tentative quote of about $1700 for materials) Councilman Santanello is working with his daughter’s high school groups on painting – community is giving back – Governing Body will be there to help; working on bringing in a trolley for the Tourism Committee, Chamber, Governing Body and anyone else to ride and gain an understanding of the program – not funded by the Borough, but by private businesses & advertising – looking at $1/ride; there were boats in town on Easter weekend – race is coming; weekly bike rides and walks continue – was away last week, but Councilmen took over.

Administrator Riehl: CRS rating has dropped from 8 to 6, which is fantastic – homeowners receive a 5% discount on flood insurance for every point dropped – now at a 20% discount (Mayor Reid: commended BA/CFO Riehl & Floodplain Mgr Gardner) Borough rates continue to reduce, based on ordinances, floodplain management activities & Open Space; NJ DOT is granting PPB $250K for Parkway road improvements (Councilman Migut: stepped out briefly at 8:24PM); reached out to Devo for a parking machine to replace the meter at the New Jersey Ave street-end – Devo will do at no charge – authorization for Attorney to amend ordinance for parking at the street end was added as 2i.

The Municipal Clerk announced additions and revisions to the agenda.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Agenda Items & Ordinances on 1st Reading) BEGAN AT 8:29PM.

Marilyn Burke, Point Pleasant Beach (PPB): asked how many residents are registered under Megan’s Law – many people come with children (Attorney Riordan: available on the Internet); asked about 1d (Attorney Riordan: computerized Police record keeping/info sharing system – cheaper than upgrading old system – primarily software, pursuant to State contract, plus equipment and maintenance – must follow State contract’s award methods/procedures – requires more work from BA/CFO Riehl; Councilman Mayer: prefers BA/CFO Riehl obtain quotes & bring PO back) item 1d was held.
Vince Castin, PPB: asked about 1i, bathhouse cost/bid discrepancy (BA/CFO Riehl: length of time that’s transpired has resulted in an 85% decline in the condition of the bath house since FEMA provided reimbursement amount), flood insurance decrease and where Devo meters are made.
Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: asked about what grant money was available for the bathhouse; asked if flood insurance is still at $16K; asked about minimum rental on bathhouse and possibly not moving forward with it; asked who authorized Ordinance 2016-08 (Attorney Riordan: was authorized by Council resolution with Ordinance 2016-05 – same subject matter – if no Council member objected, could add another street; Mayor Reid: also came from Master Plan); about 100 Inlet spaces are affected – losing parking revenue – creating competition for municipal lots – no tradeoff for taxpayers (Attorney Riordan; issue is getting more places to park) the more lots created, the more tourists will come needing more services, but not generating more money for the town (Councilman Toohey left briefly at 9:13PM; Attorney Riordan: Governing Body would address, if problems occurred; Councilman Vogel: are losing spaces post-Sandy with curb cuts – there is economic value to quality of life; Councilman Cortes: helps Police to monitor people if they are parked in one general area) suggested these ordinances are a way to make room for the parking garage suggested by the Boardwalk.

Motion by Councilman Cortes to close public participation was seconded by Councilman Migut and carried by consent of Council.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Agenda Items & Ordinances on 1st Reading) ENDED AT 8:53PM.

Councilman Cortes: asked if 1r is a replacement (BA/CFO Riehl: DCA provided a free inspector, post-Sandy – State pulled that inspector in March – recommends a P/T inspector – 25 hrs/wk & $27/hr).
Councilman Vogel: asked about 2b, if parking should be prohibited there (Attorney Riordan: questioned purpose; Chief O’Hara; not familiar with this) consensus to hold for Engineer, Chief, Building Department and Fire Department input; asked about waiving fees for 1m (Chief O’Hara: didn't figure costs as it’s all part of the boat race celebration; Councilman Vogel: recommended approving the event and holding off on the fee waiver; Councilman Mayer: would like to monitor the cost on this new event and, as these events mature, try to recoup those costs – would like a meeting with the Chamber) – consensus to approve the event and Attorney Riordan will look into what fees can be waived.

Motion by Councilman Toohey to adopt the items listed below was seconded by Councilman Mayer and carried by roll call vote.
1a Approval of payment to Atlantic Salt for yearly de-icing material ($5,614.03)
1b Authorization for Mayor to execute Shared Svc Agreement w/OC for Drainage Pipe Replacement
1c Approval of payment to Hutchinson Plumbing for RTU Carrier Unit replacement ($8,900)
1e Approval of noise ord waiver for Coast Guard water main work to begin at 7AM for @4 wks
1f Approval of payment to T&M Assoc from Pl Bd, BOA and Developer escrow accounts
1g Approval of Taxi Driver licenses for All Day Ocean Taxi (1) & Briggs Transportation (4)
1h Opposition of Assembly Bill 2589 which requires consolidation of various municipalities
1i Authorization to enter Co-op Pricing Agreement w/Middlesex Reg Educational Svcs Commission
1j Award of Annual Taxi License to Mantoloking Taxi
1k Approval of Banner Permit application for Meridian Health Paint the Town Pink banner at Rte 35 & Delaware Ave for the month of May, instead of 2 weeks, & request to place ribbons on Arnold
1l Approval of S/E application for PPB Rotary 90th Anniversary Celebration at band shell area, 5/21, with possible fee waiver to be reviewed by Attorney & considered next meeting – REVISED PER DISCUSSION
1m Approval of PPB Rotary’s ABC S/A Permit application for 90th Anniversary Celebration, 5/21
1n Approval of payment of Payroll #6 ($239,352.20) & Payroll # 7 ($243,173.32)
1o Approval of Banner Permit appl for Pt Lobster fishing tournament banner at Rte 35S, 8/11-24
1q Approval of Pay Cert 3 to M. Woszczak for Valve Exer/Water Syst Force Acct proj ($126,383.25)
1r Authorization to advertise for P/T Building Inspector
1s Approval of payment to Plainfield Consultation for SLEO psychological testing ($7,350)
1t Approval of payment to Meridian Occupational Health for SLEO physicals ($5,775)
1u Approval of payment to the State of NJ for employee & retiree health benefits ($136,296.91)
1v Approval of Change Order #1 and authorization for M. Wozczak to perform add’l work for the Valve Exer/Water System Force Acct project ($29,584.80)
1w Authorization to apply for FEMA Flood Mitigation & Pre-disaster Mitigation Grants
1x Approval of payment to Hunter Tech for annual phone support/monitoring & service call ($3,347)
1y Approval of PO to Lasting Line for painting parking stalls/traffic control markings ($20K)
1z Approval of S/E appl & fee waiver for St Mary’s by the Sea to sell raffles on the Bdwk, 5/27-9/17
2a Approval of payment to Summit Risk Management for parking plan litigation ($72,312.85)
2c Approval of payment to Atlantic Tactical for rifle & accessories for Police Dept ($3,620.45)
2d Approval of payment to Alexander Callendar for repairs to Arnold Ave bathroom ($17,600)
2e Approval of revisions to the Borough’s 2016 Towing Agreement
2f Approval of curb cuts requests at 1) 700 St. Louis Ave - to expand 2’ to the west from 10/6’ to 12.6’; 2) 110 Broadway - 16’ per ZO’s recommendation, 3) 218 Washington - 16’ per ZO’s recommendation – ADDED PER DEPT HEAD MEMOS
2g Rejection of all bids for Rehab of NJ Ave Bathhouse – ADDED PER BA/CFO PRIOR TO MTG
2h Approval of PO to Barton Nursery for 19 Arnold Ave trees ($3,255) – ADDED PER BA/CFO PRIOR TO MTG
2i Authorization for Attorney to amend ordinance for parking at NJ Ave street end – ADDED PER COMMITTEE REPORTS
3a Approval of junior membership in PPB Fire Co No 2 for J. Clement
3b Approval of computer-generated vouchers ($250,933.45)
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel (except 2f-1 & 3a), Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut (except 3a)….YEA
Councilmen Vogel (2f-1 & 3a), Migut (3a)….ABSTAIN
Per Borough Attorney, assume usual abstentions on item 3b with which Council has conflicts.

Mayor Reid: would like to start recognizing new firefighters (Councilman Vogel: will speak to Councilman Santanello about that).


Ordinance 2016-06 (Cap Bank) was introduced on first reading. Motion by Councilman Migut to approve ordinance 2016-06 on first reading was seconded by Councilman Mayer and carried by roll call vote. The public hearing will be held on April 19, 2016.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut….YEA

Attorney Riordan gave the background on Ordinance 2016-07 and explained the changes in opening time and insurance amounts; Councilman Mayer: concerned about insurance amounts – directed the Clerk to investigate new insurance costs for tow companies.
Ordinance 2016-07 (Towing Fees) was introduced on first reading. Motion by Councilman Migut to approve ordinance 2016-07 on first reading was seconded by Councilman Vogel and carried by roll call vote. The public hearing will be held on April 19, 2016.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut….YEA

Councilman Toohey asked if zoning is changed by Ordinance 2016-08 (Attorney Riordan: no, parking lots are already permitted in the Inlet Dr area – 2016-05 rezones some properties to be Resort Commercial, so parking lots would be permitted uses – in addition, that ordinance permits any commercial parking lot abutting Ocean Ave to be open to the public – this ordinance adds commercial parking lots that abut Inlet Dr to also be open to the public) asked if homeowners would need Board approval to convert to a lot (Attorney Riordan: yes).
Ordinance 2016-08 (Paid Parking at Inlet Drive Commercial Lots) was introduced on first reading. Motion by Councilman Vogel to approve ordinance 2016-08 on first reading was seconded by Councilman Migut and carried by roll call vote. The public hearing will be held on April 19, 2016.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut….YEA

BA/CFO Riehl: provided a brief summary of 4a and 4b: deferring 47% of school taxes, as opposed to 48% last year; draft budget was at a 4.8%/1.8 cent increase – budget as introduced is at a 3.1%/1.2 cent increase, for a total increase in taxation of $240,980.00 – an increase of $71.40 on the average assessed home value of $595K (Councilman Vogel: returned after briefly stepping out; Councilman Toohey: will be School & County taxes on top of this; Councilman Mayer and BA/CFO Riehl: spoke about increases of $106K in health insurance, $113K in pension and $315K in debt service – want to regenerate surplus; Mayor Reid: thanked Councilman Mayer, Finance Committee and BA/CFO Riehl for working so hard – it’s a very good budget) there is a new User Friendly version – public hearing is May 3rd – asked that Governing Body review the budget prior to the public hearing and get back to her with questions – $262K under the 2% levy cap – the State would have allowed the Borough to tax the taxpayers that much more (Councilman Vogel: it’s hard work in progress – tough decisions – Council can control phone call and e-mail expenses – Water/Sewer committee met – water/meter revenue should increase with better technology).
Motion by Councilman Mayer to approve items listed below was seconded by Councilman Toohey and carried by roll call vote.
a Approval of Resolution to Defer $5,979,327 in Local District School Taxes
b Approval of Introduction of 2016 Municipal Budget
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut….YEA

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PERIOD (meeting & non-agenda items) BEGAN AT 9:25PM

Vince Castin, PPB: asked if $595K assessed value included house and land (yes); pointed out that Councilman Toohey’s name does not appear on the User Friendly budget (BA/CFO Riehl will fix).
Marilyn Burke, PPB: asked about 4a, about tuition students paying less than resident students – if classes will be empty, should get rid of the teachers – should run government the way business is run.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PERIOD (meeting and non-agenda items) ENDED AT 9:30PM

Motion to adjourn by Councilman Migut was seconded by Councilman Toohey and carried by consent of Council. Meeting was adjourned at 9:31PM.

Eileen A. Farrell, RMC
Municipal Clerk

Published April19, 2016 | Council Minutes | 2317

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