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March 10, 2016

Point Pleasant Beach Open Space Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Greg Culp, Anne Lightburn, Sal Pepe and KriSTIN HENNESSY
Absent: Glen Paesano, Maryann Ellsworth Greg Cox and Councilmen Mayer and Toohey
The first order of business was to elect a chair and vice chair for 2016. Motions to elect Anne Lightburn chair and Sal Pepe vice chair were made, seconded and passed.
Kristin Hennessy introduced herself as a new resident member to the committee.
Anne Lightburn reported that the borough has received $550,000 from Green Acres as part of the grant for acquiring the Risden property on New Jersey Ave. To date the borough has received $2,125,000 from Green Acres for acquiring 10 Inlet Drive and the Risden property. Anne will contact Chris Riehl to see if there is interest in an article in the Ocean Star on $550,000 received.
The council is expected to award the contract for repairing the bathhouse on New Jersey Avenue at its April 5th meeting. The restroom at 1 Ocean Avenue is now scheduled for completion late March.
The committee discussed Action Items 1 through 7 for updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan. The committee agreed that Action items 1, 2, 4 and 6 should remain the same. Action Item 5 should be deleted. Action Item 3 should be edited to change the length of the undeveloped municipal right-of-way to only go to New York Avenue, and 3 and 7 edited.
Kristin Hennessy brought up the issue of maintaining borough property using the borough’s Open Space Trust Fund. She noted the state of the Little League fields and the difficulty in getting enough parent volunteers to maintain them. Additionally the “club house” is in need repairs, some of the toilets don’t operate and the snack stand is leased out as mothers no longer volunteer for this duty. A discussion on the role the borough should play for the Little League, which has been self funding, and what other town leagues are doing to secure necessary parent volunteers, manage their fees and raise funds ensued. It was the opinion of the majority that Little League maintenance remains independent of borough financial support.
Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm

Published April19, 2016 | Open Space Committee Minutes | 2315

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