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April 19, 2016

Council Meeting Agenda

1 Open Meeting – Public Meeting Notice - Roll Call
2 Flag Salute – Invocation
3 Approval of Minutes: April 5, 2016

4 PROCLAMATION: Autism Awareness Month

5 DISCUSSION: Proposed plan for homeowner-installed pavers on municipal alley next to 1505 Oceanfront, per BOA resolution adopted on 2/4


9 FIRST PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: agenda items & ordinances on 1st reading (5 min limit)

1a Approval of payment of Payroll #8 ($235,870.11)
1b Approval of payment to BTMUA for March bulk water usage ($89,020.74)
1c Authorization for Mayor to execute NJEDA HDSRF grant for Sea Coast Oil investigation/report
1d Approval of 4 W/S relief requests
1e Approval of payment to NJ DCA for State Training Fees, based on new construction ($4,278)
1f Approval of payment to M Woszczak for emergency hydrant repair ($5,525)
1g Approval of payment to Identifix for annual contract for police & DPW ($1,308)
1h Approval of payment to Ben Montenegro from BOA escrow account
1i Approval of PO to All Points for parking passes and postage ($2,742.30)
1j Approval of payment to Denise Sweet from BOA escrow accounts
1k Approval of payment to The Galvin Law Firm from BOA & Pl Bd escrow accounts
1l Approval of S/E application for PPB Farmers Market in Borden’s lot 6/5-9/25
1m Approval of payment to the OC Treasurer for 2nd Quarter tax levy ($2,143,528.92)
1n Memorialization of authorization to advertise for Rec Park Program Asst Dirs & Counselors
1o Approval of payment to Pitney Bowes for prepaid postage ($3K)
1p Approval of payment of Pay Cert 5 to Gavan Cont for Ocean Ave Comfort Station ($110,436.44)
1q Approval of Chamber’s S/E application/fee waiver for Festival of the Sea, 9/17
1r Approval of Chamber request for donation for Holiday Decorations & Festivities ($5K)
1s Memorialization of authorization to solicit bids for lease of municipal properties for communications equipment, antennas & carriers
1t Authorization for Mayor to execute Safe & Secure Continuation Funding subgrant award/contract
1u Authorization to advertise & conduct spring hydrant flushing 4/25/16 through 5/13/16
1v Approval of PO to Cummins Power Systems for garbage truck repairs (NTE $5K)
1w Approval of payment to Specialty Graphics for DPW & W/S uniforms ($5,025)
1x Approval of PO to All Covered for IT maintenance & support, Jan-June ($8,400)
1y Approval of payment to Devo & Assoc for parking meter displays/cancel buttons ($6,154.68)
1z Support for the OCMA’s resolution proclaiming April as Autism Awareness Month

2a Approval of payment of computer-generated vouchers ($1,298,847.41)
2b Approval of payment of Jan-Apr hand checks ($1,718,242.75)
2c Approval of junior memberships in PPB Fire Co No 2 for R. Rupp & J. Ricciardi

a 1st Reading/Introduction: Ordinance 2016-09 (Bond Ordinance – Little Silver Lake Drainage)
b 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2016-05 (Additional Ocean Ave Parking)
c 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2016-06 (Cap Bank)
d 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2016-07 (Towing Fees)
e 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2016-08 (Paid Parking at Inlet Drive Commercial lots)

13 SECOND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: meeting items & non-agenda items (5 minute limit)


Published April15, 2016 | Council Agendas | 2314

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