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January 26, 2016

Beautification Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:16 PM by Sandy Pasola.

The following members were in attendance Liz Hahner, Sandy Pasola, Mary Steiner, Dave Cavagnaro, Gary Mecca, Donna Palsi, Mary Lynn Ritchings, Maryann Ellsworth (late), Jacqui Glass, Jacqui Reid
Minutes: Minutes from October 20, 2015 were reviewed and approved as read. Motion Mary and 2nd Donna
Treasury: Money for the sign has been earmarked. Dave bought American flags and brackets with the leftover money.
Elections: Co-chair persons: Gary Mecca and Jacquie Reed (Liz motion and 2nd Mary)
Thank you to Dave for hosting our holiday get together.
Holiday Decorations: The wreaths looked good and worked well but we could possibly do more for next year. Gary will ask Andy for possible help in the bucket truck to take them down as it is time but the snow has been in the way. We will look at the garland in the summer. We will investigate barrels to see if any were damaged by the snow or plow, but the greens looked good in them. We do have 8 barrels we can place, Donna Palsi is missing one and 2 are needed on Bay Ave. Next winter we will ask about the swags across the poles in town to make sure that they go up as they look nice.
Sandy’s Point: Sandy’s Point is a major project in which Butterfly plant has to be moved as well as other plants, which have all been tagged. Public works will help. We are looking at an April date with a prior March meeting to discuss with public works.
Barrels: Barrels will need compost if we can get the order in early enough (April).
Flowers: We will discuss the flower order at the next meeting but we would like something tall for the middle again though the Rudbeckia did not do as well as in the past. The vinca worked well. Liz, Gary, Penny, and Jacqui Reed will try to meet with Barlows to go over options. We will discuss the order at the February meeting.
Signs: All large signs are doing well with flowers, paint, and upkeep.
Bulbs: We will check on garden spots (butterfly, sign, bird, gazebo) in the spring and will order more in September if needed.
Borough Hall: We need to clean out and organize the basement .
Reindeer: We need the reindeer to be painted again, hooves, ears etc. Jacqui Reed will do. Also, a gazebo reindeer needs 3 legs fixed.
Library: The library was not as decorated as usual this year and we may possibly assist next year, Mary, Gary, Penny.
Phone List: TO be updated by Secretary.
Calendar: Gary will make a group calendar that we can all see to help keep track of all we need to do.
Jane and Marie should be recognized as lifelong members of the committee.
Meetings will always be held the 4th Tuesday of the month unless there is a conflict with council meeting. They are open to the public.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:21pm.

Mary Steiner

Published April11, 2016 | Beautification Committee Minutes | 2310

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