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March 7, 2016

Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Commission

Present: Clem Bremer, Anne LIghtburn, Peter Renner, Peter Ritchings, Council Liaison Tom Vogel
Absent: Elaine Hennessy
Anne Lightburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
February 1st minutes approved as submitted.
Peter Renner reported that the Off Shore contacted him regarding tree replacements.
Councilman Vogel reported that the owner of the Jewelry Joint made a $1,500 donation for planting trees from their fall Sea Glass event. He discussed the Women’s Club request for tree removals. Pete Ritchings volunteered to make a sketch of the property including the trees behind the post office and firehouse parking lot. All agreed that there is a need for an evaluation by a CTE for pruning or removal and replacement for these properties.
Regarding the removal request for 800 Walnut, the commission agreed that the tree in question would need to be evaluated after it leafs out as it looked healthy. The commission granted the removal request for 117 Trenton. Peter Renner will respond to Elaine Petrillo on the commission’s decision on both requests.
Peter Renner is going to pass on the $3,000 grant letter to Chris Riehl as he was unable to determine if the borough is eligible to receive these funds. All agreed.
Peter Renner is requesting the transfer of 2014 bond money for tree removal permits, where the property owner has not replaced trees during the required replacement period. This money will be used to plant trees in the borough.
Clem reported no activity on hazard tree follow-up. He has not heard back from the Native Plant Society regarding potential Seafood Festival materials and/or participation. Clem will check with JCPL regarding their participation in the Treeline program.
Peter Renner will be sending a letter to tree care companies regarding the borough’s tree removal permit requirement for street trees or in the right of way, when sidewalks are not present.
Pete Ritchings will be bringing street tree pruning ordinance information from Tinton Falls for the next meeting.
Peter Renner is conferring with Kris Tooker regarding the Arbor Day street tree survey project.
Anne asked that the commission members check 122A Randall regarding the home owner’s request to plant a tree in the backyard instead of the front yard. Anne will craft a memo to the Planning Board regarding the commission’s decision.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Published April11, 2016 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 2309

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