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March 15, 2016

Council Meeting Minutes

Mayor Reid called the meeting to order at 7:35PM. Present were Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut and Santanello. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

After the flag salute and invocation, a moment of silence was observed for Bay Head Mayor Emeritus Art Petracco, who passed away.

The Municipal Clerk announced 2 revisions to the draft of the March 1, 2016 Council meeting minutes. Motion by Councilman Migut to approve the March 1, 2016 Council meeting minutes, as revised, was seconded by Councilman Santanello and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut, Santanello….YEA


Councilman Toohey spoke about Assembly Bill A939 – lobsters brought to and sold in NJ can’t be smaller than 3-3/8” – size limit across the rest of the Northeast is 3-1/4” – NJ lobstermen can’t support the demand, so local fisheries and restaurants are buying lobsters from New England – if caught in possession of lobsters larger than those allowed by law, they are being fined by Dept of Fish & Wildlife – this bill rectifies that – legal size of 3-3/8” would remain, but restaurants could sell lobsters at the 3-1/4” limit – has sent information to the Governing Body – resolution of approval was to agenda as item 2d (Attorney Riordan: will speak to Assemblyman Wolfe’s Chief of Staff to obtain a draft).


Councilman Vogel: Water/Sewer Committee met last week to review their budget request and other items – BA/CFO Riehl is working on a financial analysis – a productive meeting – will follow up; Shade Tree recommends an arborist look at trees by the Womans Club and PPBLL fields.

Councilman Cortes: Officer Drew and Canine Officer Loki demonstrated functions and operations to new employees – in the past 2 weeks, Narcan was successfully administered at 3 overdose calls and CPR performed on a heart attack victim – Ocean County Prosecutors reported an IRS scam – IRS doesn’t contact via phone – Homeland Security reported that US beaches are vulnerable terrorist targets – urged all to be aware of surroundings and report suspicions – controlled dangerous substance was found in vehicle stopped for speeding; client of Environmental Commission Chair Ritchings needs a project to fulfill a DEP requirement – beautification of Randall Ave area, with private money, was suggested – meeting tomorrow (BA/CFO Riehl will follow up with Building Dept on Betz property).

Councilman Mayer: Finance Committee met tonight – will introduce the budget at the next meeting – BA/CFO Riehl will speak with Councilman Vogel about Water Utility; have breathed new life into the Community Endowment Fund, 501C3 organization - host of good things can come of it.

Councilman Toohey: no report.

Councilman Migut: reiterated details of the upcoming Animal Welfare Committee fundraiser on April 3rd – a non-resident taxpayer, Loretta Standler of Franklin Lakes, has donated $3,900, through the Community Endowment Fund, to fully fund the cat trailer refurbishment – Mayor Reid will send her a Thank You letter; Planning Board meets on April 6th, with one item on the agenda.

Councilman Santanello: Easter Egg Hunt is on Saturday – credits Recreation Committee’s hard work; the “Guys & Dolls” performance at PPB High School was very good – his daughter was in it; will drive by the park to look at the lights; First Aid Squad has one rig titled to the Borough and wants to take it over – he and BA/CFO Riehl will look into (Councilman Toohey stepped out briefly at 7:52PM).

Mayor Reid: met last week with Kim Burnett of the “Ocean Star” and Kelly Preuite from The Jewelry Joint for a press opportunity – Ms. Preuite wants to plant trees and purchase a bench – gave a contribution – will work with Shade Tree Commission; visited the band shell with Pastor John, whose people helped with construction after Sandy, Councilmen Santanello and Cortes, BA/CFO Riehl and DPW Super. Trout – wants to renovate it for concerts – Councilman Santanello is working on it, with labor provided by Pastor John and his people, materials by the Borough (Councilman Santanello: his daughter talked to the Interact and Key Clubs to volunteer – tracked down the mural artist to show us how to preserve or fix it) will show pride in our town; John Meehan from JCPL is here today – he provides frequent updates on outages and is very responsive; met with Cape May Mayor, business leaders and committee heads about trolley service – trolley owner operated in PPB in the 1980s – would like to return – meeting tomorrow with tourism group and hotel/motel owners to discuss when all will get to ride the trolley and learn about the route – doesn’t want it to cost the Borough anything – it’s a business program – would like 2, eventually; boat race events are scheduled May 19-22 – some boats will be in PPB Easter weekend; he and Councilmen Santanello and Mayer met with NRTAC – a good group with great ideas – next meeting is June 11th at Antrim School at 10AM – all are welcome; Wellness Program is going well – Wednesday bike riding has begun, New Jersey to East Aves – Channel 12 was there last week – had a group who walked all winter – meeting with Bay Head’s Mayor Curtis, who also has a Wellness Program; Carolan and Bill Ammirata are here to answer questions about item 1o.

John Meehan, JCPL Area Manager: is the point of communication between 17 towns in Ocean and Monmouth counties – JCPL offers an app for Android and Smart Phones, with outage alerts, estimated time of restoration, bill pay, etc. – with their text alert system, can text “out” if power is out and “stat” for status of outages and can access monthly bills – key is reporting the outages – don’t assume JCPL knows you’re out just because a neighbor called – everyone must call (Mayor Reid: Councilman Santanello is on the Streetlight Committee – he passes information onto BA/CFO Riehl) gave Councilman Santanello his card – link for outage reporting is on the firstenergycorp.com website – since Sandy, JCPL has gained leaps and bounds in communication tools – listening to customers and BPU (Councilman Cortes: asked about adding street lights) requires pole number, type of light and wattage wanted – see 2016 municipal lighting handbook on website – there is a JCPL cost and a contributory cost of about $700/month, but it significantly lowers the monthly fee for the life of the light (Councilman Cortes: a second light is needed at Ocean Ave and Parkway) wattage is indicated below the lens (Dave Cavagnaro: asked if lights on Parkway belong to the town) “PP” tag will be on the pole if PPB owns it.

Administrator Riehl: spoke about the signalization at Rte 35 and New Jersey Ave – 3 years ago, DOT requested a change of traffic pattern limiting Municipal Way to one-way – Borough declined – they are again seeking that, along with prohibiting left turns out of Municipal Way and a light at the street-end (Mayor Reid: not interested – wants to discuss privately with DOT) were overruled by DOT on the Rte 35 light (Attorney Riordan: Rte 35 is a State road, Municipal Way is municipally-owned).

The Municipal Clerk announced additions and revisions to the agenda.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Agenda Items & Ordinances on 1st Reading) BEGAN AT 8:15PM.

Vince Castin, Point Pleasant Beach (PPB): asked about 2d (Councilman Toohey explained), budget figures (Councilman Mayer: same as discussed last meeting) and dune status (Councilman Toohey: status quo; Mayor Reid: met with 8 Barnegat Island Mayors – 99% agree on dune issue – Bay Head explained their side – compelling – Judge Ford to make announcement within a week – money is in the in kitty for Jersey Shore dunes – if things aren't going well, Feds could divert it elsewhere.
Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: ZO Petrillo hadn't seen Ordinance 2016-05 – asked why professionals weren’t consulted (Attorney Riordan: hasn't been introduced yet – Engineer is the professional and was instrumental) asked about advantage for taxpayers (Mayor Reid: puts Districts 3 and 4 cars in lots) asked if they are existing lots or if new ones are being created (Mayor Reid: both) objects – concerned about the impact to residential zones (Attorney Riordan: was part of the Master Plan Re-examination Report; Mayor Reid: will be sure there is buffering to protect the residents – only a certain amount of cars will fit – must go to Planning Board) asked about valet parking and if this will make non-conforming lots conforming (Attorney Riordan: that is one thing that will happen).
Anne Lightburn, PPB Shade Tree Commission: asked about items 1x and 1z – refurbishing downtown will be this administration’s legacy – thanked Mayor Reid – Commission supports it – hopes to prune and plant in April – hopes that some funds are budgeted for the Shade Tree Trust Fund, established by Council years ago – would show commitment (Councilman Mayer: could talk about it, but are struggling with the budget; Mayor Reid: noted a dead tree at St. Louis and Philadelphia Aves).
Councilman Vogel left the room at 8:26PM and returned at 8:29PM.
Sean Hennessy, PPB Little League (PPBLL) VP: complimented the Governing Body on the way the meeting is being run (Councilman Mayer: thanked him for stepping up to the Recreation Committee); spoke about the condition of PPBLL fields – put close to $700K into them in 2011– Glen Paesano had requested a maintenance plan – volunteers can’t do it all – starting to look shoddy – PPBLL President Cicalese is requesting a company with a pesticide license to aerate, seed and apply fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and insecticides (Mayor Reid: asked if Borough contributes to PPBLL and if DPW mows the lawn; Councilman Mayer: it’s self-sustaining; BA/CFO Riehl: DPW handles mowing spring cleanup and trash; Councilman Santanello: when he was PPBLL President, they contracted with Clean Cut Lawn Care, who charged ½ their normal price – spoke with Mike Ramos from the Bd of Ed about piggybacking on school field treatments – waiting to hear from School Super Smith – wants to help and not spend too much money – will reach out to Engineer to look at the building) lot of towns come to PPB to play ball – must take pride (Councilman Santanello: inside of building is deplorable – concerned it be kept clean) was leased the last 3 years – woman’s room hasn't worked in 2 years (Mayor Reid: spoke to Mr. Hennessy about dog feces on the fields – asked him to advise where signs should be; Attorney Riordan: ordinance requires people to pick up after dogs; Councilman Toohey: asked Mr. Hennessy to look into alternate sources of maintenance funding; Councilman Santanello: also need some dirt on the base lines; Councilman Mayer: band shell and PPBLL building have been a thorn in his side – could be good community projects with Community Endowment Fund, Bd of Ed and Council (Councilman Migut: returned after stepping out) fields were paid for with Open Space money - part of Open Space fund is to maintain Open Space property.
Mayor Reid: spoke about item 1o - lot of misinformation - trying to get town and employees to participate in a Wellness Program – no one is motivated to use the State’s program – have met with the Ammiratas about getting employees, Fire and First Aid members involved with IDLife – his motivation is sometimes misconstrued – lot of questions to be answered – invited the Ammiratas to speak.
Bill and Carolan Ammirata: thanked all for letting them introduce the IDLife program and answer questions – it’s a comprehensive, preventative health assessment program, designed to educate and provide awareness on issues such as diet, exercise and sleep – for employees, their families and friends, as well as residents – employees would be asked to complete a health assessment and receive individualized reports – IDLife would review the Borough’s insurance – is saving companies and towns 10-15% on average – employees would be encouraged to access a web site for a better support group – IDLife is a network marketing company, but this is a wellness program, barred from multi-level marketing – this is not about pushing products – base program is $99/year – premium package includes a phone app for $2.99/employee/month and either the individuals or Borough could pay for that (Mayor Reid: each person would go over the questions with Carolan) HIPPA compliant – Borough administration would not have access to employees’ information (Councilman Mayer: would be surprised if State Health Benefits Program would extend a discount - asked if they have NJ clients) they have no NJ clients - Borough would administer the program, not IDLife (Attorney Riordan: contract has a provision that it must be interpreted under TX law – must be changed to NJ) Jim Dowd, program sponsor, has volunteered to speak to employees – COO would come to PPB to review the plan and hold a health seminar (Mayor Reid: businesses, trainers and Meridian could give presentations – asked the Ammiratas how much money they would make on this) none – while they get a 30% commission from purchases through the IDLife web site, the Borough would have its own site through which employees would receive a 30% discount (Mayor Reid: asked the cost if all got involved; BA/CFO Riehl: 25 people under the premium plan would be about $800/year; Councilman Mayer: asked if it would work if individuals paid; Mayor Reid: would be nice to do for the employees – could result in less hospital visits) can limit to employees – once an employee has the app, whole household has it – recommended basic plan, informing employees of the app availability (Mayor Reid: wants all to be enthused; Councilman Vogel: asked if IDLife can see who uses the app, about reimbursing employees for it and if program is optional for employees) IDLife can see who uses the app (consensus to consider 1o at base level plus possible reimbursement; Councilman Toohey left the room at 9:13PM and returned at 9:16PM).
Councilman Cortes: asked about item 1p and 1q.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Agenda Items & Ordinances on 1st Reading) ENDED AT 9:15PM.

Motion by Councilman Migut to close public participation and adopt the items listed below was seconded by Councilman Santanello and carried by roll call vote.
1a Approval of 2 W/S Adjustments
1b Approval of Leave of Absence for Employee #000020076
1c Approval of payment of Pay Cert #4 to Gavan Contracting for Comfort Station ($51,487.99)
1d Approval of S/E application for Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk, 5/15
1e Approval of payment to Denise Sweet from BOA escrow accounts
1f Approval of payment to Devo & Assoc for Jan-Mar monthly airtime ($3,118)
1g Approval of payment to Staples for electronic Pats tickets ($2,675)
1h Approval of S/E application for Chamber Grand Prix Block Party, 5/20
1i Approval of S/E application for Chamber Grand Prix Parade, 5/21
1j Approval of release of dumpster bond for 300 Curtis Ave ($250)
1k Approval of payment of Payroll #5 ($286,514.17)
1l Approval of S/E application & fee waiver for Memorial Day Bike Parade, 5/28
1m Approval of payment to HD Supply Waterworks for 208 meters & housing ($38,892)
1n Approval of payment to BTMUA for February bulk water usage ($72,315.21)
1o Authorization for Mayor to execute a Corp Wellness Program Agreement with IDLife
1p Approval of PO to Riggins for additional fuel encumberance ($28K)
1q Approval of payment to Riggins for gas and diesel fuel for DPW ($9,679.07)
1r Regular appointment of G. Purves as Plumbing Subcode Official
1s Approval of payment to Cherry Valley Tractor Sales for DPW tractor parts ($6,672.76)
1t Approval of Transfer Resolution ($8K)
1u Approval of Taxi Driver Licenses – 6 for Briggs Transportation & 1 for Squan Taxi
1v Approval of PO, pymt & ad copy to PPB PEF for Hall of Fame Dinner program ad ($100)
1w Approval Emergency Temporary Appropriation ($294K)
1x Approval of PO to Burke Environmental for Arnold Ave tree pruning ($11,970)
1y Approval of PO to Alexander Callendar for Arnold Ave bathroom repairs ($17K)
1z Approval of PO to Earth Tones for installation of Arnold Ave trees ($8,800)
2a Appointment of CME Associates as Special Projects Engineers
2b Appointment of S. Crasper as 4th Alternate to Bd of Adjustment
2c Award of contract to M Woszczak Contractors for Inlet Dr Water Svc Replacement ($73,675.01)
2d Approval of Assembly Bill A939
3a Approval of payment of computer-generated vouchers ($1,204,769.34)
3b Approval of Fire Co No 1 Ladies Aux request to charge for parking, various Sundays & holidays
3c Appointment of 20 Class 1 SLEO’s
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel (except 1v & 3b), Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut (except 3b), Santanello…YEA
Councilmen Vogel (1v & 3b) and Migut (3b)….ABSTAIN
Per Borough Attorney, assume usual abstentions on item 3a with which Council has conflicts.


Councilman Vogel: would like to include Inlet Dr – pointed out a typo (Mayor Reid: matches up with the Master Plan and the Resort Commercial amusement area; Attorney Riordan: recommends passing as is and discussing change with the Engineer – can add areas in a subsequent enactment).
Ordinance 2016-05 (Additional Ocean Ave Parking) was introduced on first reading.
Motion by Councilman Migut to approve Ordinance 2016-05 was seconded by Councilman Toohey and carried by roll call vote. The public hearing will be on April 19, 2106.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut, Santanello….YEA

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PERIOD (meeting & non-agenda items) BEGAN AT 9:19PM

Vince Castin, PPB: recited his original “Ode to Saint Patrick.”
Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: there is goose as well as dog excrement at PPBLL fields; submitted an OPRA request for Risdens plans – wants PDF – shouldn’t have to pay for copies – suggested requiring Barlo to provide it and an ordinance requiring those doing Borough construction to provide PDFs.
Anne Lightburn, PPB: Open Space consensus is it should not fund PPBLL field maintenance – was intended for major acquisitions and improvements – money should come from Municipal Budget (Attorney Riordan: statute only allows and encourages maintenance fund for Open Space on ROSI).

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PERIOD (meeting and non-agenda items) ENDED AT 9:30PM

Motion to adjourn by Councilman Toohey was seconded by Councilman Migut and carried by consent of Council. Meeting was adjourned at 9:30PM.

Eileen A. Farrell, RMC
Municipal Clerk

Published April05, 2016 | Council Minutes | 2301

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