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March 1, 2016

Council Meeting Minutes

Mayor Reid called the meeting to order at 6:32PM. Present were Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Migut and Santanello. Councilmen Toohey was absent. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

The Municipal Clerk read the Resolution for Executive Session.
Motion by Councilman Migut to enter Executive Session to discuss Wallace v PPB settlement negotiations, legal issues involving beach access through property adjacent to Block 10/Lot 3, discussion of possible resolution of personnel arbitration matter, extension of Civil Service lists, PO to SHI for Spillman Tech hardware & software for police department and three other personnel matters, was seconded by Councilman Santanello and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Migut, Santanello…YEA

Closed Session began at 6:35PM and ended at 7:33PM

Mayor Reid called the regular meeting to order at 7:35PM. Present were Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut and Santanello. The Municipal Clerk again read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Motion by Councilman Migut to approve the February 16, 2016 Council meeting minutes was seconded by Councilman Vogel and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Migut, Santanello….YEA
Councilmen Mayer and Toohey….ABSTAIN

PROCLAMATION: Mayor Reid presented a proclamation honoring Diane Scavone, Retired Technical Assistant to the Construction Official. Councilman Santanello commended and thanked Ms. Scavone, as he and his wife were terrified when they lost their house in Sandy and she was such a friend to them.

BADGE PINNING CEREMONY: Mayor Reid congratulated and welcomed Police Officer Joseph Gippetti and wished him luck. Councilman Cortes recapped Officer Gippetti’s time with PPB, including his appointment as Parking Enforcement Officer 8 years ago and the fact that he was first on the scene at the Mariner’s Cove fire – he wished him a long, safe and successful career in PPB and welcomed him to the family. Officer Gippetti’s mother did the pinning, while Chief O’Hara presented him with a certificate of recognition.


The following curb cut requests were discussed: 26 Trenton Ave, an existing cut – approval was added to the agenda, as is, as item 2d-1; 115 Trenton Ave, an existing cut – approval was added, as is, as 2d-2; 117 Trenton Ave, a new cut – approval was added as 2d-3, contingent upon 5 feet between the curb cut and the property line (Attorney Riordan: requires variance otherwise).


Councilman Vogel: DPW is fixing potholes – should be reported to BA/CFO – State and County have been out as well; there are 6 Water/Sewer adjustments on this agenda – the Water/Sewer Committee will be meeting soon; Shade Tree Commission meets next week – evaluating complaint about trees around the Womans Club; Assemblyman Gusciora has brought back bill A220 to consolidate shore municipalities – some towns have expressed their disdain.

Councilman Cortes: recognized employee anniversaries – Ernie Errico, John Flynn & Kevin Napalo are here 16 years, Bill Popp 6 years, Paschal Drew 12 years, Scott Nase 10 years, Kevin O’Hara 30 years and Ita Brown 4 years; boat race was brought up at the Beautification Committee meeting – all are excited – gardens and barrels will look very nice for it – wreaths were taken down – thanked DPW and Superintendent Trout – committee does great job; Environmental Commission is moving forward with recycling decals – are ready to beautify the Betz property; police officers, canine officer, administrators and detective have participated in training – 2 officers provided Special Officer instruction at the Police Academy – there were no major incidents during Winter Storm Jonas – February police blotter includes DWI, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana; ran into resident last Friday – sign on Delaware was leaning over – kudos to BA/CFO Riehl, as the DPW took care of it the following Monday – resident can't believe how efficient we were.

Councilman Mayer: trying to schedule full Council budget session on March 8th at 6:30PM (Mayor Reid: will not be there at that time – might be late); BA/CFO Riehl is working hard on the budget – hope to introduce it at the April 5th meeting – frustrating – draft of budget and capital budget aren’t done – currently at 1.9 cent.4.8% tax increase – anticipated 2016 health insurance premium is $1,732,000 – increase of $130K for the year – $105K falls on the Borough and tax payers and $25K falls on employees – hopes to encourage relief on that – looked at self-insurance, but there are contractual issues – pension increase is $131K – biggest single increase is debt service – Sandy has come due – BA/CFO Riehl needs to focus on paying that down – rough estimate is $315K – slew of hiring from P/T to F/T in 2013 may have been justified, but caused a serious add-on in pension & health insurance benefits – asked Council to review capital budget and decide with department heads what is necessary – BA/CFO Riehl is working on surplus regeneration – fairly confident we can regenerate most – low tax rates have caught up to us – parking revenues have pulled us out – asked BA/CFO Riehl to push toward a balanced budget with a reasonable tax increase.

Councilman Toohey: there is a new School Superintendent, Will Smith – he is fantastic; Assemblymen Wolfe & McGuckin’s Bill A939, drafted by a PPB resident, relates to the legal size of lobsters in NJ – would like to support via resolution at the next meeting.

Councilman Migut: Animal Welfare Committee spring fundraiser is April 3rd at The Ark – $35 – buffet, cash bar; Planning Board will consider application for Rte 35S Mexican Restaurant expansion.

Councilman Santanello: Recreation Committee met last Monday – 4 new members are on the agenda for appointment – Sean Hennessy is Chair, Carolan Ammirata is Recording Secretary and Maryann Ellsworth is Treasurer – Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for March 19th; met with Fire Department – commended their job on last week’s Mantoloking structure fire – they took over after the Mantoloking Chief suffered a heart attack – Councilman Vogel was there; 700 people attended last week’s Fishing Flea Market; he recently attended a budget & finance seminar – impressed that PPB does all the things discussed, in terms of good financial planning and budgeting measures – BA/CFO Riehl is doing a phenomenal job.

Mayor Reid: lot of businesses are signing up for the Shop Local program – cards will be printed soon – will discuss more at the next Council meeting; some Council members and the Offshore Powerboat Association met recently about the upcoming Grand Prix – it’s all coming together (Councilman Toohey returned to the dais after stepping out momentarily) will be a Meet the Racers event at Wharfside Patio on Thursday night – Big Brothers Big Sisters is doing fundraiser with the Wharfside – there will be a downtown block party on Friday night – on Saturday, boats with be in Little Silver Lake parking lot, along with boats and vendors – Rotary Club will be celebrating 90th birthday with other functions – there will be parade late afternoon, followed by a party and fireworks and Jenkinson’s that evening – boat races will be at 12PM and 2PM on Sunday – boats will be close to shore and turning in front of Jenkinson’s; his Friday morning walks are going well – wants to initiate Wednesday bike rides – will have yoga and other training on Fridays; thanked the Police and Fire Departments, who greeted PPB High School’s Central Jersey Wrestling Champs back to town at 11PM after their win – the kids will never forget it – Giancarlo Crivelli, from Lavallette, is the district champ – John Finnerty took 2nd – Jack Baker and Forrest Gardner took 3rd – John Finnerty won the regional championship and Giancarlo Crivelli took 2nd – going to the States, starting Friday night – will honor them at a later date; people are excited about the Borough Hall art exhibit – all is going well – there is a good spirit in town – his office is always open.

Administrator Riehl: applied for additional Green Acres funding for the bath house – received a $550K check to offset the purchase price – approved final plans on the renovation – bid date is March 30th, to be awarded at April 5th Council meeting – revisions to the RFP are underway – hopes for renters by July – pre-bid meeting will be at the structure itself; will meet with Declan O'Scanlon, our wireless consultant, and ATT, who is interested in a tower on the Boardwalk – potential revenue of $50K for the summer season; gave kudos to DPW – yesterday, she received a frantic call from a resident who threw out 10-year-old’s birthday presents, including cash and gift cards – our employees rummaged through trash at the recycling center and recovered it (Councilman Migut: asked about the completion date for 1 Ocean Ave) was January 26th – anticipates completion in March, except for the landscaping.

The Municipal Clerk announced additions and revisions to the agenda.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Agenda Items & Ordinances on 1st Reading) BEGAN AT 8:26PM.

Marilyn Burke, Point Pleasant Beach (PPB): asked Councilman Mayer about the tax increase – can’t continue to bond – will drive people out of town; complimented the art exhibit; been going to the Building Department for 20 years – Diane Scavone was nice, polite, knowledgeable and helpful – a very fine worker – losing a big asset.
Donna Vanzo, PPB Crossing Guard: has held her post at River and Arnold Aves for 30 years – takes her job seriously – takes her life in her hands every time she steps off the curb – last time she received a pay increase was 2007 – cost of living has increased considerably – all crossing guards must work a second job to supplement their income – PPB crossing guards have a combined experience of almost 100 years – surrounding towns pay their crossing guards more than $20/hour – she makes $14.70/hour – as protectors of our children, senior citizens and handicapped persons, they deserve a salary commensurate with their dedication and experience – implored reconsideration of the budget.
Vince Castin, PPB: asked about item 1e (Attorney Riordan: explained how Civil Service eligible lists work); approves of the Trenton Ave curb cuts; gave sign to DPW Super Trout for the lane by VFW (Mayor Reid: will have a ceremony – suggested Memorial Day); asked Councilman Toohey about the dune status (Councilman Toohey: status quo) sees no need for them – Government officials should not tell PPB what to do with our beach (Mayor Reid: spoke to the Governor – this battle will go on for a long time – this is a Federal/State issue, not a town issue).

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Agenda Items & Ordinances on 1st Reading) ENDED AT 8:37PM.

Councilman Mayer asked about items 1w & 1x (BA/CFO Riehl: recommends 1w; consensus to remove 1x). Councilman Vogel: asked BA/CFO Riehl about item 1k, saying employees did their jobs – problem is with the meters. Councilman Cortes: asked about item 1m – asked if cancel buttons were added (BA/CFO Riehl: no – just maintenance).

Motion by Councilman Toohey to close public participation and adopt the items listed below was seconded by Councilman Migut and carried by roll call vote.
1a Approval of S/E application/fee waiver for DAV Forget-Me-Not sale on Boardwalk, 7/7-9/1
1b Approval of release of dewatering bond for 1505 Ocean Ave ($1,500)
1c Approval of S/E application/fee waiver for St Peter School Fisherman’s 5K, 4/9
1d Approval of payment to Hutchinson to replace heat/AC unit in meter shop ($6,500)
1e Authorization to request an extension of Civil Service lists
1f Appointment of 4 new members to the Recreation Committee
1g Approval of payment to Denise Sweet from BOA escrow accounts
1h Approval of payment of Payroll #4 ($239,148.15)
1i Approval of Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweeps, 4/30 and 10/22
1j Authorization to revise the Borough’s Bench Policy
1k Approval of 6 W/S adjustments
1l Approval of payment to State of NJ for March employee/retiree health benefits ($137,465.12)
1m Approval of PO to Devo & Assoc for parking meter displays, cancel buttons (NTE $7,500)
1n Approval of PO to Devo & Assoc for monthly airtime for 2016 ($20,086)
1o Approval of payment to OCUA for 1st quarter installment ($119,565.60)
1p Approval of S/E application for the PPB Rec Easter Egg Hunt in Pleasure Park, 3/19
1q Approval of S/E appl for Spec Olympics/JS Running Club Runapalooza through PPB, 4/16
1r Approval of S/E application for Deborah Flea Market/Craft Show in railroad lot, 6/18
1s Approval of PO & payment to Jersey Shore Publications for ad in Chamber guidebook ($1,200)
1u Appointment of Diane Katz to the F/T position of Technical Asst to Construction Official
1v Approval of payment to Galvin Law Firm from Pl Bd and BOA escrow accounts
1w Award of contract to Mumford-Bjorkman Assoc to inspect 3 water tanks ($10,700 base bid)
1y Approval of S/E appl and S/E & parking fee waiver for Chamber Chowder Fest at Inlet lot, 10/8
1z Approval of release of 2 dumpster bonds at 304 New Jersey ($250) & 136 Randall ($250)
2a Approval of S/E Application & fee waiver for Fire Co No. 1 to store motorcycle & sell raffles on Boardwalk, 5/7-9/18
2b Approval of payment of computer-generated vouchers ($163,564.05)
2c Approval of resolution of personnel arbitration matter as recommended by the attorney and execution of the settlement agreement when the form is approved by the attorney – CLOSED SESSION ITEM
2d Approval of requests for curb cuts at 26 Trenton (as is), 115 Trenton (as is) & 117 Trenton
(with 5’ to property line) – ADDED FROM DEPT HEAD MEMOS
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel (except 1e, 2a & 2c), Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut (except 2a), Santanello…YEA
Councilman Vogel & Migut (2a)….ABSTAIN
Councilmen Vogel (1e and 2c)….RECUSE
Per Borough Attorney, assume usual abstentions on item 2b with which Council has conflicts.


Ordinance 2016-01 (Flood Damage Prevention) was considered on second reading. Mayor Reid opened the public hearing.
Patrice Knight, PPB: asked if an extra foot was added on (Attorney Riordan: no – explained)
Motion by Councilman Vogel to close the public hearing and adopt Ordinance 2016-01 was seconded by Councilman Migut and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut, Santanello….YEA

Ordinance 2016-02 (Rezoning - 5 Riverwood Parcels) was considered on second reading. Mayor Reid opened the public hearing, with no member of the public wishing to be heard.
Motion by Councilman Migut to close the public hearing and adopt Ordinance 2016-02 was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut, Santanello….YEA

Ordinance 2016-04 (Amend Parking Plan to Include Fisherman Passes) was considered on second reading. Mayor Reid opened the public hearing, with no member of the public wishing to be heard.
Motion by Councilman Vogel to close the public hearing and adopt Ordinance 2016-04 was seconded by Councilman Migut and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut….YEA
Councilman Santanello….ABSTAIN

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PERIOD (meeting & non-agenda items) BEGAN AT 8:45PM

Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: on behalf of Beautification, echoed Councilman Cortes’ comments about DPW; asked what happened to the transcriptionist; asked about the final Risden’s bid and if plans are available (BA/CFO Riehl: going out to bid – approved plans are available) asked if State Historic Society sees them before or after the bid – Sebring had said, based on age of building, if you take Federal money, it constitutes historic; concerned about County's response to limit flooding, but not stop it – State diverted water from Rte 35 – County and State have ignored PPB – asked about plans, if this continues. Vince Castin, PPB: asked if Mr. Cavagnaro was talking about the Risden’s building; thanked BA/CFO Riehl for the Green Acres grant.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PERIOD (meeting & non-agenda items) ENDED AT 8:52PM

Motion to adjourn by Councilman Vogel was seconded by Councilman Migut and carried by consent of Council. Meeting was adjourned at 8:52PM.

Eileen A. Farrell, RMC
Municipal Clerk

Published March15, 2016 | Council Minutes | 2292

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