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March 1, 2016

Council Agenda

6:30PM EXECUTIVE SESSION: Matters to be discussed include Wallace v PPB settlement negotiations, legal issues involving beach access through property adjacent to Block 10/Lot 3, and four personnel matters. The Governing Body reserves its right to amend and supplement the purposes of executive session by motion at the public meeting.

1 Open Meeting – Public Meeting Notice - Roll Call
2 Flag Salute – Invocation
3 Approval of Minutes: February 16, 2016

4 PROCLAMATION: Diane Scavone, Retired Technical Assistant to the Construction Official

5 BADGE PINNING CEREMONY: Police Officer Joseph Gippetti

a ZO Petrillo RE: Curb Cuts:
1 26 Trenton Avenue
2 115 Trenton Avenue
3 117 Trenton Avenue


10 FIRST PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: agenda items & ordinances on 1st reading (5 min limit)

1a Approval of S/E application/fee waiver for DAV Forget-Me-Not sale on Boardwalk, 7/7-9/1
1b Approval of release of dewatering bond for 1505 Ocean Ave ($1,500)
1c Approval of S/E application/fee waiver for St Peter School Fisherman’s 5K, 4/9
1d Approval of payment to Hutchinson to replace heat/AC unit in meter shop ($6,500)
1e Authorization to request an extension of Civil Service lists
1f Appointment of 4 new members to the Recreation Committee
1g Approval of payment to Denise Sweet from BOA escrow accounts
1h Approval of payment of Payroll #4 ($239,148.15)
1i Approval of Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweeps, 4/30 and 10/22
1j Authorization to revise the Borough’s Bench Policy
1k Approval of 6 W/S adjustments
1l Approval of payment to State of NJ for employee/retiree health benefits for March ($137,465.12)
1m Approval of PO to Devo & Assoc for parking meter displays, cancel buttons (NTE $7,500)
1n Approval of PO to Devo & Assoc for monthly airtime for 2016 ($20,086)
1o Approval of payment to OCUA for 1st quarter installment ($119,565.60)
1p Approval of S/E application for the PPB Rec Easter Egg Hunt in Pleasure Park, 3/19
1q Approval of S/E appl for Spec Olympics/JS Running Club Runapalooza through PPB, 4/16
1r Approval of S/E application for Deborah Flea Market/Craft Show in railroad lot, 6/18
1s Approval of PO & payment to Jersey Shore Publications for ad in Chamber guidebook ($1,200)
1t Approval of PO to SHI for Spillman Tech hardware & software for police dept ($197,715.69)
1u Appointment of Diane Katz to the F/T position of Technical Asst to Construction Official
1v Approval of payment to Galvin Law Firm from Pl Bd and BOA escrow accounts
1w Award of contract to Mumford-Bjorkman Assoc to inspect 3 water tanks (10,700 base bid)
1x Award of contract to Mumford-Bjorkman Assoc to inspect 3 water tanks ($15,100 base + alt)
1y Approval of S/E appl and S/E & parking fee waiver for Chamber Chowder Fest at Inlet lot, 10/8
1z Approval of release of 2 dumpster bonds at 304 New Jersey ($250) & 136 Randall ($250)

2a Approval of S/E Application & fee waiver for Fire Co No. 1 to store motorcycle & sell raffles on Boardwalk, 5/7-9/18
2b Approval of payment of computer-generated vouchers ($163,564.05)

a 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2016-01 (Flood Damage Prevention)
b 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2016-02 (Rezoning - 5 Riverwood Parcels)
c 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2016-04 (Amend Parking Plan to Incl Fisherman Passes)

14 SECOND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: meeting items & non-agenda items (5 minute limit)


Published February26, 2016 | Council Agendas | 2280

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