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January 1, 2016

Council Meeting Minutes

The Municipal Clerk called the regular meeting to order at 12:01PM. Present were Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut and Councilman/Mayor-Elect Reid. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act and led the flag salute. Father Robert Benko of Saint Peter Church delivered the invocation.

OATHS OF OFFICE were administered to the following individuals by the Municipal Clerk:
• Mayor-Elect Stephen D. Reid
• Councilman-Elect George A. (Andy) Cortes
• Councilman-Elect Robert A. Santanello
• Fire Chief John DeMillio
• Assistant Fire Chief Ira Waldman
• Deputy Fire Chief Dan Miles
• Deputy Fire Chief Robert Gronau


Mayor Stephen Reid: wished all Happy New Year; thanked Father Bob for his invocation – important to have God on our side; recognized and thanked those in attendance including Senator Andrew Ciesla, Point Pleasant Mayor Robert Sabosik, Mayor Emeritus Daniel Hennessy, former Councilmembers Barbara Reid (his mother), Frank Carey and David Cavagnaro, former Municipal Clerk Maryann Ellsworth, Point Pleasant Councilman Michael Thulen, as well as his family, especially he wife and his daughter – appreciates their support over the years – been a long road – looking to do great things with the Council, going forward – recognized his friends in attendance including the Manzo, Fioretti, Aggeusseau, Fraunheim, Schaller and Radamachers families; congratulated and wished luck to the newly-sworn in Fire Officers – in good hands – appreciates their help and all they give to the town; had asked Councilman Santanello about a year ago to be a Councilman – thanked his wife for saying yes – will be a great ride – will do great things and he appreciates it; Councilman Cortes was a great Council President last year – thanked him for all he has done and is doing – looks forward to working together; wished Councilman Vogel the best of luck as (the expected) Council President this year – he will be great; have a great working team, with one thing in mind, which is to create the best town for the residents – the town’s reputation has taken a shift over the years – it’s not the town he grew up in – he and the Council are committed to making it better for everybody – must rebrand our town, which was once-known as family, fun, safe town – wants to continue that – he and the Council will dig deep in their pockets and turn this ship around – need to get out to the State and the Country what a great town this once was and what a great town it will be again – excited about the rebranding – must put some skin in the game; wants to come up with a new web site, as the current one is not user-friendly – interested in a PPB phone app, with information on the town, parking, restaurants, stores, discounts, hotels and motels – will be working with companies, the Chamber and business owners – will be fantastic for PPB; will have an office in town – wants to continue being out front – invites face-to-face resident meetings to address concerns and issues – communication and treating people right is key; need to help the businesses who have invested in and love this town – need to give back to them – downtown, restaurants, Boardwalk and fishing industries are all doing well – need to ensure that they thrive – people love our downtown – need to keep it that way – last year, Council approved the Shop Local program, which should get going in January/February – will provide tax credits for residents and encourage residents to shop here – wants to work with the hotels/motels on having a trolley to move people around – have a lot of day-trippers – need people to spend prolonged days for the benefit of the hotel/motel industry and businesses – if people could park their cars and travel around by trolley, it would help – really need to look into it – would look nice and classy too; our employees are special – appreciates what they’ve done – Council need to invest in their future – been speaking with BA/CFO Riehl, who does a great job, about a wellness program for employees and residents – might start a Walk with the Mayor – at no cost to employees; must celebrate PPB and we don’t do that – that will change – has spoken to local artists about a Visiting Artist Program every couple of months – will hang their PPB pictures/photos in the Council Chambers and hallways; spoke to Borough Attorney Riordan and Planning Board Attorney Galvin about a Planning Board Review Committee to make it less costly for applicants who could sit with the committee before hiring engineers and lawyers before coming before the Planning Board – has spoken to other towns and Councils who have done it; need to do more for the seniors in town – former Councilwoman Tooker works at the High School and, with the Student Council, runs senior lunches three times a year – wants to increase that to six – Superintendent thinks it is a great idea – intergenerational learning is very important – Historical Society is connected to this building – not many have visited – has some great stuff – there are ways to get the Historical Society working with the schools – suggested having seniors read to kids at Antrim School; need better relationships with the surrounding towns, the Senate, Assembly and Governor’s Office, local Mayors and the school; have one of the best schools in the State – need to talk about it and be excited about it – that’s why people come; it is a big agenda, but he is excited about it.


Councilman Cortes: congratulated the Fire personnel – will continue to do a great job, as others have done in the past; congratulated Councilman Santanello, who he has known from Little League and Recreation – will be an asset; congratulated Mayor Reid – third time's a charm; suggested, as Mayor Reid is a big bowtie-wearer that his fellow Councilmen wear bow ties today – they all bought in – ties were custom made by Councilman Vogel’s seamstress – Councilman Migut picked out the pattern; thankful that his family, including his three daughters and three of his seven grandchildren could be here today; reiterated the Mayor’s comments – he grew up in this town and loves it – agrees with rebranding, shifting and lots of positive communication – a one-party Council is a good thing, if all communicate – all think independently, but have a common goal to make the town better, family-oriented, invite people back and keep businesses going – he is a big Shop Local guy; thanked his better half, Colleen, who has endured this for four years – he lost the first time around by eleven votes – it’s been great – three years goes by quick; will not be in charge of Buildings and Grounds this year, but he will still be out there – looks forward to making 2016 great.

Councilman Santanello: five years ago, he would have laughed at the idea of sitting on this dais – his good friend, John Jackson, has asked him quite often to run for office and he said absolutely not – his kids had aged out of sports, he was finished with being Little League President and running Recreation basketball and was enjoying being a fan in the stands – believes God has a funny way of laughing at our plans – Sandy hit and changed everything – his family lost their home – had to move out of town for several years – had not realized how much he missed PPB – after the storm, the first person from the government in his neighborhood was then-Councilman Reid, who got an earful from him – the next person he saw was Councilman Cortes – three years later, then-Councilman Reid asked him to run – couldn’t say no to him and the town that treated him and his family so well – couldn’t have asked for a better, more concerned group of people than the gentlemen on this dais – the ordinances they’ve passed over the last several years have made it easier to rebuild homes and make them more beautiful – have done a great job with the recovery – that's why he is here now – hopes to reach the high standards these gentlemen have put out there; is great to have a Mayor who loves PPB and is a cheerleader – the tone from the center of the dais will be completely changed, and he is excited to have Mr. Reid as Mayor – congratulated him; publicly thanked the employees and those who helped with his rebuild – the Police Department, who protected the properties, the DPW, who put in long hours, worked hard and quickly cleared the town of debris – congratulated the Fire Chiefs and Assistants – had fun watching them destroy his house the night he gave it to them, before it was torn down – appreciates what they all do – is forever in debt to Karen Mills, Diane Scavone, Elaine Petrillo and Mike Gardner, who held his hand and walked him through all the paperwork and hurdles to get his home built – Raymond Savacool is great Borough Engineer – appreciates all his help – has many contractor friends and hears horror stories about other towns’ Building Departments – they always praise PPB’s Building Department – should keep this in mind – is looking forward to working with the other town employees – a class group of people – thanked Eileen Farrell and Chris Riehl for helping him with a smooth transition – Kevin Riordan is an excellent Borough Attorney – looks forward to working with the rest; thanked and apologized to his family, in advance, for any stress he may cause them – acknowledged his long-suffering wife, Joan, who will have to listen to him talk about town business for at least the next three years, and his three children, who make him proud everyday; is ready to get started.


Councilman Toohey: Council very rarely agrees on anything, which is to the benefit of PPB – looks forward to working with the gentlemen up here; wished all Happy New Year.
Motion by Councilman Toohey to appoint Councilman Vogel as the Council President for the year 2016 was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut, Santanello


Motion by Councilman Mayer to appoint Councilman Thomas Migut as Class III Planning Board member for the year 2016 was seconded by Councilman Vogel and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut, Santanello


Point Pleasant Mayor Bob Sabosik: looks forward to a close relationship between the towns – have many kindred spirits with close histories – can do great things for both – his door is open.


Motion by Councilman Cortes to close Public Participation was seconded by Councilman Migut and carried by consent of Council.

Motion by Councilman Mayer to approve items listed below was seconded by Councilman Toohey and carried by roll call vote.
1a Kevin B. Riordan, Esq., LLC, Toms River – Borough Attorney
1b Thomas Gannon, Hiering, Gannon, McKenna, Toms River – Special Project Attorney
1c Steven L. Rogut, Rogut McCarthy LLC, Cranford – Bond Counsel
1d Steven A. Zabarsky, Citta, Holzapfel & Zabarsky, PC, Toms River – Municipal Prosecutor
1e Bonnie R. Peterson, Attorney At Law, Seaside Park – Conflict Prosecutor
1f Bonnie R. Peterson, Attorney At Law, Seaside Park – Animal House Prosecutor
1g Michael Schaller, Esq., King, Kitrick, Jackson & McWeeney, LLC, Brick – Public Defender
1h Raymond D. Bogan, Sinn, Fitzsimmons, Cantoli, Bogan, & West – Conflict Public Defender
1i Robert M. LePore, Esq., Brick – Conflict Judge
1j Brian E. Rumpf, Rumpf, Reid & Dolcy, PC, Tuckerton – Animal House Judge
1k Warren M. Korecky, Suplee, Clooney & Company CPAs, Westfield – Borough Auditor
1l Raymond Savacool, T&M Associates, Toms River – Borough Engineer
1m O’Donnell Stanton & Assoc, Inc., Toms River & Mid Atlantic Engineering Partners, LLC, Hamilton – Special Project Engineers
1n T&M Associates, Toms River – Municipal Planner
1o Kevin B. Riordan, Esq., LLC, Toms River – Real Estate Attorney
1p Armando V. Riccio, Esq., Medford and Toms River – Labor Counsel
1q Dasti, Murphy, McGuckin, Ulaky, Koutsouris & Connors, Forked River – Tax Appeal Attorney
1r Turbo Electric, Point Pleasant – Electricians (Emergency Electrical Services)
1s Phoenix Advisors, Bordentown – Financial Advisors
1t Meridian Occupational – Borough Physician
1u The Institute for Forensic Psychology, Oakland – Police Psychologist
2a Approval of Temporary Budget for 2016
2b Appointment of Standing Council Committees for 2016
2c Establish Personnel Committee for 2016
2d Establish Meeting Dates for 2016
2e Establish Interest to be charged on delinquent taxes and water-sewer utility bills
2f Establish 6% penalty for Tax Delinquencies over $10,000.00
2g Authorization for Council to administer ABC licenses & enforce state statutes
2h Designation of newspapers to be used for legal ads during 2016
2i Appointment of Christine Riehl as Tax Search Officer for 2016
2j Appointment of Eileen Farrell as Assessment Search Officer for 2016
2k Appointment of Kathryn Beno as Deputy Finance Officer for 2016
2l Appointment of Janet Mutter as Deputy Municipal Clerk for 2016
2m Appointment of John Trout as Certified Principal Public Works Manager for 2016
2n Appointment of Janet Mutter as Deputy Registrar for 2016
2o Appointment of Karen Mills as Alternate Deputy Registrar for 2016
2p Appointment of Clinton Daniel as Deputy Emergency Mgt Coordinator for 2016
2q Appointment of Municipal Representative (Christine Riehl) & Alternate (Borough Engineer) to Ocean County Community Development Block Grant Committee for 2016
2r Appointment of Christine Riehl as Public Agency Compliance Officer for 2016
2s Appointment of Council liaisons (2) to the Board of Education
2t Appointment of Council liaison to the Chamber of Commerce
2u Appointment of SLEOs I & II, School Crossing Guards, Police Matrons, Parking Enforcement Officers, P/T Data Entry Clerk & P/T Communications Operators for 2016
2v Appointment of Tax Assessor to act as agent on Tax Appeals and Execute Settlements
2w Appointment of Kathryn Beno as QPA and reaffirmation of increase in bid threshold for 2016
2x Authorization to draft Application for Safe & Secure Communities Program for 2016 and appointment of Joseph Michigan as grant coordinator
2y Establishment of fees for special DWI sessions
2z Re-establishment of Petty Cash Funds for 2016
3a Designation of CFO to act as Governing Body Secretary during Budget Workshop sessions
3b Establishment of $10 late fee for late payment of dog license fees
3c Establishment of annual Halloween curfew
3d Establishment of mileage reimbursement rate for 2016
3e Payment of annual lease fee to State for Rickover Park & open space at junction of Rts 35 & 88
3f Establishment of Clerk/BA stipends for Council meetings & special Bd of Adj meetings
3g Appointment of Christine Riehl as PERMA Fund Commissioner
3h Appointment of Christine Riehl as Insurance Fund Commissioner and Eileen Farrell as Insurance Fund Deputy Commissioner and Insurance Fund Personnel Administrator
3i Appointment of Eileen Farrell as NJ Civil Service System Administrator
3j Appointment of Karen Mills as Board of Health Officer
3k Re-establishment of OPRA copy and administrative fees for 2016
3l Re-establishment of property tax exemption policy for disabled veterans
3m Re-authorization for CFO to issue hand written checks prior to Governing Body approval
3n Appointment of Karen Mills as Dog Warden for 2016
3o Re-establishment of Parking Machine Refund Policy RE: No Refunds
3p Appointment of Peter Ritchings as Dune Inspector for 2016
3q Designation of records custodians for each department
3r Re-establishment of part-time personnel and salaries for certain employees
3s Re-establishment of Condo Conversion Fee Schedule for 2016
3t Designation of financial institution and authorization for Mayor & CFO to act as signatories on Borough accounts
3u Re-establishment of miscellaneous water/sewer rates
3v Establishment of annual League of Municipalities policy
3w Authorization for Recreation Committee to accept applications for Summer Program from the parents of children who attend Antrim School, as well as from Borough employees
3x Establishment of Notary fee at $2.50/document
3y Requirement of Purchasing Agent to serve on Finance Committee
3z Requirement of Elected Officials to take one instructional course each year
4a Requirement of additional CFO duties in compliance with DLGS ‘Best Practices’
4b Payment of accrued sick time to M. Ellsworth
4c Appointments to Local Emergency Planning Council
4d Establishment of Local Emergency Planning Council meeting dates
4e Re-establishment of Special Event policy regarding no new events
4f Reaffirmation of Borough’s Civil Rights Policy
4g Re-instatement of litter patrol during summer season
4h Re-establishment of W/S ready-to-use charge waiver
4i Authorization for Mayor to execute, as grantee, any easements granting to Point Pleasant Beach and the State of New Jersey the necessary property rights for the ACOE dune replenishment project upon approval of the form by the Borough Attorney without further action of the Council
4j Re-adoption of Meeting Protocol Policy, with revised Organization Meeting time
4k Designation of depositories for municipal funds during 2016
4l Re-approval of 11 Adopt-A-Spot applications
5a Approval of exemption from municipal portion of dog/cat license fees for volunteer fire/first aid personnel
5b Approval of exemption for one bulk pick-up fee/annum for volunteer fire/first aid personnel
5c Approval of exemption from water shut-off/turn-on fees for volunteer fire/first aid personnel
5d Designation of Fire Chief to sign documents and act as liaison for Firefighter Certification
5e Authorization for participation in the volunteer tuition credit program
5f Authorization for emergency services personnel to participate in AFLAC insurance programs
5g Authorization for Municipal Clerk to sign Fire Dept applications before placing on agenda
6a Appointments to Board of Adjustment
6b Appointments to Environmental Commission and Council Liaison
6c Appointments to Recreation Committee and Council Liaison
6d Appointments to Beautification Committee and Council Liaison
6e Appointments to Animal Welfare Committee and Council Liaison
6f Appointments to Community Endowment Fund
6g Appointments to Open Space Advisory Committee
6h Appointment of Council Liaison to the Shade Tree Advisory Committee
6i Appointment to Parking Authority
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel (except 5a-5g), Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut (except 5a-5g), Santanello
Councilmen Vogel (items 5a-5g) and Migut (items 5a-5g)….ABSTAIN

Motion by Councilman Mayer to approve the following MAYORAL APPOINTMENTS was seconded by Councilman Toohey and carried by roll call vote:
A Tourism Committee Members and Council Liaison
B Planning Board Members
C Historical Preservation Commission Members
D Non-Resident Taxpayers Advisory Committee Members and Council Liaison
VOTE: Councilmen Vogel, Cortes, Mayer, Toohey, Migut, Santanello


Councilman Mayer: congratulated Mayor Reid – has worked hard for this – hopes it was worth the struggle – looks forward to working with him; Mayor Reid and Councilman Cortes are hard workers; congratulated Councilmen Santanello – glad he is here; hopes the Governing Body will be productive and move forward in a kinder, softer way; wished all Happy New Year.

Councilman Vogel: wished Councilman Reid all the best and good luck; Councilman Santanello is a wonderful addition – has done a lot for the community; wished all Happy New Year.

Councilman Migut: wished all Happy New Year; congratulated the Fire officers who have gone through long hours of training to ascend in the ranks; congratulated the new Board/Committee appointees – encouraged participation; congratulated and welcomed Councilman Santanello; congratulated Councilman Cortes on a well-deserved re-election; excited about the Mayor’s agenda.

Motion by Councilman Migut to adjourn was seconded by Councilman Toohey and carried by consent of Council.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:41PM.

ATTEST: ____________________________________
Eileen A. Farrell, RMC
Municipal Clerk

Published January20, 2016 | Council Minutes | 2251

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