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August 5, 2015


August 5, 2015 regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board opened at 7:00 pm. The Clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were Board members Mr. Dooley, Mr. Ritchings, Mr. Winter, Chairman Highton, Councilman Migut, Ms. Devon, Mr. Cavagnaro and Mr. Corbally
Absent: Mr. Paesano and Mr. Ritchings
Also present: Karen Mills, Dennis Galvin and Ray Savacool
Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Winter to memorialize the minutes of June 3, 2015

In favor – Dooley, Ritchings, Winter, Highton, Migut, Devon, Cavagnaro and Corbally
Opposed: None

Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Winter to memorialize the minutes of July 1, 2015-

In favor – Dooley, Winter, Migut, Devon, Cavagnaro and Corbally
Opposed: None

Application #2015-383 – Ocean Co. Fire Department # 1 – 400 Arnold Avenue – Block 78; Lot 16 – Applicant is requesting to replace existing message sign with LED sign.

Michael Corbally and Bryn Devon are excusing themselves from the following courtesy review.

Michael Brodeur, representative from Ocean County Fire Department stated that the new sign will actually be slightly smaller than the existing sign and will only advertise Fire Department and emergency management business. The sign will be dimmed late night.

No audience questions/comments

Motion by Mr. Winter, second by Mr. Ritchings to support the sign proposal

In favor: Dooley, Ritchings, Ritchings and Cavagnaro
Opposed: None

Application #2015-382 – All Points Mobile Marine, LLC – 320 Hawthorne – Block 109; Lot 4 – Change of use site plan

Applicant is requesting to convert 1000 square feet of warehouse into retail sales and service for a marine equipment business.

Ray Bogan attorney for applicant. Douglas Blake, principal, sworn. Ray Bogan summarized application. Change of use – predecessor used building for servicing marine vessels and now the present tenant would like to add retail sales. Retail sales are a permissible use in this zone.

Board inquired about use of parking lot and limited parking of boats in parking spaces. The boats for sale are 20 to 25 foot boats. Douglas Blake stated that there will be fewer boats parked for display then previous tenant; the display boats will not impede on any parking or right of way. They will not be storing any boats at this location.

Mr. Ritchings stated that he remembered the property being used in a similar fashion.

Robert Burdick, Professional Planner/Engineer, sworn, credentials accepted, reviewed the Board engineers review letter; believes site is adequate for proposed use.
Councilman Migut questioned site lighting. Hours of operation are 7:30am until 5pm. Mr. Corbally inquired is they ever plan on renting the parking spaces. (No)

Councilman Migut – Believes that this is a good site for the intended use and will be in favor of the application.

Mr. Ritchings- All parking concerns are noted; in favor and wished the applicant the best of luck.

Chairman Highton – Would like to see the parking lot re striped. Solid application


1. No boats are to be stored on the sidewalk or the Boroughs right of way.
2. The Board understands there will be front yard storage for display but there will never be boats parked within the 18 parking spaces.
3. Spaces must be lined prior to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy.

Motion by second by to approve Mr. Ritchings, second by Councilman Migut to approve application ##2015-382 – All Points Mobile Marine, LLC – 320 Hawthorne – Block 109; Lot 4 – Change of use site plan – with conditions

In favor: Dooley, Ritchings, Winter, Migut, Devon, Cavagnaro, Corbally and Highton
Opposed: None

Application approved with conditions

Ordinance 2015-17 – Development Ordinance for discussion and vote.

Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Ritchings to support Development ordinance #2015-17
In favor - Migut, Winter and Ritchings
Opposed – Dooley, Devon, Cavagnaro, Corbally and Highton

Majority voted not to support


Mr. Dooley – Asked for clarification. Feels like it is giving people who have lost their homes one more problem to deal with and that it will cause more variances. He said “don’t make the mouse trap”; there is no reason for this. Thinks this is pointless.
Chairman Highton and Ms. Devon believes that it should apply to the whole town.
Mr. Cavagnaro – Stated that an engineer went over a list at the council meeting of homes that cannot be built under this ordinance. Also believes that it is discriminating that it does not include the whole town and also believes that it does affect the value of property in the flood zone. It does a disservice to the people that have been hit hardest from the storm.
Ms., Devon – said there are pockets of land that are not in the flood district so one home will be next door to a home that will be excluded from the ordinance. There is one home on Beacon Lane that is not in the flood zone so he can build something different than his neighbors.
Mr. Corbally – Believes it will lower property values in the flood zone. People coming in with plans have first floor the same as the second floor. He has had to send prospective buyers to building department. Every house being built now is squaring off and they are beautiful homes.
All purchasers’ want to maximize their space. The days of the Victorian house is over.
Mr. Winter – Believes that it is good to avoid canyons. He believes that without this we will end up with very tall boxes.
Mr. Ritchings – Under the confines of the existing ordinance we will end up with maxed out boxes. Is in favor of this ordinance.
Councilman Migut – Stated that he had discussions with the building Department and that people are asking for more even though they now have all that storage in the foundation and that goes against the Flood Plain Management Plan.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm
Attest: Karen L. Mills, LUA
Clerk of the Board

Published October07, 2015 | Planning Board Minutes | 2186

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