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July 1, 2015


The July 1, 2015 regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board opened at 7:30 pm. The Clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were Board members Mr. Dooley, Mr. Winter, Ms. Devon, Mr. Cavagnaro, Mr. Corbally and Councilman Migut
Absent: Paesano, Ritchings and Highton
Also present: Karen Mills, Board Clerk/Secretary, Steven Gleeson, Board attorney and Ray Savacool, Board Engineer

Motion by Mr. Winter, second by Mr. Corbally to nominate Mr. Winter as acting Chairman
In favor: LD, MW, TM, DC, BD and MC
Opposed - none

Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Winter to memorialize the action and vote approving application #2015- of 381 Nancy Gilbert 807 Long Point Lane - Block 118; Lot 18 Minor subdivision
In favor - LD, MW, TM, DC, BD and MC
Opposed: None

Master Plan Workshop/Martin Truscott T & M Associates Continued workshop
Mr. Cavagnaro questioned the floor area ratio recommendation (from 2007) It will be deleted (MT)
Mr. Dooley Page 18 Flood plain management plan - #3 Maintain beach and Dune management is in 2007 Flood Plain management plan but not in the 2015 Flood Plain Management Plan. Believes it should be in there.
Mr. Winter believes that Randall Avenue should be their own zone with 25 foot wide lots since most of that area is already 25 foot lot. Ray Savacool stated that the only Zone with 25 foot wide lots is RR1. Mr. Winter thinks they could be their own zone.
Mr. Cavagnaro Page #7 Height of homes in RR1 should be updated to 25 feet in height.

Martin Truscott stated that the recommended changes will be made and will be sent to the administrator.

Flood Plain Management plan draft discussion/vote
Mr. Dooley inquired what our dune ordinance is. It is constantly referenced in the Flood Plain Movement Plan. It is mentioned that it should be enforced. Who is the Dune officer? (Pete Ritchings)Is someone enforcing it? Ray Savacool stated that any dune violation is enforced by the DEP. There is no one walking the beach to see if there is anything illegal. Mr. Dooley stated then why do we have a dune ordinance this is more serious than not mowing your lawn; this is serious. Mr. Winter said that this is a very nice document but it is like having a prison without having walls; the dune ordinance is useless because it is not enforceable. We should have an ordinance that we can enforce. Councilman Migut stated that when the dunes project gets its legs the dune ordinance will be viable; the dunes are coming, it might be a year but they are coming. Mr. Winter is upset that the board is going to vote on a plan and that the dune ordinance is not enforceable. Mr. Cavagnaro inquired if there is a contingency plan if the dune project does not go forward (No); he suggested that the homeowners and businesses be required to replace the sand under the boardwalk.

Motion by Mr. Winter, second by Councilman Migut to support the Flood Plain Management Plan with the recommendation of reviewing the Borough dune ordinance and the job of the dune inspector.
In favor: Dooley, Migut, Winter, Devon, Cavagnaro and Corbally
Opposed: None

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm
Attest: Karen L. Mills, LUA
Clerk/Secretary of the Board

Published August06, 2015 | Planning Board Minutes | 2156

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