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June 3, 2015


The June 3, 2015 regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board opened at 7:30 pm. The Clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were Board members Mr. Dooley, Mr. Ritchings, Mr. Winter, Chairman Highton, Ms. Devon, Mr. Cavagnaro, Mr. Corbally and Councilman Migut
Absent: Paesano
Also present: Karen Mills, Board Clerk/Secretary, Dennis Galvin, Board attorney and Ray Savacool, Board Engineer

Motion by Mr. Ritchings, second by Councilman Migut to memorialization the minutes of May 6, 2015 –
In favor: Ritchings, Highton, Migut, Devon, Cavagnaro and Corbally
Opposed: None

Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Ritchings to memorialize the action and vote approving the minor subdivision of #2015-380 of John C. Amelchenko with conditions.
In favor: Ritchings, Migut, Devon, Cavagnaro, Corbally and Highton
Opposed: None

Ben Montenegro is conflict attorney for the following application.
Application #2015-381 – Nancy Gimbert – 807 Long Point Lane - Block 118; Lot 18 – Minor subdivision requiring “c” variances.
Bob Burdick, applicant’s Professional Planner/Engineer explained the reasoning behind the property line of the lots and reviewed the engineering letter.
The two homes are legal homes; the application does not propose anything different than the existing homes. There have been two homes since 1953. Lot 18.02 will be accessed through the utility easement. It is the way the way the property is accessed now.
1. The Applicant shall comply with all conditions in the Board Engineer Report dated
May 26, 2015 unless exempted herein.
2. Submission of easement for review and approval of the Board Engineer and Board Attorney.
No audience questions /comments
Migut – Lots are a conforming size and I see no detriment to granting the variances.
Highton – Agree – second what Councilman Migut stated.

Motion by Mar. Corbally, second by Mr. Dooley to approve Application #2015-381 – Nancy Gimbert – 807 Long Point Lane - Block 118; Lot 18 – Minor subdivision requiring “c” variances.
In favor – Dooley, Ritchings, Winter, Migut, Devon, Cavagnaro and Corbally
Opposed: None
Application approved

Flood Plain Management plan – Ray Savacool reviewed the plan and requested the Board vote to adopt. Mr. Dooley inquired about Jenkinson’s law suit; essentially even if the plan is adopted it is wishful thinking if Jenkinson’s lawyer can hold it up. Mr. Dooley inquired if the lawsuit has a date to be heard. (Does not know) Ray Savacool stated that the Corp of Engineers is on hold at this time. Mr. Cavagnaro does not feel that the Board has had enough time to review the lengthy document. The Board will defer on the vote until next meeting and Ray Savacool will provide a hard copy. Mr. Cavagnaro noted a few items that needed clarity.

Board discussion – Ordinance’s 2015-12/2015-13 -
Ordinance #2015-12
In support - Dooley, Ritchings, Migut, Highton and Corbally
Not in favor – Winter, Devon and Cavagnaro
Majority vote to support
Comments –
Mr. Dooley needed clarification on how the height is measured. Believes the language should be easier for the average “Joe” to understand.
Mr. Cavagnaro – Believes all measurements should be made from the curb for consistency throughout the town. This creates two different measurements for the town and it causes confusion.
Mr. Winter – Concerned about the box effect; he liked the ordinance together. He believes it gives the home more aesthetic appeal and control. He would like to see the two ordinances put back together.

Ordinance #2015-13
In support - Ritchings, Winter and Migut
Not in favor – Dooley, Devon, Cavagnaro, Corbally and Highton
Majority vote not in favor
Mr. Dooley - Needed clarification on the impervious coverage regulations. (Covered porches). Ray Savacool clarified that you can lift your structure but if you are expanding the ordinance would apply.
Mr. Corbally - Believes the corner lots are a concern. Someone can build a home and just a 250 square foot room to the rear and that would satisfy the 85%. No one sees that from the front. He sees many homes with one story over the other that are attractive. Not sure what is being done in a positive way.
Mr. Cavagnaro – Believes this will create more variances. Concerned it will make all other homes pre-existing non-conformities. Mr. Galvin explained that they corrected the language so that a con-forming additions can be added without variance. Mr. Savacool stated that this applies to homes that are being elevated and expanded and new construction.

Board Discussion – Master Plan Workshop/Martin Truscott T & M Associates
Martin Truscott explained that the focus was how can we recover from “Super storm Sandy” and move forward. That is the focus of this document. There are not any major changes that have been recommended at this point; no zoning changes. There are some changes to the Land Use ordinances – setback of stairs and minor changes to make it easier to rebuild. Part of the document shows all of the community facilities in the flood hazard area and how they should be upgraded for safety. Suggestions for more safety options for bicyclist and pedestrians (trails/crosswalks). Still a draft that can be added to – a legal process.
Board reviewed Master plan examination report and the Board had several recommendation –
Mr. Cavagnaro questioned several items - page four about the boundary line by Jaeger Lumber? (Jaeger remains commercial). Page 5 –Clarification of Marine Commercial zone ; Page 7 – last paragraph – Master plan needs to be updated to match proposed ordinances.; Parking was discussed; Page Roman numeral VI – Possibility to encourage use of public transportation. Mr. Cavagnaro inquired why we would encourage people to travel here by train for discounted beach badges. Mr. Ritchings stated there are good reasons to encourage mass transit. Mr. Corbally does not believe that packing an extra 5,000 people by train does not help the town; we are already full on nice weekends. We at least get revenue from the people who park. Martin Truscott the report just suggest public transportation. Dennis Galvin believes that point should be removed. Mr. Corbally questioned Roman number VIII – camper mobile home; it is very confusing – it needs to be clarified. Additional bike racks were suggested for the business area.
It was decided to further discuss the Master Plan revision draft at the July 1, 2015 meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm

Attest: Karen L. Mills, LUA
Clerk/Secretary of the Board

Published August06, 2015 | Planning Board Minutes | 2155

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