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June 4, 2015


The June 4, 2015 regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Board of Adjustment opened at 7:30 pm. The clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were regular members: Mr. Loder, Mr. Spader, Mr. Kelly, vice chair Reilly, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Dixon and Mr. Davis

Absent: Mr. Ardito, Chairman Struncius and Renner

Also present: Dennis Galvin, Board Attorney, Board Engineer and Karen L. Mills, Clerk

Court Reporter – Denise Sweet

Application #2015-21 – Barbara R. Walsh – 155 Ocean Avenue – Block 129.02; Lot 2 - Applicant wishes to construct a deck in the rear yard.

Barbara R. Walsh, applicant sworn, stated that she would like a rear deck to be able to enjoy her backyard more. Her home is elevated and she has an elderly mother that visits and it would make it more convenient.


Loder – Understand the challenges and location of the deck. Not really much of an issue and will be leaning in favor.

Spader - I think the deck will be a great enhancement. Diminimus amount and will support this application.

Kelly – I have no problem and will be in favor.

Reynolds – It is an open deck and it is in the back. It is not going to affect anyone but you; in favor.

Dixon – I like the idea of the deck but not the idea of it being in the setbacks. Would like to see it pulled in.

Davis – Agree that the amount of coverage is diminimus. Certainly think that this meets the positive criteria and will be in favor.

Reilly – It is a beautiful house; not crazy about the 2 foot side yard setback but the home is already that distance. Not a problem and will be in favor.

Motion by Mr. Reynolds, second by Mr. Loder to approve application #@015-21 of Barbara R. Walsh with conditions

In favor: Loder, Spader, Kelly, Reynolds, Dixon, Davis and Reilly

Opposed: None

Application approved with conditions


1. The deck is to be constructed with the materials as described to the Board at the time of the hearing.

2. The deck is not to be enclosed or covered. The Board finds it critical that it is an open deck that allows for aquifer recharge.

Application #2015-23 – Louis/Gina Ghione – 109 Forman – Block 68: Lot 5 – Applicant is lifting existing single family dwelling and wishes to construct a new front porch.
(Not being heard – notice deficient)

Application #2015-22 – Richard/Kathryn Repoli – 205 Princeton Avenue – Block 141; Lot 18 – Applicant wishes to raise existing single family dwelling and construct an addition to rear with wrap around deck.
Richard Repoli, applicant, sworn. Applicant is looking to raise the house and add some decking and additional building. Jason Marciano, engineer, sworn, and is employed by East coast engineering. Has previously appeared before boards in Lacey, Toms River and Berkley Township. Credentials accepted.
Jason Marciano went on to describe project. Applicant wants to raise home and utilize existing foundation. The foundation will be all garage compliant slab. Looking to add about 200 square feet of room to the rear. Moved driveway to center; eliminated garage and side driveway. Applicant wants to add deck (wrap around) from front of home to rear that is six (6) feet wide that encroaches on side yard setback. Deck will be 11 feet off the ground (full story). Addition will extend four (4) off rear of home. Reduced impervious to 44.9%, but increased building coverage to 39.3%. Mr. Spader inquired if there was a medical reason that you have to connect the front and back porch (No). Exhibits A-3 – Photos taken today - Shows existing condition of property. Mr. Dixon questioned the front yard being pavers. Mr. Dixon does not like the whole front yard being turned into a parking lot. Mr. Spader is not happy with the elevated deck next to the neighbor’s home; it will invade their privacy. Has not heard anything convincing; the applicant can enter their home and walk to the rear. Ray Savacool stated that if you eliminate the entire deck on the side it will reduce building coverage by over 6%. Mr. Reynolds – it is a deck – no positive criteria that can be met by having that deck encroach into the side yard setback. Richard Repoli stated that he thinks he is making the house more attractive. Mr. Reynolds inquired if he had any first floor damage? (No) Mr. Reynolds inquired if he thought of eliminating one of the garage doors? (No)

Audience questions

Matthew Devoti, 203 Princeton Avenue, sworn - Curious about the addition on the rear affecting his air flow. Inquired how high the rear addition will be. (Home going up 10 feet, no foundation) Photos entered N-1

Dave Winters, 207 Princeton – Inquired how close to the side yard setback will the rear deck be?

Christina Repoli – Damage of water hit floor boards.

Audience comments

Dave Winters, 207 Princeton, sworn – Does not have plans to raise his home. His home complies to flood regulations. He has concerns about his privacy. His bedrooms are on that side and the loss of privacy; his 6 foot fence means nothing with the deck being 11 feet in the air only 2 feet off the fence. No one else has a need to raise their home; they all comply. Thinks it will be a beautiful home but wishes it was a bigger lot. N-2 Entered – photos taken in the last week.

Matthew Devoti – Concerned because it is a small lot; N-3 photos – Look at photos 2 and 3 – The front of the homes are pretty much the same. Concerned for his privacy and air flow. We already hear each other through the windows.

Katherine Repoli, applicant, sworn - Two garages because the front is not even. Always wanted to live in a town. Purchased home with daughter and plans to live in home full time when they retire in 5 years. Plans on growing old here.

Mr. Reynolds said if they were to eliminate the entire deck on the west side of the home he would be open to extending the deck into the rear yard as long as the deck was removed out of the side yard setback.

Thomas Scala, sworn – stated that soil borings were done and it is structurally sound.

Dennis Galvin requested to take a break to speak to the applicant.

Mr. Repoli really would like to keep the two garages. Dennis Galvin explained that the board does not have to answer that.
Motion by Mr. Spader, second by Mr. Reynolds to carry application #2015-22 of Katherine/Richard Repoli, 205 Princeton Avenue to September 3, 2015 without notice.
Applicant has waived the time for the application to be heard.
In favor: Loder, Spader, Kelly, Reilly, Reynolds, Dixon and Davis
Opposed: None

Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm

Attest: Karen L. Mills, LUA
Clerk of the Board

Published July20, 2015 | Board of Adjustment Minutes | 2142

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