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January 10, 2006


Meeting came to order at 7:00 pm and concluded at 9:00 pm. Members present were Chairman Robert Autenrieth, Kathy Foley, Anne Lightburn, Joel Cooper, Jim Harper and Denise Lord. Councilman Mike DiCicco was in attendance. Guests from the public included former Environmental Commission member Kitty Philipp, newly appointed Environmental Commission Alternate Rosa Crowley, Student Nina Sassano, Resident Peggy Buccino and Resident Craig Jones.

Secretary’s Report / Review of Minutes

Minutes from the December 13th meeting were reviewed, discussed, and approved. Member Kathy Foley motioned to approve, Member Joel Cooper seconded, all members were in favor. Chairman Rob Autenrieth discussed the possibility that newly appointed Commission Member Amy Mecuro take meeting minutes for the next few meeteings, although he would continue to type them up. As she was absent for this meeting, Member Denise Lord volunteered to do so.

Financial Report

Chairman Rob Autenrieth requested that all members review the 2006 budget request, which was already submitted to Council. Members discussed the membership fees for MRWA and will look into whether or not this is worth continuing. As more information has been obtained by Denise Lord, Rob suggested that we should take advantage of the services before deciding to abandon our involvement.


A. E-mail Account Maintenance; Website – Chairman Rob Autenrieth informed members that the website has been updated with all current members and is now lists everyone in a proper order. The Chairman is indicated, along with the meetings dates and locations. Now that we have a new alternate, Rob will contact Maryann Ellsworth (Town Clerk) so that the site can be updated once again. Any other changes will be handled as they come.
B. New Member Introduction – Resident Rosa Crowley was appointed by Mayor Vogel as an alternate member to the Environmental Commission since our last meeting date. She introduced herself to the other members and vice versa. Another candidate, Peggy Buccino, also did the same and indicated that she is speaking with Mayor Vogel in regards to being appointed to the second alternate position that is now available.
C. OCEA Meeting Minutes – Chairman Rob Autenrieth received the current meeting minutes from the OCEA. Nothing relating to the town of Point Pleasant Beach was included at this time.
D. Lake of The Lillies Update – Resident Craig Jones asked for an update regarding the situation in and around Lake of The Lillies. Previously, a citizen complained about illegal wildlife removal at the sit, which the Environmental Commission reacted to. Councilman Mike DiCicco informed all that the town is currently looking at the illegal cutting being done and is holding to their request that all residents stop this action. Craig and Peggy pointed out that the town should make this request to residents around any lake, which was a point respected by the Environmental Commission members. Councilman DiCicco indicated that the town is accepting requests for proposals for Engineers to do studies and will update the Commission as relevant information becomes available. Chairman Rob Autenrieth brought up the issue of subcommittees, which Resident Peggy Buccino also indicated was a good idea and wants to see initiated. Members discussed following the framework of the Recycling Advisory Task Force so that it’s done officially. Members will brainstorm about this idea and will soon create a press release for publicizing it, after the official go-ahead comes from the Mayor and Council.
E. Recycling Advisory Committee – Chairman Rob Autenrieth asked for an update about the first official meeting of this newly formed group. Chairwoman (and Environmental Commission liaison) Kathleen Foley discussed the members who were appointed along with some of their long range objectives. Meeting minutes will be forwarded to all members.

Committee Reports

Shade Tree

A. Tree Removal Ordinance – A motion was put forward to resubmit the Shade Tree ordinance to Council, which proposes all home owners to get prior approval by the town in order to cut on private property. All members were in favor. Councilman DiCicco will resubmit our old tree removal ordinance and lobby Council.
B. Tree Removal and Tracking – Chairman Rob Autenrieth hasn’t received any updates on current tree removal issues. At the last meeting with Code Enforcement Officer Elaine Petrillo, issues were discussed regarding JCP& L along with the problem of residents requesting to remove trees on public property. Such issues must be cleared by a recognized tree expert as well as Elaine Petrillo.
C. Tree Plantings – Member Anne Lightburn was able to obtain the free services of Earthtones Landscaping in order to have the two recent tree plantings moved to a better position. A “Thank You” letter will be drafted by Anne, signed by Chairman Rob Autenrieth, and distributed to all Council members, Public Works Chief Bob Meany and Mark from Earthtones. This will recognize the efforts of the Public Works and Mark for making this happen.

Education and Outreach

A. Welcome Neighbor & Pays to Recycle Info – Member Susan Loder passed along all materials to Chairman Rob Autenrieth. These will be located in the upstairs file cabinet used by the Environmental Commission and Recycling Advisory Task Force.
B. Geese Deterence – Councilman DiCicco said that things are moving along in regards to the allotment set aside for solving the town geese problem. More info will be given as results are seen/not seen.
C. Water Conservation Efficiency Effort – Chairman Rob Autenrieth brought up this backburner issue as it’s a topic that should be dealt with. Member Anne Lightburn agreed that water usage is a big issue, environmentally as well as financially. This will be an agenda topic at the next meeting.
D. Community Projects – Chairman Rob Autenrieth and Member Joel Cooper have spoken to Point Pleasant Beach High School Environmental Science Club member Kristine Tooker in regards to the Envirothon. Joel will secure a $100 check from our current funds and pass it along as our sponsorship pledge (entry fee). This was motioned during the meeting and approved by all. Rob will follow up w/ Kristine to ensure that it is received in a timely manner. Additionally, Rob and Joel will meet in regards to the Earth Day poster contest. Joel has already obtained $200 worth of Borden’s Gift Certificates (at a $100 cost) as well as certificates (no cost) from Sundae’s Ice Cream. Rob will speak with the Antrim art teacher while Joel will contact St. Peter’s school in order to set up the program. Rob and Joel will meet to discuss the details regarding contest information/rules/deadlines/etc. An article will be written for the Ocean Star in order to begin publicizing the contest.
E. Misc. – Citizen Kitty Philipp informed Commission members that she called the town garage, water works, a local gas company, and the excavator who last worked on the site in order to inquire about the whereabouts of the Butterfly Garden Sign. This has been missing for over two months and no one has any idea about why it’s gone. Assuming that it was stolen, Beautification Committee Chairman Sandy Pasola filed a police report.

Recreation and Open Space

A. Open Space Committee – Member Anne Lightburn had mentioned that this is in process of being formed and structured. Appointments are scheduled to be made after the New Year. The Environmental Commission will vote/appoint one member to serve on this committee.

Old Business

A. Stormwater Outflow Testing Update – Councilman Mike DiCicco informed members that this will be one of the engineering projects considered since the water tests came back “polluted.”

New Business

A. Dune Inspection – 2/2 Board of Adjustment Meeting (Showers/Dunes)

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