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June 23, 2015

Council Agenda

6:30PM EXECUTIVE SESSION: Matters to be discussed include 1) legal advice regarding proposed settlement of personnel matter, 2) discussion of renewal of court shared services agreement, 3) discussion of results of research of title issues for additional access to Maryland Avenue Beach. The Governing Body reserves its right to amend and supplement the purposes of executive session by motion at the public meeting.

1 Open Meeting – Public Meeting Notice - Roll Call
2 Flag Salute – Invocation
3 Approval of Minutes: June 9, 2015

a ZO Petrillo RE: Curb Cuts
1 59 Harvard
2 801 Atlantic
3 304 New Jersey
4 106 Trenton
5 202 Randall
b Discussion of Taxi Ordinance
c BA/CFO Riehl RE: Building permit at 206 Ocean Avenue
d Clerk Farrell: RE: ABC license renewal hearing dates


8 FIRST PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: agenda items & ordinances on 1st reading only (5 min limit)

1a Renewal of 2015/2016 ABC Licenses (3)
1b Approval of Adopt-A-Spot Applications (11)
1c Approval of PO to Jersey Mulch Products for mulch and installation at Pleasure Park ($4,050)
1d Approval of payments from (10) BOA escrow accounts ($1,184.03)
1e Approval of payment to Eagle Point Gun for police ammunition & supplies ($4,969.64)
1f Approval of payment to Brick MUA for May bulk water usage ($94,002.65)
1g Approval of payment to Denise Sweet from (2) Pl Bd escrow accounts ($400)
1h Approval of payment to T&M Assoc from BOA, Pl Bd & developer escrow accounts ($3,077.72)
1i Approval of payment to Montenegro, Thompson from (3) Pl Bd escrow accounts ($1,482)
1j Approval of payment to Sensus Metering Systems for water meters ($28,642.05)
1k Approval of payment to All Points for printing of water report and postage ($3,067.92)
1l Approval of terms of W/S utility refunding bonds and award of bonds to TD Bank
1m Approval of payment to Ground Hawg Demo for clearing sand under Bdwlk & bath house ($30K)
1n Approval of payment of insurance opt-outs ($18,327.58)
1o Appointment of K. Seals as P/T seasonal DPW laborer
1p Approval of performance guarantee release to GRGBI for Trenton Ave subdivisions ($19,501.34)
1q Approval of S/E application for NJ Operation Lifesaver rail safety info table on Boardwalk, 7/18
1r Approval of seasonal taxi company (1) taxi driver (3) and taxi vehicle (1) licenses
1s Approval of payment to Stalker Radar for installation of police radios ($5,825)
1t Approval of payment of Payroll #12-2015 ($291,042.72)
1u Approval of dumpster bond releases at 636 Arnold and 101 Parkway ($500)
1v DENIAL of S/E application for The Arc of NJ outreach event on Boardwalk, 7/10
1w Approval of release of dewatering bond at 205 Niblick ($200)
1x Approval of payment to Galvin Law Firm from BOA & Pl Bd escrow accounts ($2,759.50)
1y Approval of payment to Louis Berger Group for public assistance services ($20,496.10)
1z Approval of payment to Dane DeForest for building demo & fill dirt ($13,875)

2a Approval of payment to Sterling DiSanto for USACE storm damage reduction project ($47,933.75)
2b Authorization for Tax Collector to prepare and mail estimated tax bills
2c Approval of payment to the NJ Treasurer for NJDEP CAFRA permit ($1,000.00)
2d Support of property tax rewards program to be implemented as part of Shop Local campaign
2e Approval of PO to CDWG Inc for 21 computer updates for the police dept ($5,352.69)

3a Approval of payment to Firefighter One for replacement bail out kits ($2,840)
3b Approval of payment to ESI Equipment for rescue tools & equip for Fire Co No 1 ($14,350)
3c Approval of payment to All Hands Fire Equip for cutting system & training ($3,516.26)
3d Approval of payment to Nat Alexander for RIT-Pak/face piece/regulator for Fire Co No 2 ($5,656)
3e Approval of payment of computer-generated vouchers ($1,838,990.01)

a 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2015-13 (Amend Chapter X1X - Principal Bldg Area)
b 2nd Reading/Public Hearing: Ordinance 2015-12 (Amend Chapter XIX - Height)
c 1st Reading/Introduction: Ordinance 2015-14 (Water/Sewer Utility Bond)
d 1st Reading/Introduction: Ordinance 2015-15 (Multi-Purpose Bond)
e 1st Reading/Introduction: Ordinance 2015-16 (Dog Tethering Ordinance)

13 SECOND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: meeting items & non-agenda items (5 minute limit)


Published June19, 2015 | Council Agendas | 2120

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