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June 9, 2015

Council Agenda

The Governing Body reserves its right to amend and supplement the purposes of executive session by motion at the public meeting.

1 Open Meeting – Public Meeting Notice - Roll Call
2 Flag Salute – Invocation
3 Approval of Minutes: May 19, 2015

a ZO Petrillo RE: Curb cut requests
1. 205 Princeton Ave
2. 114 Randall Ave
3. 101 Central Ave
b Dog Tethering Ordinance


8 FIRST PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: agenda items & ordinances on 1st reading only (5 min limit)

1a Accept annual audit for 2014
1b Reappoint G. Dempsey to the position of Emergency Management Coord, 06/16/15 to 06/15/18
1c Reappoint F. Millman to the position of Tax Assessor, 07/01/15 to 06/30/19
1d Approval of Payroll #11-2015 ($246,172.74)
1e Authorization to submit application & execute grant contract for NJ DOT Municipal Aid Road Program – Harvard Ave Improvements
1f Appointment of co-directors (2) and counselors (12) for the 2015 Summer Park Program
1g Approval of payment to McNamara Screen Print & Embroidery for police uniforms ($10,773)
1h Approval of payment to Winner Ford for 2 replacement police vehicles ($56,918)
1i Approval of payment to This & That Uniforms for police uniforms ($7,407)
1j Approval of payment to Coded Systems Corp for code book updates ($4,680)
1k Approval of payment to Riggins, Inc for gasoline & diesel fuel ($22,942.23)
1l Approval of payment to the State of NJ for employee & retiree health benefits ($127,692.90)
1m Approval of payment to M. Woszczak for utility repairs & installation ($7,500)
1n Approval of progress payment #1 to M. Woszczak for Valve Exercising ($54,333.65)
1o Approval of payment to the PPB Bd of Ed for July-Dec allocation & debt service ($11,910,851)
1p Approval of payment to Mid-State Abstract Co for titles for USACE NJ Dunes Project ($31,652)
1q Approval of payment to Galvin Law Firm from Pl Bd & BOA escrow accounts ($3,545)
1r Approval of payment to Denise Sweet from BOA escrow account ($200)
1s Approval of payment to Devo & Assoc for parking meter paper and airtime ($11,064)
1t Approval of Taxi Driver License application (1)
1u Approval of payment to Selective Flood Insurance for the police substation policy ($5,545)
1v Approval of Water/Sewer adjustments (9)
1w Approval of salary adjustment for M. Ormsby for passage of course leading to certification
1x Approval of salary adjustment for T. McCrystal for obtaining Municipal Court Admin certification
1y Approval of PO & payment to Office Business Systems for FTR maintenance renewal ($1,660.36)
1z Appointment of Phoenix Advisors as Continuing Disclosure Agent & Auth to execute agreement

2a Approval of salary adjustment for P. Kile
2b Approval of quarterly tax refunds for Block 10/Lot 13
2c Approval of quarterly tax cancellation for Block 10/Lot 13
2d Authorization to sell vehicles & other property through public auction on govdeals.com
2e Approval of VFW S/E application to sell poppies on Boardwalk in June & July
2f Change Order #1/Valve Exercising Proj & Auth for Eng to bid to replace inoperable valves ($15K)
2g Authorization for Borough Attorney to reinstate foreclosure proceedings at Block 105, Lots 1,2, Seacoast Oil Property
2h Approval of PPB Rec Committee S/E application for Summer Park Program, 6/29-8/7
2i Approval of PPB Rec Committee S/E application for surf camp at Maryland Ave Beach, 6/22-6/26
2j PO to All Covered for conversion to web based e-mail (NTE $15K)

3a Approval of PO to Fire & Safety Services for ladder truck repairs ($2,500)
3b Memorialization of membership approvals (2) in Ocean Fire Co No 1
3c Approval of payment to Defender Emerg Svcs for tools & equip for PPB Fire Co No 2 ($4,100)
3d Approval of payment to ESI Equip to replace extrication tools for PPB Fire Co No 2 ($10,990)
3e Approval of payment of computer-generated vouchers ($382,615.88)

a 2nd Reading/Introduction: Ordinance 2015-09 (Shop Local)
b 2nd Reading/Introduction: Ordinance 2015-10 (Loading/Unloading Parking Spaces on Forman Ave)

13 SECOND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: meeting items & non-agenda items (5 minute limit)


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