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May 16, 2015

Point Pleasant Beach Recreation Meeting Minutes


Members in Attendance: Glen Paesano, Mike Ramos, Barbara Seaman, Matt Nagle

Motion was made by Glen Paesano to accept last month’s meeting minutes. Michael Ramos second.


Summer Park Program: discussion regarding applications received for Camp Director and counselors. Two excellent applications were received for the Director position and several for counselors. There are four (4) counselor applications that were from the staff of last summer’s program.
Because time is running short, the interview process will begin on May 17, 2015 at Borough Hall at 7:00pm. Committee members will be present.

Discussion regarding salaries for the 2015 program. It was determined the program would benefit this year to have two Camp Directors (Co-Directors) this year due to the resignation of Joanna Douglas and the tight time frame to get the camp started. The Co Directors recommended are:

• Jaclyn Montecallo - Salary $2,500
• Kerri Savage - Salary $2,500

It is the recommendation of the Recreation Committee to continue to gather applications to add additional counselors once we see how the number of campers grows with registrations. It is anticipated that we require up to 12 counselors if the registrations are similar to past years. It was noted that so far, the applications for counselors have been received at a lower level than previous years. Committee feels it would be prudent for the Council to approve the hiring of up to 12 counselors at a salary of $1550 each for the season. We currently have the following counselors that the Committee has recommended for hire:

• Megan Sullivan Counselor -$1550 Salary
• Westin Bargholz Counselor - $1550 Salary
• Molly Longstreet Counselor - $1550 Salary
• Megan Longstreet Counselor - $1550 Salary
• Amy Kwasnaza Counselor - $1550 Salary
• Ashley Angelucci Counselor - $1550 Salary (Returning)
• Kristi Glass Counselor - $1550 Salary (Returning)
• Sarah Brodeur Counselor - $1550 Salary (Returning)
• Virginia/Lauren Capriglione Counselor - $1550 Salary (Returning)

All members were in favor, therefore committee approved.

Discussion regarding Summertime Surf for one week in June.

Once again, this year the Summertime Surf family has offered a highly discounted rate . They will offer 20-30 applicants for afternoon sessions on Maryland Avenue Beach starting on June 22, 2015.
Surfing lessons will have a cost of $165.00 per person.

-Discussion of Pickle Ball-committee reviewed to the progress of this first time event. Further discussion will be needed to see if the program will be continued.

- Committee would still like to hear from Council regarding their suggestions for activities they would like to see developed by the Recreation Committee.

Motion to adjourn 8:45 by Barbara Seaman, second by Glen Paesano.

Published May28, 2015 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 2112

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