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March 12, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Present: Anne Lightburn, Sal Pepe, Greg Culp, Mickey Diaz, Max Gagnon and Dara Steiglitz
Absent: Mike Ramos, Glen Paesano, and Greg Cox; Councilman Mayer and Toohey; Student Representatives: Shelby Catala and Samantha Tarabattoni
The minutes for the February 12th 2015 meeting were approved as submitted.
Anne reported that the council will form a cross sectional advisory committee to discuss the possibility of the borough acquiring the Coast Guard Station and identifying potential uses.
In the fall, the Army Corp will be repairing the bulkhead at Loughran Point. The committee understands that the borough will be able to contract for additional work with the Army Corps contractor. It might be cost effective to do so, when they have heavy equipment on site. The committee discussed additional work for the council to consider. It was agreed that Anne draft a memo to the council recommending repairing the west wall of the parking lot, constructing a shade pavilion on the site of the former restroom, retrieving large boulders that sunk in the sand and repositioning them around the Fisherman’s Memorial and windmill. The committee is also recommending that the Army Corp construct a walkway along the rock portion of the jetty to link up to the paved portion or a viewing platform on the jetty that could be linked to the northern terminus of the boardwalk.
Anne is going to investigate the creation of signs for open space projects by DPW.
There was a question, if there was insurance coverage for the Fisherman’s memorial and windmill when both were damaged in Hurricane Sandy. Anne will contact Chris Riehl.
There was no report on 1 Ocean Ave or the bathhouse.
Dara will follow-up for next meeting on potential borough holdings for a community garden.
Meeting adjourned 8:40 pm

Published May27, 2015 | Open Space Committee Minutes | 2109

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