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February 26, 2015


The February 26, 2015 Regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Board of Adjustment opened at 7:30 pm. The clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were regular members: Mr. Spader, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Reilly, Chairman Struncius, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Renner, Mr. Davis and Mr. Loder

Absent - Ardito, Dixon and Ferguson

Also present – Karen Mills, Dennis Galvin and Ray Savacool

Court Reporter – Denise Sweet

Letter – request to amend Resolution #2014-3 10 - Gusciora/Fields – 24 Niblick
The board reviewed the request and decided that more information as to materials was needed.

Application #2015-06 – David Natkie – 424 Arbutus – Block 115; Lot 15 – Applicant wishes to construct an attached garage. The lot is a corner lot and is irregular in shape and the garage will be 20’ x 26’ in size and 17’ in height which will enable the applicant to house two (1) car and one (1) very large truck. He is requesting the additional permitted foot in height to accommodate the height of his truck and to be able to use above the truck for storage. There are two (2) sheds on the property. The one shed will be relocated and the Rubbermaid® shed will be removed from the site. The roof is to have a 6 on 12 pitch which will function well with regard to water sheathing and snow accumulation. The siding of the garage will match the siding of the house. The garage will be attractive and there will not be any negative impacts on the neighboring properties. The applicant will seek the approval of the Governing Body to modify the curb cut to line it up with the 16 foot driveway. The applicant plans to remove two (2) oak trees but agreed to replace them with two (2) trees 2 ½ inches in caliper.

1. The Rubbermaid® shed is to be removed.

2. The applicant must obtain Governing Body approval of any modification to the curb cut.

3. The applicant is to plant two (2) trees, a minimum of 2 ½ inches in caliper at the time of planting.


Loder – Based on testimony of the applicant. His request is diminimus and I will be in favor of this application.
Spader – Believes it is a nice little enhancement for the property and will be in favor.
Kelly - Pleasure to have a regular variance after 2 ½ years of Sandy. Will be in favor
Reilly – I will add on knowing that the football games cause chaos over there and you need the parking.
Reynolds – This is an ideal location for this. In favor
Renner – Great idea – in favor
Davis – Positive criteria certainly outweighs the negative..in favor
Struncius – nothing more to add

Motion by Mr. Reilly, second by Mr. Kelly to approve application #2015-06 of Davis Natkie – 424 Arbutus- with conditions
In favor – Loder, Spader, Kelly, Reilly, Reynolds, Renner and Struncius
Opposed: None

Application #2015-02 – Richard/Nancy Massaro – 8 Beachcomber Lane - Block 121; Lot 7.08 – Applicant wishes to demolish an existing single family dwelling and construct a new FEMA compliant single family dwelling. The home is located in a condominium association.

Vice-chair Reilly has stepped down from the following application.
John Jackson, attorney for applicant, stated that he applicant is looking to replace a storm damaged home with a one and a half story flood compliant home. John Jackson referenced Ray Savacool’s correction to the measurement of the home - It is 29 ½ feet in height.
Brian Murphy, applicant’s architect sworn, RA & AIA, credentials accepted. Standard condominium setup. By laws will be provided. Mr. Renner questioned their definition of one and a half story. There was much discussion about the height of the home. Mr. Renner is adamant that the home is not a one and a half story home. Brian Murphy addressed Ray Savacool’s letter. Dennis Galvin stated that in the future they need to be more careful with condo projects and should look at all of the structures at one time.
Lorraine Tesauro, Condo Association recording secretary, sworn, stated that she wants to address a couple issues. In reference to the survey it has been certified as recent as early 2014. The structure of the lane has not changes. It is a unique Association. It is technically a homeowners Association; it operates as one association but technically has separate lots. She wants everyone to live in an improved and safe home. Festa and Favorito are in about the same grade. There is potential for there to be a dramatic difference between unit 7 and unit 8. The association approved plans that were presented in September 2014. When there is a difference in height from what was presented that could be a problem.
Dennis Galvin stated that the association should see the revised plans before they are presented to the board.

Motion by Mr. Spader, second by Mr. Reynolds to carry application #2015-02 of Richard/Nancy Massaro, 8 Beachcomber Lane to March 19th, 2015 without notice
In favor: Loder, Spader, Kelly, Reynolds, Renner, Davis and Struncius
Opposed: None

Meeting adjourned at 9:17pm
Attest: Karen L. Mills, LUA
Clerk of the Board

Published March27, 2015 | Board of Adjustment Minutes | 2063

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