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January 9, 2015

Non-Resident Taxpayers Advisory Committee (“NRTAC”) Meeting Minutes

Seth Sloan (“Seth S”)
Edward Poole (“EP”)
Kelli Keenan (“KK”)
Arlene Wright (“AW”)
Tony Andretta (“TA”)
Keith Sluka (“KS”)
Dominic Barone (“DB”)
Rose Fabiano (“RF”)
Vic DeLuca (“VD”

Tom Migut of PPB town councill also in attendance.

Introduction of Tom Migut - has been on planning board for many years and have been involved in politics (local politics) for years. As a council member he is on the inspections, licenses and building codes committee, the police and emergency management committee, and streets and water-sewer utilities committee. He is also on the flood planning management committee (such committee is recruiting 2 NRTAC members) and the 2007 flood plan is being renewed by the committee (post-Sandy renewal). Part of the committee is to get PPB’s FEMA rating up, which is used for insurance. Committee will meet 6 to 8 times between now and summer. Seth S volunteered to be part of the committee. Seeking another NRTAC member if anyone is interested.

Seth S asked Tom about what he sees coming up this year. There are 3 public contracts coming up - teamsters, public works, and police. Also a significant number of police retirements coming up. KS asked Tom if in the master plan whether Tom sees a lot of changes. Tom doesn’t anticipate a lot of changes. Some changes that will have to come through the master plan will have to deal with height and stories of buildings and residences and other matters that the zoning board has been dealing with. It will be a reexamination of the existing plan.

VD brings up Broadway and how such street is a hodge-podge, with some residential and some commercial. Condos, next to single family house, next to a commercial property. VD notes that Channel Drive is the same as Broadway, with boat parking, car parking, etc. VD suggests that some thinking needs to be given about these areas, even when looking at the master plan and how this area can work for the town and how to push people to the downtown area and the parts of the beach which generate revenue for the town. VD says if these areas aren’t going to be critically looked at, then its a missed opportunity. KS inquires about how much does a master plan cost. VD and Tom confirm its costly. KS says that he doesn’t recall seeing it as a line item in the town budget. To be looked into.

Following up on the current state of Channel Drive, VD said that the town needs to building restaurants and use the commercial fishing area as a positive for the town. Consider having live entertainment, festivals, and turn this area into a year-round spot. etc.

NRTAC requests that someone from the master planning committee board attend one of our meetings. Seth S will follow up on this.

Seth S inquires into whether there has been any update on dunes? Tom confirms there has not.

Discussion of the dunes follows and in particular, how the big issue with the dunes will be the maintenance of the dunes. Further, who will pay for the costs, what impact will the dunes have on house values and rentals. The members note there are a number of unanswered questions and uncertain potential issues with respect to the dunes. Hope to learn more soon.

Harbor Head has a 99 year easement - this condo complex hasn’t signed the engagement yet.

Arlene brings up the upcoming HGTV show featuring PPB in an episode - the series is called Beach Bargain Hunt. Uncertain and concerns over how PPB will be portrayed. The show can have a good impact on the town if it shows the family aspects and qualities of the town.

Seth S informs the members that Ocean City, NJ has been having meetings on getting non-resident taxpayers voting. rights The town is meeting with Rebouth Beach in Delaware (and the Mayor there) to brainstorm because they have non-resident taxpayers voting rights and Ocean City non-resident taxpayers would like to extend similar rights in its town.

Discussion of NRTAC’s 2015 Annual Meeting - when to have it - we had it in July last year and we had in June the year before. We discussed having it in July. Members agree to a tentative ate of Saturday, July 11. Potential speakers to consider including: Mayor, Council President, 2 council members, real estate agents. police commissioner, Ray Savacool, others? Potential other speakers/guests for our meeting: Christine Riehl, Eileen Farrell, Fire Department,

Discussion on how to handle attendees’ questions for and at the annual meeting. Getting people to attend is key. NRTAC will send an email to email addresses it has about the fact that we are still here, save the date for annual meeting, upcoming events and updating the non-residents that NRTAC is going to look at budget, master plan, make some recommendations, flood planning committee, etc.

Brief update on the Waffle and Mores location - a final drawing will be coming to council sometime in Feb. Tom thinks it will be a 600 square foot building - no food concession, just a bathhouse. Town will run it.

Next NRTAC Meeting: April 24

Published March23, 2015 | NRTAC Minutes | 2059

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