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February 12, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Present: Anne Lightburn, Sal Pepe, Greg Culp, Mickey Diaz, Max Gagnon and Councilman Toohey
Absent: Mike Ramos, Glen Paesano, and Greg Cox; Councilman Mayer; Student Representatives: Shelby Catala and Samantha Tarabattoni
The minutes for the November 13th 2014meeting were approved as submitted.
Anne Lightburn welcomed Max Gagnon as the 2015 Planning Board alternate to the Open Space Advisory Committee.
Anne Lightburn was elected committee chair and Sal Pepe vice chair for 2015.
Anne provided a year-end financial report from Chris Riehl on the borough’s Open Space Trust Fund. 2014 Parking revenues from the New Jersey Ave. hit an all time high of $50,281.25 and the year-end balance was $284,893.76. With the good news passage of the state-wide referendum to fund the states Green Acres program, Chris Riehl has submitted the borough’s request for the remaining grant money for the acquisition of the Inlet property and Risden’s. The last grant money received was in 2013. To date the borough has received $1,575,000 from Green Acres.
Councilman Toohey reported that 1 Ocean Ave. architectural plans have been accepted and that the council will be approving a contract with Barlo Associates for architectural work on the bathhouse. He also reported that the Army Corps will be remediating the west wall of the bulkhead at Loughran’s Point this fall. The borough will have the opportunity to save costs by coordinating other needed repairs to the area along with a potential shade pavilion with the Corps contractors.
Anne distributed copies of the URS report done for the Coast Guard regarding its properties at the Inlet. Upon discussion, the committee suggested that a cross sectional committee be formed to identify potential uses for the station building in the event that the borough would be in a position to acquire it. Councilman Toohey will follow-up with Councilman Reid, who is spearheading the project, with this suggestion. The committee’s consensus was to acquire the property.
Meeting adjourned 8:15 pm

Published March19, 2015 | Open Space Committee Minutes | 2056

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