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July 12, 2014

Non-Resident Taxpayers Advisory Committee (ďNRTACĒ) Meeting Minutes

Second Annual Meeting

Date and time: Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 10AM
Location: Antrim Elementary School, 401 Niblick Street, PPB, NJ
Meeting started at 10:01am (EDT)

Welcome, opening remarks and introduction by Vic DeLuca (ďVDĒ), member of NRTAC.
Introduction of and thanks to Mayor Barrella and Councilman Bill Mayer, Council President and
Liaison to NRTAC.

VD walks through agenda and process how the meeting will go. VD continues and goes through
logistics of the room and introduces those asking questions to come to microphone, give name
and address and instructions on questions.
VD then goes through the NRTAC history, introduces Seth Sloan, NRTAC President/Chairman
and founder, discusses how town has 45% non-resident taxpayers. Seth had regular dialogue and
spoke with the Mayor about the need for a group like NRTAC and NRTAC was ultimately
established in 2011. NRTAC has taken on a number of town issues such as garbage collection
issues, parking issues, and budget issues and have reviewed and made recommendations
regarding tourism and the town budget. NRTAC tries to be the eyes and ears for those who have
a stake in the town, but donít live here year around. NRTAC meets about at least 4 times a year.
Forms to fill out to get involved. VD discusses our email distribution list and requests emails if
we havenít previously been provided. Email distributions are used for town updates (for
example, like during Super Storm Sandy), town events, etc.
Introduction by VD of guest speakers: In addition to Mayor Barrella and Councilman Mayer,
other guest speakers participating in todays meeting are Paul Ward of Ward Realty, Mike
Corbally of Barefoot Real Estate, Ray Savacool, Town Engineer, Chief Kevin OíHara, PPB
Police Chief, and Ed DeFelice, the Chamber of Commerce Representative.
Disclosure made by VD: We are videotaping this and ensures everyone is comfortables with this.
12 members of NRTAC - Seth Sloan, Chairman, and VD introduces all other members. VD
notes that the members of NRTAC come from a lot of different backgrounds - business,
government, etc. We bring those expertise to our meetings. VD continues on to thank borough
hall staff - goes through names and thanks the school for allowing us to use the facilities.
VD introduces the Mayor Barrella for a welcome. Mayor thanks everyone for coming and notes
how many years ago he was a non-resident taxpayer in PPB, NJ until 1994. He understands a lot
of our issues and problems and there are some things we cannot fix. What we can fix, we will
try and fix. Turns it back to VD.
Council President - Bill Mayer - thanks Seth. Mr. Mayer discusses the budget, which was
adopted in June. The budget is $17.8MM budget. Thanks Seth Sloan and Keith Sluka of
NRTAC for reviewing and commenting on the budget. A PPB non-resident taxpayers line item
has been added to the budget for communications and other purposes that might be used by
NRTAC. The capital items in the budget: town purchased 1 ocean avenue and for such location
the open space committee is working on bathroom plans. Mr. Mayer hopes that Surf Taco
(which was located on the south end of the town boardwalk) will be repaired (due to Superstorm
Sandy damage) and operating by Memorial Day 2015. Sea Coast Oil is another item the PPB
council hope to get resolved. The town is currently looking into another issue involving the water
system - there are some issues with water clarity (i.e., iron in the water). More to come after this
matter is looked into. Weekend/saturday garbage drop-off: a town ordinance was recently
adopted (2014-17), which provides for a Saturday garbage drop off. Special garbage bags are to
be purchased for $3 per bag at town hall and then garbage can be dropped off at the Recycling
Center, 301 Cooks Road, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey from Memorial Day thru Labor Day
between 9am to 11am (link to ordinance: http://www.pointpleasantbeach.org/news.php?
action=fullnews&id=1879). Mr. Mayer states that this garbage bag program needs to be used;
otherwise, the program may go away. PPB counsel is also looking into self-insuring. Seth Sloan
will help with self-insurance. There is a brief dunes discussion. Mr. Mayer is abstaining from
the dunes issues because the law firm at which he is a partner is working with the attorney
general in other towns with the dunes issue. Asst. attorney general told Mr. Mayer that he can
inform us that they are moving forward with easements in 2015.
VD mentions the other members of PPB council who are not in attendance.
VD takes a poll of the those in attendance and asks who has owned there house 5 years or less, 5
to 10 years, up to 15 years, longer - a majority at meeting have owned their PPB homes for over
15 years, demonstrating our commitment to the town.
Parking and public safety discussion - VD introduces Police Chief OíHara (ďChiefĒ). Chief
introduces himself - its his 30th summer with the police department, 5th summer as Chief. He
has lived in PPB, NJ since 1967 and has seen the changes in PPB over the years. The police are
doing everything they can to keep the family atmosphere in the town. 135 police department
employees in the summertime - some are parking enforcement and administration. The police
department has a large turnover and there is a large learning curve with the staff at the beginning
of each summer. The Chief acknowledges that its hard to train 50 to 70 new personnel each
season. The police department is doing everything it can to get PPB to be and stay to be nice
family resort. The Chief reiterates and reminds the audience to always feel welcome to call the
police department. Any questions or concern, call the police department ((732) 892-0500) and
for any emergencies call 911. Police would rather drive by and find nothing, then find something
did in fact happen. The Chief stresses to please lock all doors. 90% of the break-ins in PPB are
actually unlawful entries because the doors were unlocked.
VD takes a poll of the audience as to who is a full-time PPB resident and who is a non-resident
taxpayer as the meeting is open to the public. About 10 full time residents are in attendance. VD
states that NRTAC wants and intends to work with full time residents. !
Keeping the PPB community what it is is important to NRTAC and the rest of the town and so
are our property values - VD then introduces Paul Ward and Mike Corbally, local realtors, to
discuss property values, insurance, rentals and other real property and real estate matters.
Paul Ward speaks first- Ward Realty has been around since 1926 and Paul has been owner/
operator for over 20 years. Paul discusses insurance matters and notes that Ward Realty provides
insurance and construction services and, therefore, has experience in those arenas which was
helpful post-Sandy. Flood insurance is a big issue for everyone in this room. Insurance matters
are confusing. Paul discusses the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 signed
into law on March 21, 2014 (see law online at: http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/
documents/93074). Ultimately whatís going to happen is that flood insurance companies will
have to seek a path on how they are going to increase premiums in a sound manner. With flood
insurance, its always been a subsidized program, but at the moment some insurance companies
are in the red (due to Sandy) and will need to work with Congress to address these issues. The
new Act that was just pass is really just a delay in addressing the insurance issues. One thing that
doesnít change is that it favors primary residents vs. secondary homeowners. This can impact
the value of your property down the road and selling to a purchaser that is purchasing the home
as a second resident. Paul is always happy to answer questions and he is available at his office
located at 106 Ocean Avenue - Point Pleasant Beach NJ 08742 (or at 732 892-2700).
Mike Corbally then speaks - Mike is one of the co-founders of Barefoot Real Estate in Point
Pleasant Beach, which is in its third year of business. They are having its best year ever;
however, from the rental standpoint, seasonal rentals are down with the groups of younger adults
not wanting to come to PPB as their first choice. Weekly rentals though are up. More families
and less groups/younger adults rent on a weekly-basis. From a sales standpoint, Mike pulled
every home off the MLS that sold the past year and the tax assessment was pretty much dead set
on (very close numbers). Sandy-impacted homes: 20% of homes are probably under
construction and 20% of the homes remain unoccupied and people donít know what to do with
them. If you are in a flood zone in PPB, Mike states that you lost $100K to $150K off your
property value unless you are above flood elevation. Mike contends the future of PPB homes
and property values will be good because newer larger homes are going up and the construction
looks good, but its tough for people to come in now. A flood compliant house will sell now, but
builders and developers donít want to build in PPB because there isnít money in it. The good
thing is some people are buying land and building a home for them to stay in. Lots are going for
approx. $300K/$375K. The town is definitely still recovering from the 2008 real estate crash
and Superstorm Sandy. Other counties are experiencing the same thing as PPB from a property/
sales perspective - for example in Monmouth County, NJ. If you are looking to sell, then look at
your tax assessment: 70% of the homes on MLS sold under their 2014 tax assessment. The
properties in town holding their values are the condos on ocean avenue, Childers property on
broadway and the Harborhead Condos. Rental market - overall good. Sales market - its doing
well, but you will need to stay in PPB longer to see your property value go up. The future looks
good because there are people in this area with money willing to build up the town. !
Business community is important to NRTAC and we need to work and cooperate with such
community and that the commercial viability is strong to help taxes, bring people to town etc.
Accordingly, VD introduces Ed DeFelice, the Chamber of Commerce Representative. Ed owns
with his brothers a car dealership and he lives in Brick, NJ with his PPB roots being on Bay and
Trenton. Ed has been on the chamber for a long time and discussed the classic car cruises. The
Chamberís objective is to accomplish, promote and encourage develop business in PPB; the
Chamber represents business interests in PPB. Its non-partisan and has no influence in the
nomination or endorsement of any political official, but can support issues that will impact the
business community. The Chamber hosts the local car shows, the seafood festival, wthe october
chowder fest, sidewalk sales in May and August, the trick or treat program, christmas tree
lighting and other local events. There is also an installation dinner open to public in February
where the new directors to the Chamber are installed. The Chamber also host Beers on the
Boards in PPB, which is a micro-brew beer sampling event. Ed said he can answer any
questions on the Chamber and feel free to contact him directly. Check out the Chamber online.
VD states that NRTAC has some representation with the business committee and town and
NRTAC will have representation on the tourism committee because NRTAC wants a 12 month
community, having people come to PPB year round and wanting to bring people down here to
have a good experience - this can help with our property values.
VD instructs attendees to fill out the survey, sign in sheet and if you are interested in serving on
the committee - fill out a membership application form.
Ray Savacool, Town Engineer - this is his 11th year serving the community - works for T&M
Associates. Discusses the dune project. noting its an important federal project (not a PPB town
project). The State of NJ is the local sponsor and requires assistance from local municipalities,
including PPB. Ray has draft plans for those to view. The project consists of dune construction
and beach berm from Manasquan Inlet to New Jersey Ave - the beach dune would be at elevation
18 (which is not 18 feet above beach) - boardwalk elevation in the northern part of town is 14 so
the dunes would be 4 ft above the boardwalks - dune width will be 25 feet with intervenes for
Jenkinsonís, Martellís and other on the beach businesses. The plaza area/by the rides, its a 16
elevation. The lowest elevation is at New Jersey Avenue and the boardwalk - with a 13.6
elevation. South of New Jersey Avenue - the elevation of the dunes changes to 22 feet, which a
25 foot width 5 to 1 side slopes. The beach berm is the minimum flat area. South pass New
Jersey Avenue - the dune would be installed and the beach would be much wider - approx. 75
foot wide beach berm/flat part. The anticipated construction is to start the beginning of 2015,
with the entire project expected to take 12 to15 months (its a single contract project). Typically
start south to north, but the contractor might start in multiple locations. Work will be done in
1000 foot sections. There are no time frames that you cannot do the work in this particular
location for a particular time - this will be completely up to the contractor - work then may be
taking place in the summer. Monmouth county just had a replenishment there. A lot of issues
with private property rights, the easements for the work are being coordinated with the Attorney
Generalís office. The Corp of Engineers isnít taking property, that is why are easements are
being obtaining - the easements are for the construction of the project, not to take the property.
Public use of the property comes with that. One topic discussed: how come we are no just filling
the beach? In Monmouth County they didnít build any dunes. Why are dunes needed? The
Monmouth County project consisted from Island Beach Park to Sandy Hook. From Manasquan
Inlet north - it was issued as a berm-type project. Ocean County (in which PPB is) consists of a
barrier-dune type systems with the Bay. Monmouth County - the elevation beyond the beach is
much higher than PPB. Flood maps - due to Sandy, the Biggert-Waters Act, etc. a new flood
maps are being issued. After Sandy, the government took a ABFE map based on the best info
they had. Those maps have been superseded by the preliminary FEMA maps. After they are
adopted, they will be the basis for your flood insurance. Right now your flood insurance is based
on the 2006 maps. The new maps - the V zones are much higher and greater. Those inland, your
flood elevation may drop. Building department should also be contacted if you are elevating
your home because they have certain requirements. With regard to flood elevations and storms
and protection - Biggert-Waters Act was gong to eliminate flood subsidiaries, but this has been
pulled back now though Ray doesnít think this will stay this way in the long run. Another storm
will put FEMA in the red, if its not there already. The most important thing homeowners in PPB
can do for flood protection is to raise their home. What protection will the dunes project afford
the residents? The dune project will mitigate flooding and water, but the ultimate solution is
elevating your home. Having a beach filled project, some sandy beachfront damages would have
been minimized. It wonít eliminate all flooding in town.
VD moving into questions (from the audience and received in advance):
VD starts with emailed questions - some people are concerned about the catch basins and that
they arenít being cleaned on a regular basis and they are blocked with sand and debris. Ray -
after the storm, the town went out to contract to have all storm drains cleaned, the county cleaned
all the drains they were required to clean and so did the Department of Transportation. At this
time, all storm drains have been cleaned post-Sandy. There are a lot of drains in the PPB that are
bubbler-type drains - there will never be a perfect solution - you might see water in them, but the
public works director has a cleaning program for the basins.
VD inquired about a letter to The Ocean Star Newspaper editor that PPB is no longer doing
street-sweeping. Ray said this is not true - town is still sweeping streets. !
Number of questions around water meter reading - about the non-residents water meters werenít
read correctly and discussion of the whistle-blower. VD asks the councilmen in attend if there is
anything to this story? Mayor said he cannot say much because there is pending litigation, but
when the issue first came up that an employee in the water department was not happy with the
meter readings the town took steps and adjusted down certain meter readings. As far as the
whistle-blower, the Mayor said that the town addressed this issue two years but not much more
can be discussed at this time due to the litigation.
VD asked the Chief about the new lawn parking rules. First of all - the new ordinance addresses
seasonal rental properties to stop the large group rentals parking everywhere - can only park on
the delineated driveway. Officers donít know what home is a seasonal rental v. part-time
resident, etc. certain homes have variances to allow more parking. Building department gave
police a list of the homes with the variances. Bill Mayer said the problem came up in the context
of seasonal rentals and that is why it ties only to seasonal rentals (for now).
Audience question on rental permit. Attendee noticed a new question on the permit application,
requiring the applicant to designate someone in Ocean County as the landlord/applicantís
representative. Question as to why do applicantís have to designate someone who doesnít know
their house, the tenants, etc. when the applicant may be available to handle his or her own house
even if he or she donít live in Ocean County. Council Toohey, who was also in attendance, did
not know the purpose of the question - the Mayor, Bill Mayer and Councilman Toohey (PPB
Council member in the audience attending) had no idea of this question - first time they are
hearing about it and will follow up.
Discussion of lakes and catch basins - per Ray, the town has expended money dredging Lake
Louise and Lake of the Lillies and pursuing the dredging of Silver Lake.
Question: is the dune project guaranteed to happen? Ray - per newspaper and recent meetings -
Feral cats question- The tow does have a Trap, Neuter and Return process - Bill Mayer said he
will forward an email on to the TNR team to address this specific property and specific question.
Question: has the generator on the pump station on Sea View Ave been elevated? Ray said -
during sandy, the pump station was shut down because it would have had very little effect giving
the effects of the storm - during sandy the county just shut down the pump station because it
would have done nothing.
Question: Why did Mantoloking and Bay Head get so much money for a seawall? Ray discussed
the seawall project is funded by federal highway.
Question: There is no support for or to non-resident property owners to raise their own home. Is
there anything to change that? Can council ask or discuss with NJ state senators? Paul Ward -
doesnít think second-homeowners will ever get support. Obama said there will only be support
for residents. Secondary houses are basically excluded from all grants, etc. To discuss efforts to
change this or get our voices heard. !
Question: Home assessment before Sandy was $1M, after Sandy it was $560K - now its assessed
at $625K and the tax bill is now $1,000 more. Why is this the case? Mr. Mayer: taxes have been
bouncing around due to Sandy and recent tax assessments. Call tax department with all
questions. Gentleman who asked the question said he called the PPB tax department and they
said its not your final bill, but you still have to pay. What should we do? How can assessments
be low but taxes are high. Mr. Mayer said the tax rate hasnít been set yet so its just an estimated
bill and once the tax rate is set then the taxes get adjusted. Mr. Mayer said call Jenn Coin in
borough hall. The issue is its an estimate. The reason for the estimated bill is because the town
wants to get the bills out in a timely fashion so they can collect. !
Sent pictures of Sanborn Avenue and Boston Avenue flooding (sent july 2013) and attendee
stated that when one of the electrical lines goes down in the water it will be an issue. The town
said the area is going to continue to flood and there is nothing that can be done. Ray said he can
ask the administrator to address with public works. Boston Ave is elevation 3 or 4 generally and
you are going to see flooding.
Question: concerns with the boardwalk since we have the best boardwalk due to Sandy.
Questions about bikes, dogs and rocks. Sign at the end of broadway says bicycles are permitted
5am to 9am only. This is the only sign that addresses bicycles on the boardwalk. Is there a rule
on bicycles and if so more signs should be posted - bike riding rules should be posted and
enforced. Chief said the hours/rules are still in effect and will discuss with public works issuing
new signs/additional signs. Dogs - rules posted well and enforced. Rocks on the jetty - the town
repainted them a year or two ago to get rid of graffiti - plans to repaint again, but attendees stated
they want a sign to say there is a fine for defacing rocks. This will be looked into.
Question: when will the Mariners Cove Motor Inn fire remnants be demolished? Mr. Mayer
doesnít know and he has asked many times (and the investigation of the cause is now over so it
can be addressed). Mr. Mayer will talk to Mike Gardner since the county issued its report so its
no longer a crime scene. Town has an ordinance that certain things need to be done at this stage
with the property and the remains and Councilman Toohey will follow up as well.
Question: Will Jenkinsonís and Martellís be exempt from the dunes project? In the location
where Jenkinsonís and Martellís are they will not construct a dune under the buildings - there
will be a breach in the dunes construction around the buildings. Further question: Doesnít that
diminish the effectiveness of the whole project? Mr. Mayer - If the state has its way, there will be
a dune the entire length of the beach, but will stop at the buildings because the army corps look
at the buildings as an artificial dunes. During and after Sandy, the area around Jenkinsonís,
Martellís, etc. were not as effected as the other areas along the boardwalk.
Question: What does public use of the new easement areas means? Ray - his understanding is
that federal funds cannot be extended on private property. the easement will allow the Army
Corp of Engineers access to the project, but the rights of the public come with that - the public
have the right to walk along that property. You will still be allowed to charge for access to the
Question: Randall Avenue floods even without rain. Ray has asked the county to look at storm
drains and the discharges and they are looking into this. More to come. Question/Concern: Our rental property has been scammed. Fake listing posted by someone on
Craigís List trying to rent out the home. Has this been brought to the police attention? Chief
said to call the police if there is an issue or if your property has been scammed. This is a nationwide
scam. Local police department cannot do much except if there is a local issue at your
property. Police have had limited instances with this to date.
Question on raising your home: The current ordinance requires an elevated home to use siding,
landscaping or decorative foundation when raising your home. The town didnít want to see eight
feet of foundation so siding, landscaping or a decorative foundation can be used. !
Councilman Toohey update regarding lockboxes used in commercial buildings. The intent is for
commercial properties in town to have small metal boxes installed to hold keys so that the fire
department have a key to access the property during a fire- instead of having to break windows
etc. - the fire department would be able to open the box, get a key to access the home.
Councilman Toohey is looking into this whether non-resident taxpayers would want this. He is
requesting that if anyone has any commentary to send it to Seth Sloan. Each box costs $150. It
would be an ordinance requiring the commercial properties to have this box. VD said NRTAC
will also discuss this further.
Question: dune ordinance suggests two things - it should be uninterrupted and removal of sand
from dune is prohibited. Philadelphia Ave before Sandy probably had the largest dune - it was
bulldozed and replaced by a fence - if there is another storm, there will be an issue. Any plans to
correct it? Ray said that the Surf Club owns the beach at that location. Sandy moved the dunes
and then it was all bulldozed away. Ray cannot answer, but the owner of the beach may have
some permits to move the sand. Mr. Mayer said for the attendee to send him an email and he
will look into this.
Question: High water bills that were sent to some of the non-residents over the last 10 years.
Attendee received a $900 water bill for a 3 month period. Nothing was done even after
complaint. The Mayor said that if you have an issue with water bill, then move compliant
through the water and sewer department and reach out to Chris Riehl by explaining the problem
and providing supporting evidence, documenting why the bill should be adjusted. After that
process, then council must approve the adjustment - for example, if you could show there was a
leak and the water did not go through the sewer system, then an adjustment may be made to the
sewer component of the bill.
Question/Issue: A lot of trash left behind along the streets - is the littering ordinance enforced?
Bill Mayer said this is a common compliant - there have been very large crowds and there will be
a discussion on Tuesday following this annual NRTAC meeting about the Saturday and Sunday
DPW pick up. Mayor Barrella said its not so easy from an enforcement perspective when the
police enforcement is riding a bike and someone is by their car and just dumping some litter.
Parking is easier to enforce.
Question/Issue - could we discuss a non-residents bill of rights, in particular non-resident
taxpayers having voting rights on particular issues that are related only to PPB. Will this be
possible? Non-residents have no say. We pay taxes and pay for the schools but donít use the
schools. Could the state be petitioned for a non-residents bill of rights? VD - We will discuss at
our NRTAC meetings.
Question/Issue: the traffic on Inlet Drive many times is coming the wrong way. Maybe a red
wrong way sign would be helpful. Town will look into areas of traffic concerns.
Question re: Letter about the electric aggregation - Mayor Barrella said check your bills every
carefully to make sure it makes sense for you to do it. Its an opt-out program/not an opt-in
program. VD - its a state law program that requires the opt-out program and not opt-in.
Question: Is it possible to create bike lanes in the beach? The Mayor said the town would be
crazed to have them. Not likely to have bike lanes.
VD wraps up meeting and then meeting is called to an end.

Published March09, 2015 | NRTAC Minutes | 2052

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