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October 27, 2014

Point Pleasant Beach Recreation Committee Minutes

Members Present

Rich Akins
Janice Aportela
Kas Dyson
Glen Paesano
Mike Ramos
Maryjane Reilly
Tom Vogel (Council Liason)

Members Absent

Peg Born
Vince Cicalese
Matt Nagle
Barbara Seaman

Others Present

Meeting Discussion

The meeting opened at 7:15 PM.

The minutes of the 9/22 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Rich Akins provided a Basketball Program on behalf of Matt Nagle. First registration was this past Saturday with another scheduled this coming Saturday. The season will start the week of November 10. May have an open gym. May need some parents to attend. Nick Catania and Ray Cervino will run clinics on November 15. Tentative plan is for team evaluations on November 22. Believe background check on coaches from last year donít expire until late November early December, so they may be ok for evaluations until this yearís checks are completed. Using same company as last year for background checks as last year. Expect individual charge to be reduced from $20 to $12 this year. May move practice to following week because of participant conflicts with other sports activities. Actual season will start in early to mid December and run to end of February. Matt Nagle, Rich Akins and Barbara Seaman have agreed to co-chair Basketball Program.

Tom Vogel reported that Town Council is in favor of online registrations, but we need to go through a state process and follow their rules on credit cards. Will try to do so for next registration program (Summer Camp)

Plan to move Christmas Tree Lighting to Pleasure Park was supported by Chamber of Commerce and approved by Town Council. However, Chamber changed its position after protest from some businesses and residents. Tree lighting will therefore be held downtown again this year. The Committee voted not to participate in the event, but will run a separate winter event at another time so as not to conflict with the Chamber. Glen Paesano indicated his understanding that half of the donation is used for advertising the Tree Lighting in other towns even though the majority of the stores donít stay onpen. Town Council Kevin Riordan has suggested the $5000 donation provided by the Borough could be split between the Chamber and the Committee. Tom Vogel indicated the Committee should proceed with whatever they wish to do and put in a request for funding for the activity. Heíll check with Cathy Beno about the status of our budget and trust fund. (A previous Rec Committee member indicated that the money for the Tree Lighting comes out of the Recreation Trust Fund.) The Committee should begin to build its case for its 2015 Budget. Tom suggested the Committee may wish to look into: 1) Jim Dowdís Street Hockey Program; 2) A Skating night at Avonís rink; and/or 3) A movie and swim night at the Neptune High School Aquatic Center.

The Committee will need to find a new Director for the Summer Rec Camp to replace Joanna Douglas who resigned due to issues working with town hall. The Committee will discuss plans for the Camp including personnel, salaries etc. at its next meeting. Glen Paesano asked Tom Vogel make sure Pleasure Park is reserved for the Camp from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM during its operation.

Tom Vogel provided the Committee with a preliminary example of a new facility use form the Town is developing. It was suggested the form include provision for important comments such as water needing to be turned on, an area needs to be roped off etc...

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 11/24.

Respectfully submitted,

Maryjane Reilly
Recording Secretary

Published March07, 2015 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 2050

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