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September 11, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Present: Anne Lightburn, Sal Pepe, Greg Culp, Dara Stieglitz and Councilman: Mayer
Absent: Mickey Diaz, Glen Paesano, Greg Cox and Mike Ramos; Councilman Toohey and Student Representatives: Shelby Catala and Samantha Tarabattoni
Guest: Councilman Cortes
Anne reported year-to-date parking revenue from the New Jersey Ave Parking lot (former Risden property) is $49,500, which is the highest since acquiring the property.
The committee discussed its recommendations for 1 Ocean Avenue and the restoration of the former Risden bathhouse with Councilman Cortes. Councilman Cortes will be heading up the Building and Grounds Committee’s oversight of both projects for the borough. Several new ideas came up including: prefab construction for the proposed restroom at 1 Ocean Ave; using solar/wind technology for municipal structures and designing/positioning restrooms in the restoration of the bathhouse so they could possibly be converted to public toilets, if desired, in the future.
Anne will get contact information for Andy for the County Director of Parks and Recreation, who oversaw the development of Trader’s Cove.
There was a brief discussion on the state November ballot referendum to allocate a portion of the current 4% tax on business to Green and Blue Acres. This is not a new tax but a different allocation for the tax revenue and will serve as a permanent funding source for Green and Blue Acres. Anne asked that individual members of the committee write support letters to the Ocean Star.
Meeting adjourned 8:10 pm

Published February28, 2015 | Open Space Committee Minutes | 2040

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