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January 01, 2015

Council Minutes

Mayor Barrella called the regular meeting to order at 1:06PM. Present were Councilmen Reid, Toohey, Cortes, and Vogel. The Deputy Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

After the flag salute by Mayor Barrella and the invocation by Deputy Clerk Farrell, a moment of silence was observed for Attorney Tom Gannon, who suffered a heart attack, the families of slain New York City Police Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu and of Cliffside Park Police Officer Stephen Petruzzello, who was recently killed in the line of duty.

OATHS OF OFFICE were administered to Councilman-Elect Thomas Migut, Councilman-Elect William R. Mayer, Fire Chief John Pasola, Assistant Fire Chief John DeMillio, Deputy Fire Chief Ira Waldman and Deputy Fire Chief Dan Miles by Deputy Clerk Farrell.

PROCLAMATIONS were presented by Mayor Barrella to Ocean Fire Company No. 1 and Point Pleasant Beach Fire Company No. 2 for their heroic efforts during the fire at the Mariner’s Cove Inn on March 21, 2014.


Councilman Thomas Migut: congratulated the new fire officers and acknowledged the honor bestowed upon the Fire Department – wished them few alarms and many new members; some properties are still lagging behind in restoration – encouraged anyone who needs help moving an application through FEMA or the State grant process to contact him for assistance; thanked all who made his election possible – can’t tell everyone how enthused he is to work with this Governing Body, but he can show everyone and will this year.

Councilman William R. Mayer: wished all a Happy New Year – hopes 2015 will be a year of positive progress – congratulated and thanked Tom Migut for running and being a large part of a positive campaign – congratulated Chief Pasola and all the fire officers – congratulated Deputy Clerk Farrell on her upcoming appointment and wished her luck – thanked his wife and family, including his grandson, Harrison, for their support – have endured some unkind comments over the years, but they rallied and he thanks them – extended a special Thank You for the service of the volunteers of the fire companies and first aid squad, who are the heart of this town – his wish for the Governing Body and the entire municipal family is that they work together to make wise and informed decisions that are in the best interest of the town, not only for the current year, but for generations to come and that they take no actions nor make any statements that reflect negatively on the town or the offices that they hold – thanked everyone.

Motion by Councilman Mayer to elect Councilman Andy Cortes as the Council President for the year 2015 was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Migut, Toohey, Mayer, Cortes, Vogel

Motion by Councilman Mayer to appoint Councilman Thomas Migut as Class III Planning Board member for 2015 was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Migut, Toohey, Mayer, Cortes, Vogel
Mayor Barrella: congratulated the Council on a very wise choice, given Councilman Migut’s past experience on the Planning Board.

PUBLIC PARTICPATION – Consent Resolution items only – Began and Ended at 1:26PM, with no member of the public wishing to be heard.

Motion by Councilman Vogel to close Public Participation was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Migut, Toohey, Mayer, Cortes, Vogel

Deputy Clerk Farrell: announced that Resolution 3/r was deemed to be unnecessary (removed).

Motion by Councilman Mayer to approve item listed below was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
a) Appointment of Eileen A. Farrell Municipal Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Migut, Toohey, Mayer, Cortes, Vogel

OATH OF OFFICE was administered to Municipal Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics
Eileen A. Farrell by Retired Municipal Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics Maryann Ellsworth.

Motion by Councilman Toohey to close public participation and approve items listed below was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
a) Borough Physician - Meridian Occupational Health
b) Police Psychologist - Plainfield Consultation Center
a) Approval of Temporary Budget for 2015
b) Appointment of Standing Council Committees for 2015
c) Establish Personnel Committee for 2015
d) Establish Meeting Dates for 2015
e) Establish Interest to be charged on delinquent taxes and water-sewer utility bills
f) Establish 6% penalty for Tax Delinquencies over $10,000.00
g) Authorization for Council to administer ABC licenses & enforce state statutes
h) Designation of newspapers to be used for legal ads during 2015
i) Designation of depositories for municipal funds during 2015
j) Appointment of Christine Riehl as Tax Search Officer for 2015
k) Appointment of Eileen Farrell as Assessment Search Officer for 2015
l) Appointment of Kathryn Beno as Deputy Finance Officer for 2015
m) Appointment of Janet Mutter as Deputy Municipal Clerk for 2015
n) Appointment of John Trout as Certified Principal Public Works Manager for 2015
o) Appointment of Janet Mutter as Deputy Registrar for 2015
p) Appointment of Alternate Deputy Registrar for 2015
q) Appointment of Clinton Daniel as Deputy Emergency Mgt Coordinator for 2015
r) REMOVED (Appt. of Clinton Daniel as Dep. Emerg. Mgt Coord for Operations for 2015)
s) Appointment of Municipal Representative (Christine Riehl) to Ocean County Community Development Block Grant Committee for 2015
t) Appointment of Christine Riehl as Public Agency Compliance Officer for 2015
u) Appointment of Council liaisons (2) to the Board of Education
v) Appointment of Council liaison to the Chamber of Commerce
w) Appointment of Class I and Class II Special Police Officers, School Crossing Guards, Police Matrons, Parking Enforcement Officers, P/T Data Entry Clerk & P/T Communications Operators for 2015
x) Appointment of Tax Assessor to act as agent on Tax Appeals and Execute Settlements
y) Appointment of Kathryn Beno as Qualified Purchasing Agent and increase in bid threshold for 2015
z) Authorization to draft Application for Safe & Secure Communities Program for 2015 and appointment of Joseph Michigan as grant coordinator
a) Establishment of fees for special DWI sessions
b) Re-establishment of Petty Cash Funds for 2015
c) Designation of CFO to act as Governing Body Secretary during Budget Workshop sessions
d) Establishment of $10 late fee for late payment of dog license fees
e) Establishment of annual Halloween curfew
f) Approval of exemption from municipal portion of dog/cat license fees for volunteer fire/first aid personnel
g) Approval of exemption for one bulk pick-up fee/annum for volunteer fire/first aid personnel
h) Approval of exemption from water shut-off/turn-on fees for volunteer fire/first aid personnel
i) Establishment of mileage reimbursement rate for 2015
j) Payment of annual lease fee to State of NJ for Rickover Park and open space at junction of Routes 35 and 88
k) Establishment of clerk stipend for special Board of Adjustment meetings
l) Appointment of Christine Riehl as PERMA Fund Commissioner
m) Appointment of Christine Riehl as Insurance Fund Commissioner and Eileen Farrell as Insurance Fund Deputy Commissioner and Personnel Administrator
n) Appointment of Eileen Farrell as NJ Civil Service System Administrator
o) Appointment of Karen Mills as Board of Health Officer
p) Re-establishment of OPRA copy and administrative fees for 2015
q) Re-establishment of property tax exemption policy for disabled veterans
r) Re-authorization for CFO to issue hand written checks prior to Governing Body approval
s) Appointment of Karen Mills as Dog Warden for 2015
t) Re-establishment of Parking Machine Refund Policy RE: No Refunds
u) Appointment of Peter Ritchings as Dune Inspector for 2015
v) Designation of records custodians for each department
w) Re-establishment of part-time personnel and salaries for certain employees
x) Designation of Fire Chief to sign documents and act as liaison for Firefighter Certification
y) Re-establishment of Condo Conversion Fee Schedule for 2015
z) Authorization for Mayor and CFO to act as signatories on Borough accounts
a) Authorization for participation in the volunteer tuition credit program
b) Re-establishment of miscellaneous water/sewer rates
c) Establishment of annual League of Municipalities policy
d) Authorization for emergency services personnel to participate in AFLAC insurance programs
e) Authorization for Municipal Clerk to sign Fire Dept applications before placing on agenda
f) Authorization for Recreation Committee to accept applications for Summer Program from the parents of children who attend Antrim School, as well as from Borough employees
g) Establishment of notary fee at $2.50/document
h) Requirement of Purchasing Agent to serve on Finance Committee
i) Requirement of Elected Officials to take one instructional course each year
j) Requirement of additional CFO duties in compliance with DLGS ‘Best Practices’
k) Payment of accrued sick time to M. Ellsworth
l) Appointments to Local Emergency Planning Council
m) Establishment of Local Emergency Planning Council meeting dates
n) Re-establishment of Special Event policy regarding no new events
o) Reaffirmation of Borough’s Civil Rights Policy
p) Re-instatement of litter patrol during summer season
q) Re-establishment of W/S ready-to-use charge waiver
a) Appointments to Board of Adjustment
b) Appointments to Environmental Commission and Council Liaison
c) Appointments to Recreation Committee and Council Liaison
d) Appointments to Beautification Committee and Council Liaison
e) Appointments to Animal Welfare Committee and Council Liaison
f) Appointment of Council Liaisons (2) to the Community Endowment Fund
g) Appointments to Parking Authority
h) Appointments to Open Space Advisory Committee and Council Liaison
i) Appointment of Council Liaison to the Floodplain Management Committee
j) Appointment of MAC Coordinator
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Migut, Toohey, Mayer, Cortes, Vogel (except Fire Dept. matters), …YEA
Councilman Vogel (Fire Dept. matters)….ABSTAIN


Councilman Reid: wished all a Happy New Year – acknowledged former Mayors Hennessy and Pasola and former Council Members Jim Malone, Frank Carey and his mother, Barbara Reid, who were in attendance; acknowledge the work of Councilman Mayer over the last three years – has cares and has done great work always wants to do what’s right for this town – looks forward to working with him; he graduated with Tom Migut – they played on the same football team – he cares and is knowledgeable – looks forward to working with him and the whole team.

Councilman Toohey: congratulated Councilmen Mayer and Migut, who watched him grow up – great to sit up here with them now – really enjoyed serving the people of PPB during his first year on Council – thinks Council did a pretty good job of working together – had some salty moments, but that’s fine and is how government works sometimes – looks forward to a productive 2015; thanked everyone.

Councilman Cortes: wished all a Happy New Year – congratulated Councilmen Migut and Mayer – thanked Councilman Mayer for nominating him as Council President – congratulated the Fire Department – looks forward to a very good 2015 with positive progress.

Councilman Vogel: wished all much success and happiness in reaching their goals in 2015; welcomed back Councilman Mayer – he works hard and gets into the details; is honored to work with Councilman Migut, who wanted this opportunity to serve the community in this way for many years – it’s well deserved – knows he’ll do an outstanding job; took a run through town this morning to refocus and take in all that Point Pleasant Beach has - reflected on the uniqueness and beauty of the town and how special it is and what Council needs to keep inside of them as they lead and in the decisions that they make – hopes all will keep that in mind – Governing Body should encourage, lift and strengthen one another and the community as a whole – the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all – that’s our goal, here and what we should be doing; offered a word of praise for the Police Department – Officers Meany and Spader responded to a structure fire at a condominium yesterday – they were the first to arrive – they quickly contained the damage prior to the arrival of the Fire Department – commended the outstanding job that the Police do, day in and day out - thanked Chief O’Hara and his department for all of their hard work.

a) Tourism Committee and Council Liaison
b) Planning Board
c) Historical Preservation Commission
d) Non-Resident Taxpayers Advisory Committee and Council Liaison


Mayor Barrella: also acknowledged the presence of former Mayors Hennessy and Pasola and former Council Members Carey, Reid and Jim Malone, for whom the Council Chamber is named; congratulated the fire officers – will do a great job; thanked Clerk Farrell for all she has done for him and the community over the last seven years, since he has been in officer; welcomed Councilman Migut – has known him for about ten years – knows that he has wanted to serve on the Governing Body – he has earned that right – cannot express his gratitude for Tom’s time and service on the Planning Board and what he has done to help the town along – genuinely likes and respects him – wished him the best in his new chapter in his service to the community – he will do a great job; has no prepared remarks today, unlike the last seven years - it’s been an interesting seven years – rewarding in some respects and disappointing and painful in others – not so much for him, but his family has suffered immensely and were put through a lot – that is, unfortunately, the nature of public service at times – just have to deal with it; community has accomplished a great deal since Sandy, but there is still so much more to be done – no one will forget the devastation and the climb back has been difficult, but steady – have made great progress – not all the way back, but we are getting there – Governing Body must continue to address the flooding issues, especially around Little Silver Lake, as they seem to be occurring more often and routinely – must also remediate problems caused by Route 35 drainage issues – hopefully, the State will react to his requests by the Borough Engineer to work on a different drainage plan, so that it doesn’t feed into Little Silver Lake; completion of the Army Corps of Engineer’s beach replenishment project is essential to the safety of Point Pleasant Beach – hopes that those who feel their individual and corporate interests are more important than that of the community as a whole will have a change of heart – hopes that the Governor will not succumb to pressure and do anything that would jeopardize the safety of Point Pleasant Beach; the Borough must continue to be vigilant in protecting residents’ quality of life and the family image, so essential to our tourism industry – hopes the appropriate State agencies will understand that as well; thanked the Governing Body of Cliffside Park for their action in recognizing the importance of dreams by posthumously promoting Officer Petruzzello from a Class I Special to a full time Police Officer – that was a great gesture for the family and they deserve to be commended for it.

Motion by Councilman Vogel to adjourn was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Migut, Toohey, Mayer, Cortes, Vogel…YEA

Meeting was adjourned at 1:39PM.

ATTEST: ____________________________________
Eileen A. Farrell, Municipal Clerk

Published February28, 2015 | Council Minutes | 2035

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