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October 21, 2014

Council Minutes

Mayor Barrella called the regular meeting to order at 7:35PM. Present were Mayor Barrella and Councilmen Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon and Toohey. The Deputy Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Deputy Clerk Farrell announced a minor revision to the October 7, 2014 Council meeting minutes. Motion by Councilman Mayer, to approve the October 7, 2014 Council meeting minutes, was seconded by Councilman Toohey and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey…YEA

Department Head memos were discussed – credit card payment and bench policy issues were held. Engineer Savacool discussed the Army Corps dune project, Little Silver Lake dredging rebid and valve exercising. The rebid, valve exercising and capital projects for water should be addressed at the November meeting.


Councilman Reid: Chamber of Commerce is working with the Recreation Committee on the Christmas Tree lighting and would like to move it to Pleasure Park – have been issues with the tree and electric and some shop owners are not open and don’t want to be – Recreation Committee wants more of a family, fun-in-the-town, kind of event (Councilman Gordon: questioned the move – asked about lighting the area for safety – always enjoyable – asked if Council has the authority to deny; Councilman Vogel: we do – when he and Councilman Reid were growing up, it was at the Inlet; Councilman Gordon: questioned the advantage to the Chamber – sounds like they're trying to get rid of it) doesn’t understand – agrees that it’s been an enjoyable downtown, but has been told that businesses want to be closed; Mayor Barrella: should communicate to park area residents or it could be a nightmare; Councilman Gordon: sounds like a logistics nightmare; Mayor Barrella: suggested a targeted reverse 9-1-1); looking into Property Tax Reward Card Program – a loyalty program for PPB shoppers, offering a property tax rebate (Mayor Barrella: looked into a few years ago – works in areas with malls) would be nice to have residents shop locally and would help with their taxes – Chamber likes it – will call the Marlboro Business Administrator and Mayor of Brick to see how it’s working there (Mayor Barrella: there is cost and manpower involved).

Councilman Cortes: DeForest Demolition did a nice job clearing One Ocean Avenue – next on their list is the pump house on Cooks Lane; Engineer Savacool has been conversing with Barlo & Associates, who is working on the Risden’s Building – pushing them for preliminary plans – lot will be restriped for next summer with 10 more spots; Mr. Savacool recommends a vaulted tidal gate in the grass area on Boston Avenue between Lake Louise and Little Silver Lake – seems a step in the right direction (Councilman Reid: asked who would maintain the vault; Engineer Savacool: DPW or the County – it's included in the EIT application) Beautification Committee meets tomorrow – Christmas lights on schedule for the first week in November – DPW will put them up – 3 people being trained – also getting quotes from electricians; acknowledged employee anniversaries – Rose Frey (1 year), Joe Felita (29 years) and Cindy Brodeur (30 years).

Councilman Vogel: police in-car video system has been installed and officers are going through training – great tool for protecting our officers and for liability exposure; police department, in conjunction with the sheriff’s department, is holding a free child passenger safety check at PPB Fire Company No. 2 on Laurel Avenue, November 1st, 9AM-1PM – encouraged all to have child seats checked for proper installation.

Councilman Mayer: Finance Committee met tonight – most noteworthy item was the revenue reports from the Municipal Court and Hotel/Motel Tax – putting those two items back on target for budget – BA/CFO Riehl’s focus is the 4th Quarter collection (Mayor Barrella: asked BA/CFO Riehl to get those numbers out to everyone).

Councilman Gordon: a charity, Hometown Heroes, in conjunction with Food Network, honored a young PPB lad, who suffers from a food disorder – this little boys’ interest is dedicated to those in uniform – police & fire departments stepped up to the plate – they gave him a ride in one of the fire trucks – waiting to see when and if it will air – will share that information when he receives it – tipped his hat to the fire & police departments and the State Police.

Councilman Toohey: thanked BA/CFO Riehl for Inlet Wall progress – Harborhead donated the paint, which is at the DPW – Department of Corrections will be painting it next week; rocks for street ends have been placed by DPW – not an easy job – Environmental Commission will speak tonight about recycling containers.

Mayor Barrella: asked BA/CFO Riehl how we are doing with FEMA, about any open issues and about sand sifting (BA/CFO Riehl: received another $96K yesterday – received roughly more than $4M out of $7M that’s been obligated – sand sifting was covered) was on a post-Sandy panel yesterday with the Regional Director of FEMA, who said to call him with any problems – he will – asked BA/CFO Riehl to let him know of anything.

BA/CFO Riehl: No report.


Dave Cavagnaro, Point Pleasant Beach (PPB): asked about openings where there will be no dunes, from Jenkinson’s Pavilion, past Martell’s – recalls many times when water covered the beach, not because of a storm but because of something off the coast – big concern with water– asked if the concern is more to protect the Boardwalk or to protect existing homes – there are signification areas of the Boardwalk where water can go straight under and down those streets – asked Council to consider something before the Corps comes back.
Vince Castin, PPB: agrees with Mr. Cavagnaro – can’t understand why sand can’t be put under the Boardwalk; asked why the dredging project that is being re-bid includes re-sampling the area and questioned the dredging map that was sent to residents; tree lighting at the park is a terrible idea – Chamber should not be able to dictate (Councilman Reid: recommended approving the move the Pleasure Park as Resolution 3); asked if the catch basins on Trenton were cleaned [BA/CFO Riehl: asked that authorization for Borough Engineer to submit Problem Statement to DOT be added to the agenda (item 1/Z); Engineer Savacool: will provide language to the Clerk's office – it encourages DOT to investigate, repair and bring their infrastructure up to current standards, particularly the drainage system that services Route 35; Councilman Reid: believes PPB’s roads will be damaged with all the trucks heading south at 5:30AM – must keep an eye on it – maybe he can help, as he knows the new commissioner].
John Colvin, PPB: Council has more to do than worry about benches; sides with the Army Corps on Jenkinson’s dunes – was only 2” of water condos behind the Aquarium and there was only 2" of water there after Sandy because Jenkinson’s and Martell’s blocked the ocean – flooding there came from the lake area, not the ocean – complained about today's flooding and yet another lost car on his block because cars were allowed to come down the street and create wave action – his neighbor took it upon himself to block Trenton Avenue – asked that drains at Trenton be checked – complained about storm drains being filled with leaves and water not draining – need to monitor those streets – believes the storm drains are blocked – been just nine weeks since the last time this happened (Mayor Barrella: asked BA/CFO Riehl to have DPW Super. Trout check on this and all low-lying areas) called today and was told by DPW Super Trout that it wasn't a priority, as they were cleaning streets – someone needs to drive by regularly because it's a problem – recommends creating a troth to the Inlet (Mayor Barrella: asked Chief to see if it's possible to block off Trenton when flooded; Chief O’Hara: possible, but don't have enough cones, barricades or people to block every flooded street– 30 or 40 intersections were flooded – resources are focused where largest amounts of people and traffic are flowing – life safety has a bearing; Councilman Mayer: asked Engineer Savacool to look into it).
Bob Maloney, PPB: drains at Central & Boston are all filled with leaves and dirt – water is floating in the drains (Councilman Vogel: asked County to step up their efforts; Mayor Barrella: maybe we can do it and send them a bill).
Matt Nagle, PPB Recreation Committee: basketball season is starting in a few weeks – if credit card registration is not done tonight, it will be too late for this year (BA/CFO Riehl: formal bid process or RFPs, etc., are needed under Local Public Contracts Law) asked that it be done for next year; was not intricate in the conversations with Carol Vaccaro and Glen Paesano about the tree lighting, but the Chamber was behind it – Council gives the Chamber $5K for the tree lighting and half of that is spent on advertising outside of town – Recreation Committee wants residents to come together for the holidays – during last year’s tree lighting, 95% of businesses were closed and the electric was a disaster – the few business that were open didn’t even allow an extension cord to be put in – majority of people there are not residents (Councilman Gordon: asked if the Committee had talked about logistics – lighting, etc.) volunteers would decorate with lights; Chief O’Hara: can move the officers dedicated to downtown to the park – doesn’t anticipate closing streets – has never done this, so doesn't know what to expect; Councilman Reid: they are speaking with St. Peters about parking and utilizing the gym if it rains).


BA/CFO Riehl: suggested that a portion of Trenton Avenue be added to item 1/G (all agreed) Motion by Councilman Cortes to close public participation and approve items listed below was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
a) Amendment to Elks ABC approval as Social Affairs Permit for event on 10/19/14
b) Bench application (1)
c) Payments to T&M Associates from BOA & Planning Bd escrow accounts ($2,849)
d) Amendment to 8/5/14 Council minutes
e) Establish Borough holidays for 2015
f) Payroll #21 ($251,303.87)
g) Award of contract to Oswald Enterprises for cleaning/televising storm pipes ($3,400) Revision made to resolution, adding portion of Trenton Ave – added at meeting
h) Payment to All Covered for 4th quarter computer network maintenance ($2,550)
i) Payment to JR Henderson Labs for water lab samples for balance of year ($3,000)
j) Retirement contract for Municipal Clerk
k) Release of tree bond for 316 Niblick ($350)
l) Payment to Petroleum Traders for gasoline ($22,040.70)
m) Release of BOA escrow to R. Randazzo ($600)
n) Payment to Electro Maintenance for Water Treatment Plant inspection ($4,000)
o) Payment to OC Treasurer for 4th Quarter Tax Levy ($2,391,123.61)
p) Payment to Dane DeForest for demolition of 1 Ocean Ave ($13,750)
q) Payment to Hewlett-Packard for computers, monitors, cases & software ($7,766)
r) Establish Bulk Pick-Up dates for 2015
s) Authorization to submit grant application & execute grant contract with NJDOT for Harvard Ave improvements
t) PO to Winner Ford to replace police vehicle #169, upon insurance reimbursement ($28,459)
u) PO to Winner Ford to replace police vehicle #166 ($28,459 – partially reimbursed)
v) Payment to L3 Mobile-Vision for police in-car video systems ($33,057.37)
w) Payment to Hewlett-Packard for server ($4,942.44)
x) Payment to OC Soils of Conservation for Little Silver Lake Dredging ($3,655)
y) Authorization to reject all bids received on 10/16 for Little Silver Lake Dredging, rebidding the project and resampling the area to improve bid results
z) Authorization for Borough Engineer to submit Problem Statement to DOT – added at meeting
a) Payment to Pierce Manufacturing for fire truck ($439,829.73)
b) Payment of insurance reimbursement to Ocean Fire Co #1 for door repair ($2,690.50)
c) Payment of computer-generated vouchers ($3,153,364.78)*
d) Payment to Brick MUA for September bulk water usage ($107,524.55)
e) Additional payment to VALIC for LOSAP 2013 ($1,000)
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Cortes, Vogel (2/C & 2/D), Mayer (2/A, 2/B, 2/C & 2/E), Gordon,
Councilmen Vogel (2/A, 2/B & 2/E), Mayer (2/D)….ABSTAIN
*Per Borough Attorney, assume usual abstentions on 2/C items with which Councilmen have conflicts.

RESOLUTION 3: Amendment to Chamber’s Tree Lighting S/E application, to move the event to Pleasure Park – added at meeting
Councilman Reid: will be different, but a nice event – would like to support the Recreation Committee – maybe Chamber will bring it back downtown next year – apologized for short notice – didn't realize there is only 1 more meeting prior to tree lighting (Councilman Gordon: asked if town should give Chamber $5K this year) yes – businesses will come to the park – food, activities, music, lighting (Councilman Vogel: Recreation Committee has limited dollars and are providing most of the manpower – would like to help businesses, but if they are not open, they are not benefitting – would like to do this as a community event – wasn’t always downtown – can amend to not go past 8:30PM with music; Councilman Cortes: asked for more formal discussion at the November 18th Council Meeting; Mayor Barrella: would have to clear kids out when over – have no consultation from area residents or St. Peters – suggested Borden's parking lot, where the Jazz festival was, or leaving it downtown; Councilman Vogel: but then, we are not notifying the River Avenue residents; BA/CFO Riehl: would not have picked that as a location, as it wouldn't bring people to the shops – questioned whether the $5K should go to Recreation Committee instead of the Chamber; Mayor Barrella: asked if booths would be sold, like at the Seafood Festival; Councilman Gordon: too many unanswered questions – shouldn’t mess with something that’s worked in the past; Councilman Vogel: they could decide not to do it at all).
Motion by Councilman Reid to close public participation and approve Resolution 3 was seconded by Councilman Vogel and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Cortes, Vogel and Mayer….YEA
Councilmen Gordon and Toohey….NAY

ORDINANCE 2014-24 (Amend Fire Lane Ordinance) was considered on second reading. Public hearing was opened and closed with no member of the public wishing to be heard.
Motion by Councilman Cortes to close the public hearing and adopt Ordinance 2014-24 on second reading was seconded by Councilman Vogel and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey…YEA


Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: had mentioned using Reverse 9-1-1 to announce events and holidays when there will be no municipal services – asked if notification of the breast cancer walk was in the newspaper; disagreed with Mr. Colvin – saw water come rushing down Parkway and Central during the storm – the 5’ of water in front his house came from the ocean, not the lake; asked for report on Risden's and for timeline on Randall Avenue valve; a good amount of the $5K for the Chamber goes towards snowflake lights and other decorations.
Cary Mulkeen, PPB Environmental Commission: thanked DPW for moving rocks to the street ends – plantings will be in November.
Anne Lightburn, PPB Environmental Commission: recycling is a main priority of the commission – concerned with lack of recycling receptacles, particularly at street ends and Boardwalk and in Little Silver lot – there are some in the town garage for special events; thanked Councilman Reid for supporting trees – was instrumental in getting the Toro and water tank, so trees could be watered – he also went to bat at the Mill End Shop, where owner didn’t want to replace trees – trees will now go in – will be proposing an ordinance to protect public areas, so trees are replaced when they come down – trees are a community resource – should not be up to one individual to decide whether to replace them.
Cathy Sogorka, PPB Environmental Commission: looking for recycling receptacle next to every garbage can and in New Jersey Avenue lot.
Vince Castin, PPB: supports cancer walk, but need to look at the decibel level – house was reverberating – not necessary – more noise than substance.


Motion by Councilman Vogel to adjourn was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by consent of Council.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:25PM.

ATTEST: ____________________________________
Eileen Farrell, Deputy Municipal Clerk

Published November19, 2014 | Council Minutes | 1984

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