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September 22, 2014

Point Pleasant Beach
Recreation Committee

Members Present Members Absent

Rich Akins Peg Born
Janice Aportela Vince Cicalese
Kas Dyson Tom Vogel (Council Liason)
Matt Nagle
Glen Paesano
Mike Ramos
Maryjane Reilly
Barbara Seaman Others Present

Meeting Discussion

The meeting opened at 7:10 PM.

The minutes of the 6/23 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Glen Paesano announced that Tony Testa has resigned from the Committee

Glen noted that the Town gives $5,000 to the Chamber of Commerce for the Christmas Tree Lighting. Half of the money goes for advertising in other towns despite the fact that the great majority of the stores remained closed on the night of the event. Glen will talk to Carol Vaccaro as to whether the Committee ought continue to help support the Chamber event or hold a separate event on a different night (e.g. at Pleasure Park with say ice skating).

Rich Akins reported that there is a proposal to have a 5th & 6th grade basketball team at Antirim. This could reduce the gym time for the Recreation basketball program. Matt Nagle reviewed the results of last year’s Program and the upcoming year. Highlights of last year were pre-season clinics/evaluations, more practice time, local businesses sponsoring $2K of uniforms, and a reduction in referee expense from $10K to $4K. For the upcoming year Joe Fitzsimmons will continue as director at a stipend of $2K. The schedules, clinics, and evaluations will also be put in place with a similar process. Waiting to hear from Nick Catania and Jeff Clark regarding their involvement in clinics. Barbara Seaman will attempt to again obtain local business scholarships. The coaches background check cost has been reduced from $20 each to $12 and will include a code of conduct. Sports Sign Up will run the online registration with credit card payment for a $2.50 registration fee and approximately $2 charge for each transaction. Director Fitzsimmons would recommend a second referee for the grade 5 & 6 boys games at a cost of $840. The Committee will review this as well as paying someone to keep the score book. The cost of the program will be $60 for the first two family players and a maximum of $135 per family. This is down from last year’s $75 for the first and $135 for the entire family. The total estimated cost of the Program for 154 players will be $7,880 offset by $2,000 in local business sponsorships. This will result in a draw down balance of $4,710 from the current deposits of $10,590. The Committee approved all of the above except the second grade 5 & 6 referee and payment to a score keeper.

Joanna Douglas has indicated she will not be able to act as Director of the Summer Recreation Program for next year.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 10/27.

Respectfully submitted,

Maryjane Reilly
Recording Secretary

Published November10, 2014 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 1981

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