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September 3, 2014


The September 3, 2014 regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board opened at 7:30 pm. The Clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were Board members Mr. Gagnon, Chairman Migut, Mr. Winter, Mr. Highton, Ms. Devon, Mr. Ritchings and Councilman Cortes
Absent: Loder and Mutter
Also present: Karen Mills, Dennis Galvin and Ray Savacool

Motion by Mr. Ritchings, second by Mr. Winter to memorialize the minutes of August 6, 2014

In favor: Gagnon, Winter, Cortes, Devon and Migut
Opposed: None

Memorialize Resolutions

Motion by Mr. Ritchings, second by Ms. Devon to memorialize the action and vote approving application - #2014-369 of The Clayton Family, LLC – 813 Arnold Avenue – with conditions

In favor – Winter, Cortes, Ritchings, Devon and Migut
Opposed – None

Motion by Mr. Winter, second by Mr. Migut to memorialize the action and vote approving application - #2014-375 of Trencin Realty Company - 500 – 504 Trenton Avenue

In favor – Winter, Cortes, Ritchings, Devon and Migut
Opposed – None

Motion by Mr. Ritchings, second by Ms. Devon to memorialize the action and vote approving application- #2014-376 of Joe Leone’s – 510 American Legion Way with conditions

In favor – Gagnon, Winter, Cortes, Ritchings, Devon and Migut
Opposed: None

Application #2014-372 – Lombardi Residential, LLC – Board previously approved subdivision with 60 foot setback; Requesting an amended approval for 50 foot setback to allow for rear yard.

The applicant is requesting the following changes to the resolution:

A. For a front setback of 50’ where 60’ had been previously approved on lot 11.02

B. To permit front facing garage doors on a detached garage in the rear of lot 11.02.

Daniel S. Popovitch, Esquire, applicant’s attorney, stated that the applicant is looking to amend the previously approved resolution.

The request would still allow for an appropriate turn around for vehicles to pull out of the shared driveway.

Robert Burdick, applicant’s Professional Engineer and Planner, sworn, stated that the original approved plan with the 60’ front yard setback limits does not provide an adequate turnaround space in the rear.. The approved detached garage is approximately 100’ from the front property line and will not negatively affect the aesthetics of the property. The larger rear-yard will provide a safety improvement to the property and more open-air between properties. Neither lot will exceed the permitted maximum impervious lot coverage.

Robert Lombardi, applicant, sworn, stated that the proposed house for lot 11.02 will have a shore style design consistent with other properties in the area. An attached garage was not previously approved by the Board due to an easement between both lots 11.01 and 11.02

Audience Questions/comments

Rena Doran, 309 Curtis Ave, sworn, asked if a fence could be installed between the properties to differentiate between her property to the North and the applicant’s property. Mr. Lombardi questioned the necessity of extra screening as there are currently 40’ feet of wilderness on Ms. Doran’s property. She just wants to see something that looks nice. Her property to the north is for sale.

Sandra Pasola, 212 Curtis Avenue, asks what the square footage of the house and the height will be. She was informed that the height will be right at 35’ and overall square footage of both floors in the house will be approximately 3,000 sq. feet. The house will be about 5.75 from the corner of the rear property line and 120’-130’ back from the outer line.

The Board determined that moving the house forward would be a benefit to the surrounding area, the community and improve traffic safety.


1. There is to be no front facing garage on lot 11.01.

2. Lot 11.02 may only have a front facing garage, provided that it is located in the rear of the property.

3. The home on 11.02 is to have a minimum front yard setback of 50 feet.

4. The applicant is to comply with all other terms and conditions previously approved as part of Resolution #2012-352 for the subdivision of lots 11.01 and 11.02.


Ritchings - Given the physical conditions of this property, personally do not have issues of concern with the proposed plan.
Highton – Agrees, I am sympathetic to the desire for a fence, but I agree with Mr. Lombardi that there is enough of a buffer with the trees at this time.
Paesano – Thinks it is a benefit to move the house forward, especially to the neighbors in the rear. If there are new owners to the north with the new construction I am sure that there would certainly be a fence there anyway. In favor of the adjustments.
Cortes - I think moving the house forward is a benefit. The front facing garage will be an aesthetic improvement. I am in favor of this.

Motion by Mr. Paesano, second by Mr. Winter to approve application #2014-372 of Lombardi Residential, LLC Block 118; Lots 11:01 and 11.02 with conditions

In favor: Paesano, Gagnon, Winter, Highton, Councilman Cortes, Ritchings, Devon and Chairman Migut

Application approved with conditions

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm

Attest: Karen L. Mills, Clerk of the Board

Published October31, 2014 | Planning Board Minutes | 1979

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