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JUNE 13, 2014


There was a discussion regarding an article in “Ocean Star” on Jersey Central Power & Light billing to be handled by a third party. You have a choice if you want to switch with a new reduced rate or find your own third party.

Garbage issue: Renters can deposit their garbage at Coal Lane Train Station location when they leave on Saturday between 9am and 11am. Home owners buy the bags at a $3.00 per bag fee at City Hall.

We are now subject to the Open Public Meeting Act: This was created by the Council and enacted. There must be a 48 hours’ notice for all public meetings to allow the public to attend. Next Open Public Meeting September 19 and December 5, 2014.

July 12 Meeting: Committee members worked on getting forms out for this meeting. Tony ran them off. Members Janet Lee, Ed, Bob, Madi, Tony and Keith did this. Thanks to Kelli for all the writings and help. Also, Bill Mayer is a great help to us. He always responds and was in attendance at our meeting.

Chamber of Commerce sent out meeting notice to their car show members. Ward Realty sent meeting notice to all landlords and tenants about the meeting as well. “Ocean Star” places meeting notice ad every week. Patch placed meeting notice announcement. Kelli wrote the article for the Ocean Star.

The meeting Topics of Discussion: Dunes, easements, commercial and residential properties. Committee Members should be at the meeting at 9:30am prior to start of meeting at 10am. Vic is the MC for meeting as last year.

Speakers for Meeting: Mayor Barrella - Bill Mayer – Police Dept. O’Hara possible or a top substitute – Michael Corbally, Barefoot Realty, Paul Ward, Ward Realty – Chamber of Commerce Ed DeFelice or Tony Nabo --Ray Savacool cleanup hitter. Questions and Answers at end of meeting. Closing Remarks by Vic. Make announcement for volunteers for NRTAC Committee. Send email. NOTE: Vic to call all speakers to discuss topics as well as time limit of speech – 5 to 10 minutes.
We continue to send out certain Chamber of Commerce events such as the car show. Seth has list of names of personnel in the Administration Building to thank at the meeting. Seth asked Committee Members in attendance to fill out registration form requested by the
Town. All complied.

Absent from Meeting: Dominick, Keith, Kelli, Madi, Nick, Vic

Submitted by Arlene Wright
NRTAC Committee Member

Published October15, 2014 | NRTAC Minutes | 1970

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