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Army Corps Beach Profiling Surveys in PPB

Manasquan Inlet in Point Pleasant Beach to Island Beach State Park

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers will be conducting beach profiling surveys from Manasquan Inlet in Point Pleasant Beach to Island Beach State Park. A survey sled is towed through the surf zone and collects topographic data (elevation and position) describing the shape of the beach. Sled data (collected with a precision GPS) is merged with hydrographic data collected by a boat offshore (sonar and precision GPS), and topographic data describing the dunes. The merged data give the Corps of Engineers a continuous topographic profile of the beach from the landward side of the dunes to a point about a mile offshore. Profiles are created on offset lines spaced 500í to 1500í intervals along this beach and others on the Jersey Shore.

The Corps of Engineers will compare data from this survey to data collect on past and future surveys to determine the rate of beach erosion or deposition. The Corps of Engineers will use this data in making engineering decisions about, among other things, beach replenishment.

In order to perform this work, a 4X4 pick-up truck will be on the beach towing and positioning the survey sled from line to line. Once the sled is positioned on the survey line, a tow rope is attached from the sled to a jet ski which tows the sled offshore through the surf zone. The sled is also attached to a winch on the truck which retrieves the sled once itís towed through the surf.

Tentatively, the surveying will start the beginning of October with work being completed by October 31, 2014. There are 74 profile lines starting at the south side of the inlet at 1000 foot intervals along the beach ending Island Beach State Park. Out of the 74, there are only 10 profile lines in Point Pleasant Beach; therefore the work on Point Pleasant Beach would only be few days.

Published October08, 2014 | Announcements | 1962

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