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June 23, 2014

Point Pleasant Beach Recreation Committee Minutes

Glen Paesano
Mike Ramos
Janice Aportela
Kas Dyson
Barbara Semon

Start time: 7:30pm

Glen Paesano motion to start and approve last month’s meeting minutes.
Janice Aportela- Second the motion.

Open Discussion:
Summer Park Program – enrollment was up to date. As of today there is 87 paid -15 (Fire –EMT ) registrants. Joanna Douglas is requesting items for Summer Rec. Program that are needed.

SS Purchase list total cost is $1084.75 – a motion to approve was made by Mike Ramos and second by Barbara Semon.

Motion to approve Joanna Douglas Summer Rec . schedule-
Kas Dyson made the motion to approve and second by Janice Aportela

Motion to approve various Walmart items- motion made by Kas Dyson second by Mike Ramos all attendees approved.

Golf Program: signs ups were held for a maximum of 12 as of today there are 10 sign ups. Glen Paesano has sent out an email to Joanna Douglas ,Vincent Cicalese and Antrim PTO for the opportunity to have 2 of the remaining spots filled.

Summertime Surf: sold out immediately. There were 20 available spots and were sold out immediately. Trying to see if we can get an additional 10 spots . Cost is $135.00 per child.

Fourth of July: requested July 3,2014 at Maryland Ave. Beach to start at 5:00pm. Tony Testa & Barbara Semon will be in charge of the event.

Glen Paesano approved one scholoarship based on a request made by the Guidance Counselor of Antrim.

Open Discussion: a request to possibly purchase a Ga Ga Pot ( round pot filled with sand to play games in). Recreation would purchase and to place it where the carousel was in Pleasure Park for the children.
Approximate cost is $3000.00. Further discussion was suggested prior to any decision.

Glen still asking for any suggestions for future events.

Family Fishing Nights- may not take place for the originally scheduled July 2014 date since Loghran Point is under construction and may not be ready. Mike Ramos will apply for a permit to possibly hold the event in August 2014.

Motion to adjourn:

Recorded by:Janice Aportela

Published October06, 2014 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 1958

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