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August 5, 2014


6:30 P.M. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Matters to be discussed 2 contractual matters – SRO and PBA; and 2 attorney-client matters – ABC investigation and Wallace/Boardwalk reconstruction. The Governing Body reserves its right to amend and supplement the purposes of executive session by motion at the public meeting.

1 Open Meeting – Public Meeting Notice - Roll Call
2 Flag Salute – Invocation
3 Approval of Minutes: July 15, 2014 Council Meeting

a) Legislation banning undersized lot subdivision by creation of condominium form of ownership
b) M. Serafin, 107 Atlantic Ave. RE: request for handicap parking


8 FIRST PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – agenda items & ordinances on 1st reading only
(5 minute limit)

a) Authorization for Admin. to execute license agreement Re: Delaware Ave., Block2, Lot 3
b) Opposition to HUD diversion of Sandy Funds
c) Lateral transfer of P. Brundage to parallel Civil Service title
d) Provisional promotions of J. Popp & T. O'Connor to position of DPW Repairer
e) Provisional promotion of W. Crate to position of Motor Broom Operator
f) Provisional promotion of K. Napalo to position of Building Maintenance Worker
g) PO to Carman Dodge for replacement police vehicle ($25,500 - partially reimbursed)
h) Authorization to waive $2,500 tapping fee for water main switch at 101 Broadway
i) Payment to T&M Associates from Planning Bd, BOA & developer escrow account ($3,571)
j) Payment to Pt. Pleasant Bicycle for police bikes, parts & repairs ($5,194.09)
k) Payment to All Time Auto Body for police vehicle repair ($14,463.15 - all/partially reimbursed)
l) Payment to Winner Ford for police vehicle ($37,699)
m) Payment of insurance opt out ($2,500)
n) Payment to Coded Systems for code updates and supplements ($9,470)
o) Payment to NJ Natural Gas for disconnection at 1 Ocean Ave ($2,184.81)
p) Appointment of seasonal P/T DPW Laborer
q) Payment to United Computer for 3rd Quarter service ($2,550)
r) PO to Water Works Supply Co for curb stops & corporations ($2,695.74)
s) Payment to Ocean County Treasurer for 3rd Quarter tax levy ($2,391,123.63)
t) Memorialization of approval for PPBHS S/E application for concert on 7/28
u) Payment to HD Supply Waterworks for water meters ($15,200)
v) PO to Winner Ford for dump trucks ($119,095)
w) Payment to Hunter Technologies for annual support & maintenance contract ($2,997)
x) Payment to Galvin Law Firm from Planning Bd & BOA escrow accounts ($3,552.50)
y) Payment to Devo & Associates for 3rd Quarter airtime ($6,984)
z) Payment to Henry Mancini & Associates for tax appeal appraisals ($12,940)

a) Payment to Denise Sweet from Planning Board escrow account ($200)
b) PO to Custom Environmental Technology for water corrosion inhibitor ($4,205)
c) PO to Utility Supply of America for water system corrosion equipment ($3,094.26)
d) Project Grad. S/E appl. for Town-wide Garage Sale 10/4 (rain: 10/5), waiving permits
e) Jett Foundation S/E application for parade on 8/15
f) Payment to State of NJ for August employee & retiree health benefits ($128,235.07)
g) Authorization for Engineer to file loan application with NJDEP/NJEIT for Little Silver Lake drainage & for Administrator to act as project representative
h) PPB Recreation Committee S/E application for Family Fishing Night on 8/23
i) Payroll #15 ($330,387.36)
j) Authorization for Borough Clerk to draft letter to ABC Re: Domenico Winery application
k) Memorialization of approval of Change Order (>20%) to D’Erasmo Excavating
l) PPB Recreation Committee S/E application for archery class on 8/8
m) Appointment of J. Monticello to Summer Recreation Program
n) Appointment of 3 Seasonal P/T Communications Operators
o) Release of dune bond to Venditti/1808 Beacon Lane ($500)
p) Undertaking of continuing disclosure review & authorization to participate in US SEC’s MCDC Initiative
q) Authorization for Administrator to accept NJ Transit’s offer for property at New Jersey & Washington Aves & for Attorney to work with NJ Transit on execution of documents
r) Payment to Louis Berger Group for public assistance services 5/13-1/14 ($28,015.20)
s) PO to L3 Mobile-Vision for in-car video systems, installed, for police ($35,898.72)
t) PO to NJ Business Systems for wireless license plate recognition for police ($18,228)
u) Refund tax appeal for 1 Ocean Ave ($4,359.24)
v) Payment to McKeon Electrical Services for light repair at Pleasure Park ($4,790)
w) Chapter 159 – Little Silver Lake Sediment Removal ($351,000)
x) Authorization to proceed with Little Silver Lake dredging, using NRCS grant funding
y) PO to Dane Deforest Demolition for demo of Water/Sewer Meter & Well Bldgs. ($12,000)
z) Payment to Martin A. Ackley Assoc. for Boston Ave Coring & Testing ($650)

a) PO to Absolute Fire Protection for fire vehicle for Ocean Fire Co #1 ($712,617)
b) Annual contribution to Fire Companies & First Aid Squad ($74,500)
c) Payment to Brick Utilities for June bulk water usage ($95,076.73)
d) Computer-generated vouchers ($2,785,040.46)
e) PO to Bauer Gen Systems for generator for Ocean Fire Co #1 ($17,661.20)
f) PO to Americast for generator pad for Ocean Fire Co #1 ($2,500)
g) Approval of hand checks ($53,203.18)
h) Payment to M. Woszczak Contractors for hydrant replacement on Baltimore Ave ($3,850)

a) 2nd Reading/Public Hearing Ordinance 2014-23 (Refunding Bond Ordinance)

13 SECOND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – meeting items & non-agenda items (5 minute limit)


Published August01, 2014 | Council Agendas | 1921

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