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February 25, 2013

Point Pleasant Beach
Recreation Committee

Members Present: Members Absent:
Rich Akins Lou Aportela
Janice Aportela Kas Dyson
Peg Born Sue Loder
Vince Cicalese
Andy Cortes (Liason)
Matt Nagle
Glen Paesano
Mike Ramos
Maryjane Reilly
Tony Testa

Others Present:
Joanna Douglas
Barbara Seaman

Meeting Discussion:
Mike Ramos opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.

The minutes of the January and February meetings will be reviewed at the
March meeting.

Andy Cortes rejoined the Committee as Council Liason. Peg Born has agreed
to lead the Easter Egg Hunt and Glen Paesano the Beach Bonfire. Someone is still
needed to fill the Treasurer position, and the Family Fishing Night, Movie Nights, and
Christmas Tree Lighting leadership volunteers are needed.

The Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Sunday March 24th. A motions was made
and approved to provide $500 for the cost. Andy Cortes noted that he will see Cathy
Beno to get approved funds.

The Annual Mayors Trophy Basketball Game will be held on March 12. Joanna
Douglas will arrange for 8th graders to run a snack stand whose proceed will go to
their class trip. There was also a question raised as to whether the game should be
moved to the High School. Metals are going to be ordered for the Recreation Program
Basketball partipicapants which will be presented at the game.

Glen Paesano indicated that Blue Cross/Blue Sheld had approached us to
participate in a Senior Walking Club. They are trying to get a number of towns in the
area to participate. Maryjane Reilly volunteered to help. Andy Cortes reported that
Council President Kristine Tooker supports additional senior programs e.g. ballroom
dancing, bocci ball, and computer classes.

Andy Cortes also reported that the lights at the Pleasant Park basketball courts
are broken and on disconnect. JCP&L no longer handles private timer lights.

Glen Paesano reported that the Town Council voted to allow Borough
employees children to attend the Summer Rec Program at the same fee as residentsí
children. Maryann Ellsworth has estimated there will be roughly 7-9 such kids
attending the Program. Joanna Douglas reported that the maximum enrollment will
be about 200. There will be 3 signups (May 11, 18, & 25) and a June 1 late signup
with a $25 penalty. The standard fee would remain at $180 per child as it was last
year. Joanna recommended the fee not be raised given the current post-Sandy
situation in town. Glen Paesano would like the Town Council to fund the volunteers
children. They agreed to do so last year, but not this year. Andy Cortes will ask the
Council to do so. Interviews for counselors will be held id April. Peg Born will contact
Maryann Ellsworth to put an ad in the newspaper in March. It will also be advertised in
Facebook. Glen Paesano has been approached by parents suggesting an extended
hours program. Glen also reported that a lot of Pleasure Park equpment is still
missing and in need of repair. He and Andy Cortes will review. Picnic tables will also
need to be moved. A half hour per day will need to be added to counselors pay when
the salary ranges will be. Total would be 130 hours for the summer.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Maryjane Reilly
Recording Secretary

Published July02, 2014 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 1907

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