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Energy Aggregation FAQs


1. Who do I Call if my electric goes out?
You will still call JCPL.

2. Do I have to be in this program?
No. you can opt out by going to www.njaggregation.us, calling 877-292-3904 or by returning the bottom portion of the Opt-out letter.

3. Can my information be sold to advertisers or energy companies?
No. Your information, including your account number, is confidential and can only be used to set up the program your municipality has set up.

4. What is a Government Energy Aggregation program?
A municipality has the ability to pool together the usage of all their residents to obtain a lower electric or gas rate than what the Local Distribution Company is currently charging. If they get a lower price, they can then offer it to all their residents.

5. Is there a fee to be a part of the program?
No, there are no fees or penalties.

6. Is there a fee if I leave the program after it starts?
No, there will never be a fee or penalty for a resident to leave the program, even after it starts.

7. Will I be penalized if I do not become a part of the program?
No, there will never be a fee or penalty. If you do not want to be a part of it you are free to stay with your Local Distribution Company or choose your own Third Party Supplier.

8. Is my municipality the only one in New Jersey doing an Aggregation Program?
No. While the program is relatively new, July of 2012, there are a numerous municipalities in New Jersey that have already established the program and many more are getting started.

9. Is Commercial Utility Consultants an energy supplier?
No. They are an independent consultant that works with all the energy suppliers licensed to do business in New Jersey by the BPU to obtain the energy contract and work through the process to put the Aggregation program in place for your municipality.

10. Am I going to have to pay more than one bill if I am a part of this program?
No, you will continue to pay one bill to your Local Distribution Company (JCPL) and pay that one bill directly to them as you always have.

11. Who do I call with service questions?
You will continue to call your Local Distribution Company (JCPL) just like you always have.

12. Who do I call with questions about my bill?
You will still call your Local Distribution Company (JCPL).

13. Who will now read my meter?
Your Local Distribution Company (JCPL) will still be reading your meter.

14. Are the people knocking on my door asking about my electric bill a part of this program?
No, no one associated with CUC will be knocking on your door. CUC is the only company associated with running the aggregation program for you and your municipality.

15. What information will I receive about the program?
Aside from public meetings and advertising, you will receive at least 2 letters. One is your official Opt Out letter and it provides the details such as the new rate, term, chosen supplier and the deadline for opting out. The second is a confirmation letter from the utility company stating you have elected to remain in the program and the date you will be switched over. This is a form letter stating you have chosen to switch even though the program was chosen by your municipality as a benefit to you. You may disregard this letter.

16. Is the price a “teaser” price that will go up after I am a part of the program?
No. Your price will always be below or at a minimum equal to the default rate.

17. Who oversees the Government Energy Aggregation process?
The NJ Board of Public Utilities, the Rate Counsel and the Division of Community Affairs all play a part in overseeing the Aggregation programs in New Jersey. Commercial Utility Consultants has to work with them when setting up and running the program.

Published June20, 2014 | Announcements | 1900

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